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Topic Subject:Map Makers
posted 04 February 2004 09:19 AM EDT (US)         
MapMakers is a clan for all those designers out there. If you design any of these games (see bottom of post) then this clan is for you. At the moment there are no restriction upon registration, but if, after time we start getting more members, there will be restrictions put into practice.
I am the leader of MapMakers.
With the other Two admin being BattleStarooo and EazY_Ben and Auron2.

I am a member of DGDN, and there are some other member from dgdn (including BattleStarooo) but most of them are a little inactive (undistandibly for they are in DGDN. Ben is a good friend (formerly known as EazY_Ben) and a great designer. His Site (Map Downloads, also a designing site)is our sister site and we are in the process of merging them together.

The current Home page for MapMakersis under cunstruction but is still useable (be patient, it will load, this is one the bugs. The forums are the main intity and because of this they are working perfectly.


ArcticWind7, Admin in MM/MD and member of DGDN

ok i updated ben^

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(id: EazY_Ben)
posted 04 February 2004 09:40 AM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
:P aw7, I'm only known as EazY_ben round here coz i wouldn't be able to change my name. But yer its a great little clan
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