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Topic Subject:Some cool thing you can do with "modify protounit"
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posted 18 January 2005 03:55 PM EDT (US)         
Some cool things you can do with "modify protounit"

So here we go, my first guide thread thing:

You can make moving mirror towers and statue of lightnings with simply "modify protounit" trigger where you put speed to delta 4 or higher. Trick is really easy but it's pretty cool.

Ready, set, go!!

Yay! it moves!!

Ok. here's another cool thing what my friend found out. Use again modify protounit trigger now select some building from list like temple. Then set "building points" to -500. After that you can build that building on game simply selecing it and then left click to ground, your villager dont even have to touch the building and it will apear to ground
Like this:

Select temple

Left click and voila temple is there and you didn't even have to sweat.

You have to make modify proto unit trigger to all buildings where you want to use click and build technique. If you want make fast walls you have to make this trigger to wall medium, high, short and connector.

Hereís also list of some others modify proto unit things you can do:

Hitpoint: With this like we all know you can improve or make worse unitís hitpoint. If you set some units hitpoint to 999999999999999999.0 unitís hp comes 0 and itís impossible to kill that unit. (even bolt donít kill the unit) But if you want to disable some unit you can put his hitpoint to -500 and unit will die immediately when you have trained him. (Or you can just use Forbid and disable unit trigger :P)

LOS: this is a units Line of sight. You can make with it even better obelisks or if you put delta to -100 units are able to see only themselves.

Healing rate: You can change how fast unit who can heal heals (pharaoh, priest, Son of Osiris) If you modify templeís healing rate you can make also healing temples.

Healing range: How far you units can heal. If you want make some kind of healing system to your scenario you can make one allie unit to edge of the scen with great healing range who heals all the damaged players.

Range: How far ranged units can shoot obviously.

Minimum range: For catapult and ballistas.

Speed: How fast unit is. Itís always cool make super fast units.

Train points: If you set this to -100 units will train immediately. (Rate training trigger changes all units train point)

Max Contain: If you change this to really high you can put so many units for example to rocs.

Population count: How much your unit will take population. You canít set it to 0 what is shame.

Recarge: How fast all units who got special attack reloads their spc. attack. You can make for example minotaurs who make gore attack all the time.

Num projectiles: How many arrows ranged units shoot at same time. Itís cool to put much Num projectiles to ballistas and to setna.

Build limit: How much you can build for example houses and towers. If you set houseís build limit to 1 you can have only one house at same time.

Pop camp addition: How much you get population limit from building house or town center. You can change houses Pop camp addition to 50 so you get more pop limit from 1 house.

units hp to -500
units LOS to -100
Temples healing rate to 5
Setnas and ballistas Num Proj to 500

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posted 21 January 2005 11:54 PM EDT (US)     26 / 31       


I thought that changed the garrison space?

Yes, "Max Contained" is indeed the garrison space.

When a hero picks up a relic, it is technically the relic being garrisoned in the hero .


I wonder can the old man garrison anything?

I don't remember whether he's a hero or not. If he is, he can probably carries relics.

posted 22 January 2005 04:50 AM EDT (US)     27 / 31       
More relics eh? Maybe I add that to the post later.
posted 23 January 2005 04:43 PM EDT (US)     28 / 31       

How do you change the attack power of units like son of osiris, circe or mirror tower?

Hope anyone knows

posted 23 January 2005 05:47 PM EDT (US)     29 / 31       
Ah I'm afraid that's impossible. Mirror Towers Beams and Chain Lightning are apparently different types of attacks than range and hand attack. So they can't be modified.
posted 24 January 2005 01:31 PM EDT (US)     30 / 31       
You can try num projeciles to make Son of Osiris's attack better it didn't work for mirror towers but it might work for for circe and SoO.
posted 24 January 2005 07:24 PM EDT (US)     31 / 31       
I don't think it works. I could be wrong but I'm 99% sure it won't work.

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