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Topic Subject:The Caverns Of Kronos - Cancelled
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EXCO Emeritus
posted 27 October 2009 05:59 AM EDT (US)         

Cancelled? What? How? When? Why? Link.

The Caverns Of Kronos is a new upcoming singleplayer scenario by Yeebaagooon and Kai Hirogashi. It is mainly a serious scenario, but there are a few jokes that managed to sneak in. It is a quest type game where you play the role of Emperor Gracchus as he attempts to escape from the dreaded caverns. Many sinister traps and beings lurk in the depths of this place, but the emperor is not alone; the gods are on his side.

The Caverns Of Kronos feature many new and intriguing puzzles for the emperor to face. But beware, not all is as simple as it seems. While the gods visit and guide the emperor, the dark gods and servants of Kronos also work against him. The scenario will be a nail biting experience as the player will never know what awaits around the corner.

Emperor Gracchus is a peaceful empire builder, the mighty architect of Ionis and spearhead on the Ionian war machine. He was loved by his people, and they lived prosperously in his citadel. The Emperor worshiped Lord Zeus and The Olympians, and they favoured him and his empire. Kronos did not approve of this empire, and managed to infiltrate the main religious council. His spy was hosted within The High Theocrat and one day, Kronos unleashed his plan.
The High Theocrat summoned Emperor Gracchus to the grand temple of Zeus in the main citadel of Ionis and asked the Emperor about his faith. The Emperor was shocked by this sacrilege and exiled The High Theocrat. This was when Kronos struck, opening a massive fissure in the ground that swallowed the emperor while his spy flew free.

The Emperor awoke in a dingy underground hall when he was visited by The Oracle who informed him of where he was. The Oracle became a guiding light who liaised with the emperor and the gods; delivering important information. Eventually other gods came to his aid, but unfortunately the dark gods also sought to destroy him. You will take on the role of Emperor Gracchus as he attempts to solve the fiendish puzzles in The Caverns of Kronos and escape with his life.
But is this more than just a fight for survival? Could Kronos be planning something even darker?

Emperor Gracchus

The great Empire builder was living a quieter life compared to his past. He was no longer on the battlefields, instead a calculating mastermind plotting every move for Ionis. His daily worship of Zeus has given him great favour with The Olympians and has also caught the attention of darker gods.
The Emperor's superior intellect gives him a fighting chance of escaping The Caverns of Kronos.
The Oracle

The Oracle is the first god to know about Kronos' plans. She appears before Emperor Gracchus in the caverns and instructs him on what he must do to free himself from certain traps. The Oracle is aware of the future, but is careful not to give the emperor too much information. She alerts the other gods who also attempt to help the emperor.

Apollo is the Sun god who at first glance can seem rather careless. His archery skills are rivalled only by his sister; Artemis

Artemis leads the hunt against dark gods. She is accompanied by her faithful hunters and is given targets by the major Olympians.

Lady of the hearth, Hestia is always a warm welcome. She delivers a task to the emperor and offers him the gift of traveling through hearths.

Lady Pyra, of the flame.

Aether is lord of the air and willing to tell mortals the secret of how to travel through the air across lava filled pits.

Kronos is the lord of time and the mightiest of the Titans. His caverns hold many sinister evils that must be fought or avoided in order to survive. But there are deeper motives at work here. Kronos is a mastermind capable of rekindling the destructive suspicions between Olympians.

Charon is Hades' chief ghoul who normally ferries souls across the River Styx. However, the recent financial crisis has seen his pay plummet, so he only takes paying customers. He travels down to the caverns to cause chaos as the emperor would be a nice addition to Erebus. Charon finds killing distasteful and always gives his victims a small chance to escape with their lives.

Morpheus has laid dormant for thousands of years after his cavern fortress was destroyed. He has saved up colossal amounts of energy for a grand scheme and can send any creature into an eternal sleep with a flick of his hand. Morpheus is constantly changing form, earning him the nickname of 'the gender bender' that he is continually taunted with by the Olympians.

Rick Astley

One of Hades' foulest minions and rumoured to be the chief fury in disguise. Rick Astley's death song is a deadly weapon that is feared throughout Greek mythology.

The orb of the dead

An orb capable of reawakening the dead.


Lord of choice. Janus is a neutral god who can give you much valued tools and weapons, providing you make the right choices.

Bianca Di Angelo

Bianca is one of Lady Artemis' hunters. She is an immortal girl and has sworn an oath of allegiance to Artemis. Unbeknown to her, she is the daughter of a very powerful god.

The Temple of Zeus.
Citadel buildings.

Emperor Gracchus enters the caverns.
The Oracle departs to Olympus.

The Orb of The Dead raises warriors.
The Orb of The Dead explodes.

A chest with gold is found.
A serpent trap is sprung.

The Emperor meets Artemis.
Artemis plots against Charon.

The Hunters attack Charon.
Apollo arrives.

A statue to Typhon.
The ruins of Kronos' city.

Charon plays deathly games.
Morpheus induces a deep sleep in the Emperor.

A seemingly uncrossable lava pit.
A soul crystal.


The end of an era: This will be Kai Hirogashi's last project.

Please don't pester us about release. We don't have much time now as we are both old.


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posted 30 December 2009 09:47 PM EDT (US)     76 / 86       
it's sad to be given yet another example of not being able to do the things you love and enjoy due to "REAL LIFE" responsabilitys.
Lord of the Undead
posted 31 December 2009 00:35 AM EDT (US)     77 / 86       
What do you mean The Lost Legion was the best scenario ever? It was the second best. Ripto was the best! You totally topped The Lost Legion! I mean, you even had voice acting(which was well done I might add!). While The Lost Legion was an excellent scenario, it is conceivable, in my opinion, that it is possible for someone to make a better scenario. Ripto, on the other hand, I cannot imagine in my wildest dreams ever being topped! It is the best scenario I have ever played. As long as Age of Mythology Heaven exists, it will be the best scenario there.

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Swift sword
posted 31 December 2009 01:51 AM EDT (US)     78 / 86       
I think the Lost Legions has a bit of nostalgia backing it up when it comes to these sorts of discussions

Anyways, back on topic- Dangit! Was looking forward to this. I loved the Percy Jackson books when I read em', was looking forward to this one. Ah well, such is life. Good luck with your (slightly smaller) desgining career. Hey, you don't need a large map to make a good one!

My heavens:


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posted 31 December 2009 05:31 AM EDT (US)     79 / 86       
Good Luck Yeeb

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posted 31 December 2009 12:02 PM EDT (US)     80 / 86       
We have had some of the best times. Aom is a big chapter in the history of my life and youre a page in it. Such great nostalgia.

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Kai Hirogashi
posted 31 December 2009 06:57 PM EDT (US)     81 / 86       
"Sooner or later you have to wake up..."

posted 31 December 2009 07:01 PM EDT (US)     82 / 86       
"Sooner or later you have to wake up..."
Actually thats not true, you could always fall into a coma, the truth is that sooner or later you must go back to sleep.

May as well give up, we're doomed to eternity
Kai Hirogashi
posted 31 December 2009 07:11 PM EDT (US)     83 / 86       
Euphoric reactions of the mind come together to create an alternative fantasy world best portrayed by dreams where time is no enemy and you are free to wonder this bizzare world. Eventually, you must wake up and face reality. Leaving this imaginative world locked away in the depths your mind ever wanting return.

"When you dream you are awake and when you are awake you are dreaming...sometimes there is a moment as you are awaking and you become aware of the real world around you but you are still dreaming."

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posted 31 December 2009 07:20 PM EDT (US)     84 / 86       
posted 31 December 2009 09:34 PM EDT (US)     85 / 86       
confuse yourself as much as you want but the fact of the matter is we are getting old and that magic we had is passing... story tellers and bards.. thats all we are.. who was the last person you remeber who stood up?
posted 08 January 2010 09:48 AM EDT (US)     86 / 86       
Damn I wish I had not left here. I only came back to say hi and visit. I and death struck to hear you are both stopping designing. I truly hope you both have good times and lifes now giving up this hobby. It seems so many veterans of designing are leaving, Mephilies, SoV (although he is going to DoF), you two, then many others than left a long time ago, such as Oscar and The Vandhall, even MoNtY_PyThOn. I hope that DoF will spark a new era, a new set of veterans to create magnificant pieces of work such as the ones you all made yourself. *Salutes*
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