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Topic Subject:Have a Trigger Request? Post it here!
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posted 23 July 2010 11:41 AM EDT (US)         
So you have a question trigger request?

You can post it here!

Hello and welcome to the Trigger Request Thread (TRT). This thread's purpose is only to place trigger requests and discuss them. If you have unrelated questions or need help with triggers, please use Azur's thread!

Before posting your request, it's always good to read the so-called FAQ.

  1. What is a FAQ?
    The term "FAQ" (when pronounced, it rhymes with "back") is an acronym for Frequently Asked Questions.

  2. How do I install a trigger?
    When we have finished making your trigger, we'll post the required code here. To install this code you will first of all need to find your way to the AoM installation folder. C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Age of Mythology by default). Now open the trigger folder if you intend to use the trigger in vanilla, or open the trigger2 folder if you use The Titans expansion. Next, open the file called typetest.xml. The only thing left to do is copy the code at the right position and save. If you requested a condition, then place the line above < /Conditions>, if you requested an effect paste it right above < /Effects>. Note the "s" at the end of both tags.


    1. When copying the trigger from someone please click first and only then copy the required code.
    2. If you're still uncomfortable with installing triggers please backup the original typetest file, i.e. copy the original to another folder.

  3. How do I uninstall a trigger?
    If a trigger happens to be faulty or if it generates errors you better remove it. Just do as if you were installing a new trigger, but instead of copy-pasting new code, remove the code corresponding with the chosen trigger. Make sure to remove it completely, including the starting < effect > or < condition > tag and the corresponding < /effect > or < /condition > closing tag. Failure to do so properly will cause XML errors in the file making ALL triggers in that file inaccessbile for AoM.

  4. So... How exactly are new triggers made?
    AoM has a built-in engine that can parse XS code. Triggers are programmed and interpreted using this language through a series of existing functions. Since there are over 600 functions, and only a few are used by the default triggers, this leaves plenty of room for a whole new set of advanced, useful triggers.

  5. Can I request anything?
    Although we can do a lot with today's knowledge, there are still limitation we won't ever get around. So if you think of a cool new trigger, make sure to post a request but don't forget you might get a negative reply. Commonly requested triggers that are not possible include (but are not limited to):

    • Modify Unit: change the stats of 1 particular unit.
    • Change Playername
    • Change Major God
    • Transform ALL units on map for player
    • I'll add more when I think of them.

  6. I want to learn trigger scripting, how do I do that?
    It takes quite some time, but if you really want to learn trigger coding, we recommend fully understanding XS language before you start making triggers. Therefore, go here: Master XS (WIP). If you want to skip all that, and you want to be able to create only simple triggers, read this guide.

  7. Help! My triggers have stopped working!
    Triggers Stop Working Guide. Also linking camera tracks, using Run Immediately, sound timers and decimals in conditions like Timer and Distance to Unit effect, might cause this. Moreover, typing an invalid name on the Victory Conditions will cause a trigger block. But post these sort of questions in the Great Question thread.


Recommended Downloads:
  1. Trigger Loader 2 + Quest Vars (AoM && TT) by invent00r and Mythic_Freak
  2. SomeNewXTriggers 3 (TT) & SomeNewTriggers 4 (AoM) by Reyk
  3. Proactive Triggers (TT & AoM) by invent00r
  4. Advanced Triggers Set (TT) by pftq
  5. New Custom Triggers (TT) by Baseballkid14
  6. Nottud's Latest Triggers by nottud
  7. Conditonal Effects (TT & AoM) by nottud
  8. Angry Levels (TT & AoM) by angryzor
  9. SIMSTools (TT) by angryzor
  10. Target Protounit Query by HailToTheOboe

  1. First TRT by invent00r
  2. Trigger Templates by Mephiles
  3. A list of all guides sorted by Paperfriend

Posting a Request

So you have read the FAQ and want to post a request? OK, go for it, just be sure to use the following format:

Name - This should be as straightforward as possible. Try to comply with today's standards.
Description - Always describe the actions that you want the trigger to perform.
Example - Optional. An example can be a great help when requesting complex triggers.

[b]Name[/b] -
[b]Description[/b] -
[b]Example[/b] -

We might even ignore posts in other formats if we're in a bad mood
Remember that not all triggers are possible but we will try our best.

Unfinished Requests

  • Unit Patrol by Bingo Little
  • Army Wander by Endarron
  • QV Damage Units in QV area by name by mrjonathan0
  • Unit Heading Towards Unit by dwieeb
  • Damage units in Area by % (has been done before?) by Steak And Khan
  • Most Units In Area by Sir_Hans
  • QV Modify x by satansfall
  • Move from area to random area by Mister SCP
  • Set Unit Formation by aZeusDude2
  • Army Deploy Random Myth Unit by bgan
  • QV Randomize Series by Alexgd92
  • Convert all except protounit (or unit) by Joshonator
  • SET Ambient Colour/Sun Colour/Sun Specular/Terrain Ambient Fade Version by andrewv42
  • Damage units near army by AJER
  • QV count units in area with state by AuroraP
  • QV Grant random resources per stat by AuroraP
  • Condition: Random Timer by SwordOfValor
  • Army deploy in line by SwordOfValor
  • Condition: unit (type/in area) worked on other unit. by WinstonShnozwick
  • Gruoup selected by Guard of Olympus
  • Pick Unit by XxXItachiXxX
  • Modify Protounit All Percent by AuroraP
  • Random Forest by Bubble

  • Finished Requests

  • Damage Units near protounit for sneaky_squirrel & mrjonathan0
  • Move units from area to unit for Azur
  • Clear Chat History of Player & Chat Contains Anything for Lewonas
  • QV Change unit type by ID for Yeebaagooon
  • Move to QV Unit for Yeebaagoon
  • QV Modify Protounit for Xzyiothe
  • Player Kill GP Slot for Titanic Kraken
  • Move all player units for Anstar
  • Protounit Change Name for Dimir_Guildmage
  • Shop start/end with max for Mephiles
  • Diplomacy trigger for Yeebaagooon
  • Diplomacy both ways trigger for Yeebaagooon
  • Modify protounit trigger for Yeebaagooon
  • Convert trigger for Yeebaagooon
  • Make all units have no bonuses for Brighty
  • Conditional Army Units in Area for Sneaky_Squirrel
  • GROUP Select 2 for AuroraP
  • Send QV Color Chat for Alexgd92
  • Quest Var xModify for Alexgd92
  • QV Randomize 4 amounts for Alexgd92
  • QV Set Population Count for Beelzebub
  • Units in area of army for SwordOfValor
  • Damage units in area of army for SwordOfValor
  • AG with armies for SwordOfValor
  • Army deploy QV Count for Silicone Ruff Jr
  • Quest Var set rank for gunner1
  • Convert units in area to random player for Zorx
  • Units Change Name By Type for beerad
  • Army deploy where the units facing for SwordOfValor
  • Unit Heading Towards Unit for Noble
  • Convert Random Units In Selection for xEXOLARx
  • QV Set Units in Area (Center Army) for SwordOfValor
  • Move Units from Area (action) for SwordOfValor

  • Enjoy.
    Last updated: 03 september 2009

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    posted 07 April 2018 05:39 PM EDT (US)     1651 / 1680       
    If the building is destroyed, it picks the next in order of construction or sth. (dunno if the first one started constructing, or the first one finished is next in the list).
    I believe it's the first one you started and also finished constructing, or better said, the temple you finished constructing which has the lowest unit ID. The moment you start constructing a building, a unit ID is generated for the building. All unit IDs are generated in an ascending order, so the temple with the lowest ID value, that has been fully constructed and is still alive is the one that's picked. But this is just my speculation.
    Can a trigger be made using the same code the techtreex uses? Or is it already there with the basic triggers as some sort of unit create working online?
    IIRC, the code that's executed by the techtree is probably hardcoded somewhere in the .exe file. So you would have to come up with your own trigger solution. You can use unit queries to find a temple with the lowest unit ID and deploy the units there. But, unfortunetaly, I don't believe there's a command that can retrieve the gather point of a building.

    What are the key ingredients to make a popular RPG? To find out, read the results of the RPG survey.
    Want to create an advanced patrol/pathfinding system? Have a look at the powerful Pathfinding triggers.
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    Heretic of December
    posted 08 April 2018 09:14 AM EDT (US)     1652 / 1680       
    There is a trigger that I have used in the past, it might have been made by Nottud. It was a train unit effect. Using you could select a unit (building) and train a unit with it. The trained unit would then move to therapy point for the build it was trained from.

    I think I was able to control the rally point using the move to unit effect. This may be useful when you are trying to work out where the rally point is set to.
    posted 08 April 2018 10:14 AM EDT (US)     1653 / 1680       
    Yes, you could work it out like that, but it's very clumsy. There also doesn't seem to be a command that retrieves the route a unit is following or the destination the unit is moving to. Otherwise that could have been use to retrieve the gather point location.

    What a mess. So when is finally the next generation of the Age of games coming out without all these poor design choices and restrictions? It just hurts to think about the possibilities and incredibly awesome creative scenarios that could be made if we finally would get our hands on a proper modernized map editor and stable online servers where random Out of Synch errors are a thing of the past. 10 more years?


    What are the key ingredients to make a popular RPG? To find out, read the results of the RPG survey.
    Want to create an advanced patrol/pathfinding system? Have a look at the powerful Pathfinding triggers.
    Games I'm playing: The Witness [80%] Chivalry: Medieval Warfare [20%]

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    posted 10 October 2018 09:08 AM EDT (US)     1654 / 1680       
    Hi everybody!
    I made this trigger, it works perfect, but only one thing needed to add and I don't know how to do it . Please can you add Unit's name before text?

    < Effect name="Send Chat Fron Unit With Sound/Flash/Anim" >
    < Param name="PlayerID" dispName="From Player" VarType="player">1< /Param >
    < Param name="SrcObject" dispName="Unit" varType="unit">default< /Param >
    < Param name="Text" dispName="Text" VarType="string">Hello< /Param >
    < Param name="Duration" dispName="Flash Sec" varType="float">5< /Param >
    < Param name="Sound" dispName="Sound" varType="sound">chatreceived.wav< /Param >
    < Param name="AnimName" dispName="Animation" varType="string">< /Param >
    < Param name="LoopIt" dispName="Loop:" varType="bool">false< /Param >
    < Command loop="" loopParm="SrcObject">trUnitSelect("%SrcObject%");< /Command >
    < Command>trUnitHighlight(%Duration%, true);< /Command >
    < Command>trChatSendSpoofed(%PlayerID%, "%Text%");< /Command >
    < Command>trUnitSetAnimation("%AnimName%",%LoopIt%);< /Command >
    < Command>trSoundPlayFN("%Sound%");< /Command>
    < /Effect >

    for example
    ("unitname": "text")
    (Ajax: hello)

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    posted 19 October 2018 11:28 PM EDT (US)     1655 / 1680       
    Are there any triggers that let you save and load QVs to and from a file?
    (id: Lilitu)
    posted 20 October 2018 12:56 PM EDT (US)     1656 / 1680       
    U could make your own trigger file and hardcode all the QVars u want in some effect in there. o.o

    Just every time u change number, you'd have to delete the effect & put in the new one instead.

    Azarath Metrion Zinthos

    Steam: Order of Azarath
    Discord: Azarath @
    posted 30 December 2018 10:34 PM EDT (US)     1657 / 1680       
    Hi, if anyone coould help me with this trigger it would be great!

    I need a condition that allows me that every time a specific unit is killed, for example lets say a Spearman, it triggers some effects.

    This sounds silly at first, but actually the conditions that we have available, even with advanced triggers, can't fulfill this condition.

    The "is dead by name" condition takes a single kill as a fulfullment of the condition for the whole scenario and this does NOT reset even if the trigger that contains the condition is disabled.

    So I need a condition that takes every dead of a specific name of units as single events so it triggers the efects everyt that unit is killed instead of looping ad infinitum when just one of it dies.

    I know there is the method with the units killed value, but it doesnt work for me since I need specific triggers for specific units that are killed by the player.

    This is for a RPG scenario in which I want every enemy unit to give a different amount of exp and gold based on the actual unit and not on the kill count. I could do this one by one with each unit, but it will take forever. That's why I'm looking for a trigger that allows me to set the value of every unit and the exp (wood) it grants. So for example Spearmen are 1 exp, wolves are 2 exp, cyclops are 5 exp, etc. Exp meaning they grant wood.

    I know I wrote a lot, but I wanted to make myself very clear. Not sure if I actually did it haha.

    Anyway, I hope someone can help me, this will solve all my scenario problems
    That AoM Guy
    (id: aom expert)
    posted 06 January 2019 08:36 PM EDT (US)     1658 / 1680       
    one word, ytriggers

    Check out my YouTube
    For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.
    posted 07 January 2019 07:37 AM EDT (US)     1659 / 1680       
    Easier Way: Use the unit killed cost stat and then make the enemy units cost appropriate amounts. Then with a looking trigger track the amount the stat changes and grant resources appropriately.

    For setting the costs easily I recommend my Modify Protounit Absolute trigger:,30046,,10

    If you need assistance adding it to your triggers there should be some guides around and if not I can help out.

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    posted 12 March 2019 01:37 PM EDT (US)     1660 / 1680       

    [This message has been edited by Someone_9999 (edited 04-01-2019 @ 04:30 PM).]

    posted 13 March 2019 08:30 AM EDT (US)     1661 / 1680       
    Invoke God Power in Random location inside a specific radius
    I think one of the trigger pack has invoke god power at QV location. Then it jsut the case of setting the QVs to suitable values.
    Kronos Weak/Weakest (like Prometheus)
    - Gaia Weak/Weakest
    Use Modify Protounit. No way I know to remove the regen though.
    Army deploy for comps online Different Protounits
    You don't need it - to fix your issue set the "Clear existing units" flag to false for every deploy other than the first and your problem will be fixed.
    Disable AI in Multiplayer for Classic
    I wrote a trigger that can disable the AI that should be in my pack that does work in classic but it prevents the AI from doing anything like moving units. Other simpler method can be to set the player defeated. Finally I forgotten how but there was a way to mod the game to set custom AI when hosting including none but that would only work when you host so probably not a good general solution. I did write some triggers to properly manipulate the AI recently but I was told they would not work in the original game as it makes ai method calls which were not previously accessible.
    posted 16 March 2019 11:22 AM EDT (US)     1662 / 1680       

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    posted 30 March 2019 07:14 PM EDT (US)     1663 / 1680       

    [This message has been edited by Someone_9999 (edited 04-01-2019 @ 04:30 PM).]

    posted 31 July 2019 05:44 PM EDT (US)     1664 / 1680       
    Name - Modify Protounit on Unit Type Kill
    Description - A trigger that allows to change the stats for certain units if a player kills a certain unit type (if possible it should just count if the killed unit belonged to a specific other player/gaia). The effect must apply ONLY to the player who got the kill.
    Example - Player 3 kills a chimera that belonged to gaia. Therefore all their heroes gain +1 to their attack damage.

    [This message has been edited by Niley (edited 07-31-2019 @ 05:45 PM).]

    posted 12 August 2019 09:26 AM EDT (US)     1665 / 1680       
    helllooo, i want my villagers to gather less when working on resources thx
    posted 12 August 2019 11:54 AM EDT (US)     1666 / 1680       
    carry less or gather slower?
    posted 12 August 2019 12:03 PM EDT (US)     1667 / 1680       
    hey mate, carry less, approx 5
    posted 12 August 2019 02:29 PM EDT (US)     1668 / 1680       
    You need a trigger with the effect

    Modify Protounit

    -> Villager [the kind you need]
    -> Player X
    -> carry capacity [the resource you want]
    -> -5 [or any other number]

    [This message has been edited by Niley (edited 08-12-2019 @ 02:30 PM).]

    posted 12 August 2019 04:07 PM EDT (US)     1669 / 1680       
    thankyouuu mate, i didnt know it was only on the titans edition, and i also need one where about 30 seconds in a old man runs through the base, and his message pops up
    posted 14 August 2019 06:33 AM EDT (US)     1670 / 1680       
    I can't find all the cave pieces anymore and if it's possible to find them all then please provide a map with the cave pieces. Example; The cave pieces in the old Age of Mythology erebus mines map and in the battle against General Melagius maps.

    Unvital request 01 TRIGGER MAKER
    How do you define triggers, I'll find out on my own though; this request is not vital. Example; I wanted to use the trigger maker template to make a unit icon changer.

    I only wanted to have other users see the hero units differently. Example; I wanted general Melagius's armor to be the armor texture for all soldiers.

    [This message has been edited by Carabosse (edited 08-14-2019 @ 06:36 AM).]

    That AoM Guy
    (id: aom expert)
    posted 23 August 2019 01:10 AM EDT (US)     1671 / 1680       
    The cave pieces are called mine pieces or mine wall I think.

    You cant change a unit's icon with triggers.

    Neither can you edit a texture.

    Check out my YouTube
    For live help with me, enter this chatroom. If I'm not on you can leave a message.
    Heretic of December
    posted 27 August 2019 08:24 AM EDT (US)     1672 / 1680       
    There are a few textures that you can replace in game. The medusa stone texture, Forrest fire burning tree texture, I think the frost texture as well.
    posted 19 December 2019 10:21 PM EDT (US)     1673 / 1680       
    Do not have as many trigger options as I should?

    I have AOM EE, and it is a clean version with no mods.
    So I opened up editor for the 1st time and tried to make a map. I Was making a multiplayer settlers map, but I wanted to add a couple things like a plenty vault to fight over and have a couple areas guarded, which require triggers. Found some info and even watched a video, but I don't have the same options with triggers as the person I was watching.

    My question: can I use the editor as is without mods, or does it just not work correctly?

    I'm new to posting, but I can try to get pictures of what I'm talking about if needed. But in short, my "trigger" settings do not contain a list of commands.

    Edit: I solved my problem. I had to actually insert or make the trigger before I was able to bring up the drop-down list of options. Would have deleted this post, but I have no idea how to.

    [This message has been edited by brianmyth (edited 12-20-2019 @ 06:37 AM).]

    posted 27 December 2019 03:55 PM EDT (US)     1674 / 1680       
    I would like to change a hero villager into a Hero of Ragnorock by using a god power but I don't want to use the GP 'Ragnorock' cause I don't want my other villagers to transform into soldiers. And then re transform into my initial hero villager with the god power.
    Is it possible ?
    I was looking for an active god power (that have a timer at the right of the screen) and I found Barrage (chinese arrows god power).
    This is not the best solution but then I would like to transform the arrow into SFX animation (but I don't find the correct arrow name) and 0 damage if it's possible.

    Thanks for reading,
    posted 29 December 2019 10:00 AM EDT (US)     1675 / 1680       
    ySearch triggers are your friend - use a god power that create an object and when it appears change units around it to what you want.

    I am planning to release a new updated and more efficient and easier to use version shortly so use that when I release it.
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