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Topic Subject:Battle Royale - Age of Mythology Implementation
posted 30 September 2018 06:05 AM EDT (US)         

Battle Royale


I present you an Age of Mythology implementation of the Battle Royale genre. Scrounge around the map to find Relics (Loot) for units and god powers. Additionally gather resources to construct walls, towers and palaces. Watchout for the the the arena closing in forcing players closer together until a winner is found!


  • Lots of varied loot items
  • Loot is randomly placed so previous players are not unfairly advantaged
  • Unique method for shrinking arena - water floods the map shrinking the arena down to a random location!
  • Supports up to 8 players but works fine with less - excess AI players are removed

    Now get out there and battle to the death!

    Flooding mechanic implementation

    As I want to open up the genre and encourage others to make similar maps I will explain below how I did the flooding mechanic which is the most complex part of the game.

    Setting up map for flooding

    There is no online working method that I know of for painting water on a map so instead I have instead done the next best thing using elevation change. The map itself needs to be entire covered with water at a height of 0 with a map height of zero. The idea is that if the land elevation is dropped then that area of the map will flood as it already has water there.

  • Do not raise the lad above the height of the water - this will remove your water and cause the map to not flood when the elevation is dropped
  • Forest tool will not work properly and fail to create the tress of the forest. Sorry you will have to drop the trees manually!

    Flooding triggers explained

    The flooding itself makes used of the following triggers:
  • zRaise/lower all land: This will change the terrain and water heights by the amount entered.
  • zFlatten map/zFlatten area of the map: This will completely flatten the land in the area provided setting it to a height of zero.

    The flooding does the following:
    -Raise land and water by 5
    -Flatten the map - this will flood the entire map with water at a height of 5 by moving just the land back down to 0
    -Lower land and water by 3 - this is so that calling flatten will raise the land back up to 0
    -Flatten area of map - this will raise the land to -2 below the water as the water is currently at height of 2 above 0. This will create the larger semi submerged area
    -lower land and water by 2 - now flattening will completely remove the water
    -Flatten area of the map - now you can specify the area to not be an island

    This sequence can be repeated with different island sizes and such to create different islands around the map. You can also omit the last to trigger effects and drop by 5 if you don't want a semi submerged area.

    Easy no fuss trigger setup

    If you got the Advanced Editor you can use the copy and paste trigger functionality to transfer the triggers from the Battle Royale map to yours. The important triggers are the "createIsland", "reduceIsland" and "initialiseIsland". The triggers do the following:
  • createIsland: This performs the actual elevation manipulations to flood the island
  • reduceIsland: This is a loop that changes what the island should be and delegates to createIsland. Fire event this trigger when you want the island to start shrinking - I currently for it activated when the cinematic ends.
  • initialiseIsland: This chooses the location of the map the land will reduce down to and the starting island size. Change these values based upon your map size - mine is set up for a 300 by 300 sized map.

    Alternatively take my existing map and delete everything except those 3 triggers and go from there - the advantage of this approach is you won't need to download any custom triggers!

    Final Note

    Due to some internal changes made at some point with AOM:EE calling a z trigger when playtesting will confuse the game switching from playtesting mode to singleplayer mode. This means that when you quit the game it will send you to the main menu rather than the editor. This is will likely catch you out if you are not used to it - therefore ensure that you save your map before playtesting. The bug does not affect the multiplayer game so don't worry.

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    (id: X_MOSS)
    posted 30 September 2018 05:30 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
    Oh I love the idea! I want to try it out

    oh you can wait for what I can give
    you know what I am so you know how I live
    try to look proud but youíre not in the slightest
    its happening now and itís always been like this.
    posted 11 October 2018 02:48 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
    This map is 5/5! Original creativity, very fun and addicting map.. this is my new favorite scenario in years of playing AoM!
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