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Topic Subject:protox.xml??
posted 31 January 2007 11:21 AM EDT (US)         
hello everybody, I am new in this board and hope that my post is in the correct topic.
I just have downloaded a special pack for AOM Titans. It contains fore new Myth Units. My Problem is, that I cant find any protox file in my Game folder and I dont know what to do. There is also a readme file. But it didnt help me:
To Install:

Place the Age of MYthology folder in your Microsoft Games folder. It won't overwrite anything.
Copy and paste the contents in protox.txt to protox.xml in your data folder
Change the "CHANGE" in the protox.xml to the number after the previous unit's id.

Thanks for everything


posted 02 February 2007 10:31 PM EDT (US)     1 / 2       
First you need to download AoM Edit here

Then open it and click on input data file and extract your data2 file, should be C:/program files/microsoft games/age of mythology/data, to a new folder (I make one on my desktop).

Click on direct file conversion, find the file protox.xmb in your new folder and click ok. Now you have protox.xml!

Scroll to the bottom and paste the new stuff, and change the number before the name to one more than the one above it, 801 if it's your first mod. Save it and paste in the data folder.

Start AoM and you can now use it in the editor.

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posted 02 February 2007 11:22 PM EDT (US)     2 / 2       
It isn't that easy for beginners. I suggest you find a guide on aomh that has to do with protox editing.

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