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Topic Subject:Creating a new game mode - No Titans
posted 08 October 2007 04:38 PM EDT (US)         
I'm interested in setting up another mode (e.g. Supremacy, Deathmatch, etc) which is the same as supremacy, but which disallows titans.

Though I've figured out how to get rid of them, having to swap our files to get rid of Titans is a little annoying.

In the gui files (e.g. uimpcustom.xml) there are xml fields for the lists of modes, for example, in uimpcustom:


However, I'm not sure what this number refers to--grepping for this number doesn't pull up anything interesting in the .xml files at least. Does anybody know if this 18864 number refers to a hard coded game mode, or if the game modes are somehow extensible?
posted 08 October 2007 05:03 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
If you have my editor superpack - you could use the ingame transform tool to transform any titan gates that appear into something worthless like mist.

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posted 08 October 2007 05:53 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I'm pretty sure that uimpcustom.xml is an interface file. Regardless, the numbers are in reference to the language file (in your case, xpacklanguage.dll).

To my knowledge, game types are hardcoded. If you have Gold edition, just run vanilla if you don't want Titans. I'm not an expert on composing a RMS, but I'm pretty sure you can rule out units in a random map file (for example rm/anatolia.xs).
posted 08 October 2007 08:59 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Getting rid of titans is easy, I just wanted a way to do it without having to swap out files depending on whether we (my roommates who play LAN games) wanted them or not.

Given that the game modes are hard coded, it seems like it'd be tricky to do this without making a ton of separate map files with some sort of kludge built into each one. Oh well, not a big deal, really. Swapping out files is easy.
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