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Topic Subject:Golem Texture
posted 03 January 2019 02:10 AM EDT (US)         
Hi All,

In paying back all the help I got converting the old golem model from EE back into original version I'm offering you the fruits of my labour If you want to import the golem into the disk version of AoM it is pretty straight forward. You can copy and paste all the files (models and animation) from the Steam version. The only file that is incompatible is the texture, so please find the Steam version restored back into an old school version. Use AoMed to convert it to a .ddt 15-bit, 1-bit alpha [1], 5 mip-map levels.

P.S. I also included the two icons I recreated for this unit, so feel free to use them as well, just need to be converted to .ddt as well.
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posted 03 January 2019 08:10 PM EDT (US)     1 / 1       
Actually, the EE .ddt is incompatible with the original disk version, however managing to extract it's .ddt into a .tga, you can then copy & paste the .tga (and .bti) then put it in the disk version's textures, and it'll still work since the original game reads (& converts into .btx) .tga files.

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