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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Modding and Scripting » Need Help removing the blackness under the beautiful tree
Topic Subject:Need Help removing the blackness under the beautiful tree
posted 31 January 2019 10:08 PM EDT (US)         

Hey everyone,

I am trying to remove the blackness under this tree


The name of the blackness is: "SPC X Gaia Tree shadow" I tried replacing the texture, but there is no way to make it transparent.

It's located inside the "spc x gaia tree_idle"
I can't remove the shadow from the object, and I am not actually sure if it's possible to do that without a 3D software.

Any help is appreciated.

I also need to make the rain visible again, but that's another issue.
That AoM Guy
(id: aom expert)
posted 17 February 2019 03:52 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       
It was likely lost in the conversions from TT textures to EE textures when they enhanced them. I wouldn't know a practical fix but maybe someone else might.

Same deal with the rain.

There may be people out there that know exactly what the devs did when the did their conversions, I used to have an idea but it's been too long.

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posted 17 February 2019 05:19 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I fixed it using one of existing Aom textures. I still don't understand how and why I can't create true alpha textures. for objects.
(id: TheBronyKing11)
posted 17 February 2019 11:40 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       
Extended Edition doesn't support partial transparency anymore (I assume because of the blasted .mrtl system that was added for no reason)

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