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Age of Mythology Heaven » Forums » Modding and Scripting » Help! I have a potentially interesting mod idea, but no programming skills whatsoever!( And still need to work it out anyway )
Topic Subject:Help! I have a potentially interesting mod idea, but no programming skills whatsoever!( And still need to work it out anyway )
posted 10 August 2019 12:45 PM EDT (US)         
Hey! So... I have been considering a possible "new" civilizations: I will call then for now "The Franks", but in actuality they are suppose to stand mostly for Christian Medieval Europe.

I will start with the Franks, and their features:

Favor gathering method( And hero. As, on the Franks case, these are connected. )

The Franks have the ability to train a hero known as "Templar". For the purposes of multipliers, The Templar would be treated as both a hero and a cavalry unit. In terms of stats and combat prowess, it is very strong for a hero: In fact, it would have stats similar to the Jarl, minus, of course, with a much higher anti-myth unit multiplier( Probably along the lines of x5 ), as well as possibly a slightly lower basic Attack but higher pierce armor, as well as a much longer training time( I am thinking along the lines of 90 secounds. ). It can also heal units at the same rate as the Egytian Priest. It has, however, two odd quirks:

One is its training limit. It is trained at the Temple: However, you can only train one of then, per temple you own. In addition to that, Frank temples have the property of growing more costly per each one of then that you build. The first Temple costs the default 100 Wood, but no gold( The reasons why will be elaborated upon shortly, but the secound is 150 wood, the third 200 wood, and so on. This is calculated based on the amount of temples you currently have standing, not the amount of then you built through the game: So, if you build four temples, but two of then were destroyed, the next will cost two hundred wood to build, as you currently have two temples standing.

And the secound is that the Templar passivelly produces God power by the mere virtue of existing: I am thinking at a base rate of 0.6 per secound. So, he is the main, and with the exception of possible God technologies that might be added later, the only, source of favor for this civilization.

Human units, Economy, and other non-god related quirks.

Economically, this civilization would suffer from a very weird quirk. It lacks any form of Caravans, trading ships, or any clear substitute for then. In another words, once the gold mines run out, the only way this civilization will be able to produce gold will be either through selling resources at the market, or in team games, if their allies tribute it to then.

To make up for it, not only none of this civilization buildings would require any gold to build, but also, none of its Classical Age human units would require gold to make either. As I am going to elaborate upon, their Classical Age human units are cheap, but weak, somewhat overspecialized units. They would be:

-The Pikeman: Think like the Egyptian Spearman, minus costing food and wood rather then food and gold and with perhaps a higher multiplier against cavalry then the Spearman.

-The Hussar: Again, think like the Norse Raiding cavalry, minus costing only food, but significantly more of it.

-The Crossbowman: Like a Toxotes, minus with only half the attack but a x2.5 multiplier against infantry.

On the Heroic Age, they would gain a set of more powerfull, but more expensive human units:

-The Swordsman: A Hoplite-like unit. It would have much more base hack armor then the Hoplite, though, at a base of 50%. However, it would occupy three population slots, and be presumably a bit more expensive.

-The Knight: Kind of like their counterpart of the Jarl, or perhaps more accurate would be, a human version of the Templar. Perhaps a bit cheaper but weaker by comparisson, just to make it stand out more from the Jarl. Maybe with just 150 hitpoints, but costing 70 gold rather then 80, as well as lacking the anti-myth unit multiplier?

-The Hand Cannoneer: A odd unit: Essentially like the Greek Peltast, minus with its anti-archer multiplier being replaced by a equivalent anti-infantry multiplier( With a extra, x4 multiplier, specifically against Huskarls and Destroyers on top of it ), and again, made overral more expensive( Say, increase its gold cost to 60 ), but hit much harder( Say, a base attack of 5, which keep in mind would translate as 20 against infantry ). The most overspecialized of the Franks Heroic Age units, needless to say.

Military buildings-wise: Their military buildings would work similarly to the ones of the greeks: Pikeman and Swordsman are produces on Barracks, Knights and Hussars on Stables, and Crossbowman and Hand Cannoneers on Archery Ranges. Their "castle-like building" would be extremely expensive( I am thinking a cost of 600 wood. But again, of course, no gold ), but have the peculiar quirk of being able to train all of their human military units( But obviously, not Templars, nor myth units ), as well as being the most durable of all of the "Castle-like units".

Gods, Myth Units and such: The three major gods that there shall be on this civ will be "The Father, the Son, and the Fallen". ... You can guess what that stands for.

The Father: He would be meant to be focused around cavalry specifically, and more generally around the "Elite" units as a whole. His bonuses could include:

-Templars can also be trained at Town Centers: You can train one additional Templar per Town Center you own( So, if you have three Town Centers and two Temples, you can train a total of five Templars. )

+15% Knights and Templars health.

-10% to the Gold cost of Templars Knights, Swordsman, and Hand Cannoneers.

God power: Judgement( This god power deals damage, to all Myth units currently within the line of sight of your units, equal to precisely 50% of their current health. The damage is instant, and bypass any armor. It affects both your units, and enemy units. It is not targeted at any area in particular: Instead, simply put, any revealed area not currently covered by the Fog of War will be affected. The animation could be along the lines of a single lightning dropping on each Myth unit affected. )

God technology: Fanaticism( Cost: 50 food, 50 gold, 5 God power. Effect: Your Villagers now have a x5 multiplier against Myth units, and are no longer affected by their special attacks. )

The Son: This one would be meant to focus around your human units-Particularly the weakest ones-And your economy. Possible bonuses would include:

-Doubles the healing rate of your Templars.

-Farms produce food 15% faster.

-Villagers are completely unnaffected by enemy God Powers( Simply put, they take no damage from then, cant be targeted by then etc. However, if a god power creates a unit-Like, say, the Ancestors god powers-That unit can still attack the villagers of the Son normally. )

-All human units have +10% Hp.

God power: Return( Ressurects a single unit of your choice that died on the last 60 secounds, by targetting its "corpse.". )

God technology: Divine Prosperity( Cost: 100, 5 God Power. Effect: Your Templars also passivelly produce 0.6 gold per secound by existing. )

The Fallen: This one would be meant to focus more on myth units, and generally on the offensive. Its bonuses could include:

-Myth units passivelly produce 0.3 God Power by secound

-All human units gain a +50% attack bonus against enemy Heroes

-Gold miners gather gold 15% faster.

-God Power: Damnation( Targets a small area, akin to Shockwave. Units under the effect of Damnation will now take 1 damage per secound, until they die. They also cannot be healed. )

-God technology: Dante contract( Cost: 1 God power. Effect: All your myth units now have +30% Health: However, all your human units and heroes now have -10% health. )

Things I still need help with:

Thinking up the minor gods and their own god powers, god technologies, and myth units, of course. I know I want then all to be based around important biblical figures, mythical archangels, or possibly even, actual saints. But I just do not know which ones to use as basis yet, nor, which of the Major Gods should get access to which biblical figures...

I do like the idea of a myth unit called "Angel", though, which would be a fliyng myth unit with relatively low basic stats, but a very high( x5, or maybe even x7 with a upgrade ) multiplier against myth units. But again, I do not know who would grant it.

I also have no idea of what to do with their siege units. Probably because I dont use siege that much on this game...

Intended feeling and strategy:

In some regards( Particularly, the gimmicky economy, and the Knights ), this civilization would be suppose to give a strong Aok-like "vibe", almost like a AoK civilization transferred into AoM. Its cavalry is suppose to be its strong point, though the rest of its units are nothing to laugh about either.

Their weird economy would create some intersting alternatives for plaiyng styles. The fact none of their buildings or early units require gold means it is theoretically possible for, at least during the early Classical Age, for then to completely ignore gold altogether and focus solely on food and wood. However, this would probably prove impratical as a long term strategy, as their technologies, myth units, and their Templars, would all require gold to use. These two facts combined would probably make then into a incredibly agressive civilization: After all, the top priority of any Frank player, knowing they will only have gold mines as their source of gold( The Son "Divine Prosperity" technology debatably makes up for it to some extent, but only barely, especially given that you need to actually HAVE templars to begin with, and they do cost gold ), should be to locate, and seize, as many gold mines as possible: And the fact that, in the Classical Age, they have the tools for a intersting, Zerg Rush-like strategy, makes doing that easier.

From the Heroic Age onwards, they should get a bit more "conservative" on their plaiyng style. Their new units are powerfull, but they, as well as their myth units, would need to be used somewhat more sparringly then the ones of other civs. Letting theirselves take huge losses with such units would mean having to expend large amounts of gold to replace then... And yet again... You only have so much of it to spare. More so then debatably any civ, the Franks would have to think twice before when to attack and when to flee, calculate the winning odds of every battle. I personally feel that their unability to produce gold without Gold Mines might make then potentially one of the hardest civilizations to play, though thsat would not necesserially mean "worst"

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posted 10 August 2019 01:37 PM EDT (US)     1 / 3       

I don't mind a European Fairytale culture, and I thought about something like that in the past. But isn't the Templar unit a bit too much?

Hersirs actually do some of the stuff you mentioned. They slowly generate favor just by existing. You can start with checking the existing mods on Steam and try to reverse engineer them. (It's not too hard. Last year I knew nothing about modding. Now, I am creating my very own mods.)

You can't remove the trade It's integral. If you really want to remove it you have to include something similar to chinese gardens. Merchant shops? who knows.

God-Powers are a bit more difficult to mod. You can only create something by duplicating the existing ones. You can't program something entirely different. For example you can't really make your army invisible by using a god power. That kind of power doesn't exist. You really have to get creative with the code.

There is already a huge list of European creatures, from various mythologies and folklore, you can use these if you want.

-Mermaids, Werewolves, necromancers, unicorns, Gryphons, Basilisk, Witches, Banshees, Goblins, Fairies, Undead Skeletons, Vampires, Dragons, Ghosts...

Who are the minor gods?

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posted 10 August 2019 02:01 PM EDT (US)     2 / 3       
I could rename the Templars, though I would still want to keep then working more or less as they do. And yes, they are meant to somewhat resemble Hersirs in one hand, Greek heroes on another( Because they are very powerfull for hero standarts, but there are only so many of then you can train at any given point in time, meaning they arent all that usefull in large battles ), and, due to their standart as a cavalry hero... Arguably still being their own thing .

Take note that, unlike the Norse, their heroes are their-ONLY-Source of God power( I mean... Except for the Fallen bonus... ). Not-A-Extra source of god power. That is a important difference.

HMMMMMM... Their lack of trade is meant to be their main economical quirk, and their human units and how they work are meant to be built with that in mind. If it truly is impossible to take away their trade, I would need to think of a way to re-balance their human units

As I said, I still am triyng to decide on the minor gods, but I was originally thinking of naming then after famous biblical figures, or possibly mythical angels... Reading your myth unit suggestions, though... Hmmmm... Oh, I know! For a Myth Age major god: "Samuel"( Representing the Angel of Death ), who would be avaliable to both the Father and the Fallen( But not the Son ) His myth unit, the Banshee, would work in a matter similar to Shadows in the campaign( Killing a single human unit or myth unit in meele, and then diyng ), but they would be fully visible, and possibly have less hitpoints. I only wonder what cost to give then to make then balanced, though. As well as the God power, and the myth techs.

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posted 10 August 2019 02:50 PM EDT (US)     3 / 3       

It's not impossible to take the trade. But some of the maps don't have enough gold, and after the heroic age, more often than not, you will be relying on Gold. You can try to remove the tribute penalty to make earning gold easier. Otherwise, the rate will keep dropping.

There are many Jewish, Gnostic, and other European Gods, that you can use. Plus, demonic, or angelic beings. [You don't even have to create God portraits, there are literally thousands of medieval paintings.]

There is still no way, to create a new culture. You can only change the existing ones. But since Chinese civ is already so unbalanced, you can change them, I guess.

Yep, I understand the Hersir part. Hersirs also generate favor on their own. [very slowly] You can check the favor tags on the monuments and "Hero Norse" in the proto file.

Just create a mods folder, and put your mod there. Observe how other people created their mods. It's really quite easy.
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