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Download File (42.6 MB)
42.6 MB
Legends of the Third Age: The Fellowship of the Ring
An epic campaign about Tolkien's classic novel of the struggles against the dark forces and powers of the One Ring, The Lord of the Rings. The project is the product of two and a half years of hard work by a dedicated team of designers.
by EazY_Ben
4.5 (15)
44392 13 581
Download File (7.95 MB)
7.95 MB
The Delphic Oracle
Take part in the famous mythological story of Theseus, whose destiny is to rid the land around him of Bandits and Monsters. The legendary tale is played using high-quality cinematics and difficulty levels.
by AncientLeviathan
4.6 (7)
43339 3 58
Download File (10.6 MB)
10.6 MB
The Ring of the Nibelungen Act 1: The Rhinegold
In a time lost to history, when the gods still walked among the mortals a powerthirsty Nibelungen steals the magical Rhinegold. This act will change the worlds of the Gods, Titans, Spirits and mortals forever.
by The Vandhaal
4.9 (12)
27886 7 193
Download File (1.21 MB)
1.21 MB
The Odyssey (Updated version 2.0)
The battle of Troy is over... And the protagonists return home. But the Gods have prepared several surprises for the trip. Escape from the cyclops, defeat to Circe the sorceress and recover your kingdom to bring the peace to Ithaca.
by Arkantos Khan
4.2 (1)
24029 4 38
Download File (2.07 MB)
2.07 MB
Alone in the Dark Part 1
The beginning of a great war, and the plan of an evil maniac. The first part of a great saga.
by Night Conqueror
4.5 (4)
19498 0 16
Download File (4.37 MB)
4.37 MB
The Guardians v1.1
Go through an epic adventure breaching the passage to a world of desolation, defending the fortress of mankind and then laying siege to the lowest plains of hell, where the survival of few may be the survival of all.
by Oscar and Sziggi
4.6 (17)
18686 11 90
Download File (3.5 MB)
3.5 MB
The Last of the Atlanteans (Part I)
Sequal to Fall of Trident. Poseidon was furious that an ever-lasting life was granted to Arkantos, and he caused Zeus a lot of troubles on this. On a final conference, Arkantos was finally deprived of his divinity...
by battlestar000
4.2 (1)
17923 1 33
Download File (4.97 MB)
4.97 MB
The Lord of the the Battles
Follow the epic adventures of Gimli, Balin, Legolas, Theoden, Eowyn, Aragorn, Gandalf and Faramir in three scenarios set in the Middle Earth.
by Oscar
4.5 (4)
16933 2 35
Download File (6.93 MB)
6.93 MB
Troy: The real story
The story of Troy based on historical fact.
by hollanj
4.1 (4)
14983 6 33
Download File (6.92 MB)
6.92 MB
A Trip to the Colosseum
My submission for the Cinematic Contest
by tbarak
4.9 (8)
14715 2 148
Download File (3.09 MB)
3.09 MB
Survival of the Phoenix
Funny campaign with plenty of cinematics
by oddy
4.3 (4)
13257 1 51
Download File (4.6 MB)
4.6 MB
Hero Chronicles-Chapter I: Dark Uprising
You take control of Theseus, a Greek Hero, and his companions as you try to save not only Greece, but the entire world.
by Admiral Tyler II
4.4 (3)
12904 0 45
Download File (26.63 MB)
26.63 MB
Regi's Way
It could take a long way to find out who you truly are, sometimes... Here is what happened to Reginleif, when she was not even...
by jml
4.7 (3)
12357 4 51
Download File (3.87 MB)
3.87 MB
The Lay of Vestrigard (Prologue)
A cinematic campaign introducing 'The Lay of Vestrigard', my new dwarven campaign coming this fall.
by King Jared
4.5 (3)
9136 2 20
Download File (0 Byte)
0 Byte
Dragons Claw v.8 Retired
Poseidon has cast his trident into the fray, now Arkantos must perserve the honor of Atlantis.
by sziggi
4.8 (1)
8495 0 25
Download File (1.18 MB)
1.18 MB
Thorvald, The Slayer Of Nidhogg (Campaign)
(5 scenario campaign) After Thorvald's village is destroyed by the mighty Nidhogg, he chooses to do the impossible, kill this beast that has haunted Norseland for centuries. With the help of Ingvar, his mountain giant friend, and a few other people..
by Tonialb
4.5 (2)
7935 5 17
Download File (0 Byte)
0 Byte
Temple of the Sun v.9 Retired
As a powerful pharaoh bring the nation Temple of the Sun to greatness. Now with cpx loader and original spotlight picts.
by sziggi
4.2 (2)
7881 1 49
Download File (1.64 MB)
1.64 MB
Ragnarok- The Final Battle
Click for details ^
by The Guarding One
4.3 (4)
7607 2 36
Download File (64.28 MB)
64.28 MB
Campaign between "The fall of the trident" and "New Atlantis". Poseidon sends a warrior to revenge Atlantis, greek and the heroes
by omega_infinity
4.2 (3)
7493 9 20
Download File (7.15 MB)
7.15 MB
Kill Bill download 1
A 40 playable scenario campaign based on the hit film "Kill Bill"
by TOAO_Wacko
4.7 (3)
7151 0 97

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