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Download File (75.31 KB)
75.31 KB
Jail Break
6 players work togther to escape sinister traps
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Joshonator
- 423 0 4
Download File (373.21 KB)
373.21 KB
Halarious game of 3 player FFA Acropolis
I got double teamed and was forced to go on defence, i defended for so long that one of the players resigned. I killed his titan with mine. I couldn't hold off the second titan so i was forced to go nomadic.
Category: Recorded Game
by Joshonator
- 141 0 0
Download File (53.44 KB)
53.44 KB
Mount Impossible a.k.a. Dodge the Dummies
Get to the top of mount impossible by dodging the animals on the mountain and put your flag on the top of the mountain to claim victory.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Joshonator
- 305 1 20
Download File (196.48 KB)
196.48 KB
Hostage Negotiation
Terrorists have taken hostages and are armed with a bomb. The police must negotiate with them for their release and then try to exterminate the terrorists.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Joshonator
- 156 1 9
Download File (102.82 KB)
102.82 KB
The Situation Room - Single Player Version
You will be placed in a room and faced with challenges, it will take all of your skills to get through them.
Category: Single Player Scenario
by Joshonator
3.8 (4)
463 2 6
Download File (78.26 KB)
78.26 KB
The Situation Room
You and three other players will be placed in a room and faced with many challenges. You must work together to beat them.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Joshonator
- 213 0 0
Download File (95.2 KB)
95.2 KB
Battle of the four corners of the earth!
A fourplayer map that can be used for 2v2 or 1v1v1v1. Start with a strong fortification and an abundance in resources availible for harvest. Try to vanquish your opponents while defending your own base in this fun balanced map.
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Joshonator
- 193 0 0
Download File (80.38 KB)
80.38 KB
Jail Break 8 Player
8 Players Work Together To Escape Sinister Traps
Category: Multiplayer Scenario
by Toblet
- 214 1 1

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