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Thorvald, The Slayer Of Nidhogg (Campaign)

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Role Playing Strategy
# of Scenarios: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans

Put all the scenarios on the scenario folder at My Documents/My Games. Put the campaign file on the data folder. YOU MUST PUT THE SCENARIOS IN THE SCENARIO FOLDER IN ORDER TO PLAY THE CAMPAIGN. Or you can just play the scenarios one by one.

Norse campaign with 5 scenarios (2 cinematic and 3 playable)


After Thorvald's village is destroyed by the mighty Nidhogg, he chooses to do the impossible, kill this beast that has haunted Norseland for centuries. With the help of Ingvar, his mountain giant friend, Thorhalla, the half-valkyrie woman and a few other people, he decides to get his revenge. A campaign with evil dwarves, Titans, giants, trees of immortality, magic, and god powers. Will you be able to kill the dragon?


-Gender: Male
-Age: 35
-Race: Human
-Characteristics: Brave, smart,strong,skillful, courageous, fearless.
-Brief Description: The main character, descendant of Thor. (Also Odin, Thor is his son.) Great in battles and seeks revenge. Leader of the destroyed village in the first scenario. Shows up in all of the scenarios.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 57
-Race: Mountain Giant
-Characteristics: Brave, very strong, courageous.
-Brief Description: Main character. One of Thorvald's best friends and his right hand. Good in battles. Grenjar's younger brother. Shows up in all of the scenarios.

-Gender: Female
-Age: Unknown
-Race: Dragon
-Characteristics: Extremely powerful and destructive, fearless.
-Brief Description: The Nidhogg is the dragon that destroyed Thorvald's village. Hunts for food and kills for no reason during the day and sleeps near the volcano of Loki during the night. Shows up in the first and fifth scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 48
-Race: Human
-Characteristics: Brave, strong, skillful, courageous, fearless.
-Brief Description: Leader of the village in the second scenario. Great strength and great in battles. Shows up in the second and last scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 63
-Race: Mountain Giant
-Characteristics: Brave, talkative, very strong, courageous.
-Brief Description: Leader of the Giant's clan in the second scenario and oldest of them. Good in battles. Ingvar's older brother. Only shows up in the second scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 217
-Race: Frost Giant
-Characteristics: Evil, coward, extremely wise, extremely strong.
-Brief Description: Leader of the Frost Giant's clan in the second scenario. Has used ancient magic and object to become immortal. Terrific in battles but a big coward. Only shows up in the second scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 92
-Race: Dwarf
-Characteristics: Evil, brave, extremely wise, strong, great blacksmith.
-Brief Description: Leader of the evil dwarves and the oldest of them. Great in battles. Extremely wise. Knows the secrets of releasing a Titan from Tartarus. Can build gold creatures by himself, even though he wastes a lot of gold. It takes a bunch of dwarves to make one. Shows up in the third and fourth scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 44
-Race: Human
-Characteristics: Brave, smart, strong, skillful, courageous.
-Brief Description: Leader of the village in the fourth scenario. Good in battles. Father of Thorhalla. Only shows up in the fourth scenario.

-Gender: Female
-Age: 26
-Race: Half human, half valkyrie
-Characteristics: Brave, smart, skillful, courageous.
-Brief Description: Daughter of Bjorn and a valkyrie. Has inherited her mother's ability to heal. Falls in love with Thorvald. Shows up in the fourth and fifth scenario.

-Gender: Male
-Age: 29
-Race: Human
-Characteristics: Coward, smart, strong, skillful builder.
-Brief Description: Thorvald's brother. Has only half the courage and the bravery of his brother. Ran away when the Nidhogg was burning the village with a bunch of other villagers. Tries to rebuild village after the destruction. Shows up in the first and fifth scenario. (Thorvald thinks he is dead until later on.)


Thorvald and Ingvar were gone on a journey to explore new places and make new allies. Allies are the most important thing that you need in these dark times. The frost giants and cave trolls are multiplying like mad and are destroying everything. Also there are a lot of mountain giant clans and norse villages that are against you. You are trying to get rid of these evil forces and bring peace to everyone. Thorvald and Ingvar came back from their journey right after Nidhogg destroyed Thorvald's village and was leaving. Thorvald wanted to seek revenge on Nidhogg for destroying his village, and killing his brother, his only family. (Thorvald later finds out that he is alive.) But he cannot even scratch the skin of that beast with man-made weapons or anything he could think of, and he didn't know where to find the beast. Ingvar tells him that his brother Grenjar knows how to kill the dragon, (Grenjar probably learned that from the dwarves.) and he knew where the beast lived. So, they go where Grenjar and the othergiants are. After Thorvald tells Grenjar what was going on, he explains to him the procedure. There are only a few ways to kill Nidhogg, and Grenjar knew one of them. He could be killed by a fire giant, a species that has been extinct for over 200 years. Thorvald and Ingvar never heard of one before. That kind of giant however could be created artificially by dropping a weapon, or another object made by dwarves, that contained the soul of a Titan, into hot lava. After that, a fire giant will appear. He could only live for a couple of hours and he would take commands from the first person he sees. After Grenjar mentioned that to Thorvald, Thorvald said that there was a problem. He didn't know where to find a Titan and he had only seen one once in his life. Grenjar mentioned that a bunch of evil dwarves had released one from Tartarus. The dwarves made the Titan go into different places and destroy villages. Grenjar said that he didn't know the exact same location of the Titan, so they had to go in the cave where the dwarves lived and to force the dwarves to tell them where the Titan is. Thorvald had to shove the sword in the Titan's heart (A sword is what Thorvald is going to use to capture the soul with.) right after is stopped beating. Then he had to yell out loud 'Odin, give me the power', then the Titan's soul would go to the sword. After Grenjar stops explaining, Olaf comes, the leader of the village right next to where the giants live. After Thorvald explained why he was there, Olaf mentioned that they've been having a couple of problems with the frost giants. Two weeks ago, they killed everyone of them except their leader,Frostild, which escaped. Then he came back and used ancients rituals and black magic. He placed his soul into the 'Tree of Great Power', which gives him immortality, and the power to produce more of his kind. Later Olaf found out about it and now they have to get rid of Frostild as quick as possible. As time passes, he makes more of his kind. The only way to kill him is to destroy the tree, thus making his soul escape from the tree, and making him die. Thorvald and Ingvar decided to help, so they destroy the tree after a couple of hours and then leaving on their journey. When Thorvald and Ingavr go inside the cave, they find the dwarves. The cave is filled with trolls, so their leader, Murin, will only show them where to find the Titan only if Thorvald and Ingvar help them get rid of them. The trolls were the reason why the dwarves unleashed a Titan, but after the Titan was out, every troll left, so they used the Titan to destroy villages. (Reminder: These dwarves are evil.) But, after the Titan left, every troll came back, and they had no time to inform the dwarves who were controlling the Titan to come back. Murin used his blacksmith and magic skills to make gold creatures to protect them. The trolls have captured a lot of dwarves. So, Thorvald and Ingvar had to help them. After they kill the trolls and release the captured dwarves, Murin shows them where the Titan is. When Thorvald and Ingvar go out of the cave, they see a village in its ruins. The Titan has crushed it. Murin tells them that the Titan is taking a break in a village. He is about to destroy the village next to the one where he is staying. (The two villages have been against each other for generations.) Murin insults Thorvald and Ingvar and Ingvar kills him with his huge club. After that they go to speak to the village who is trying to kill the Titan. They meet Bjorn, the leader, and Thorhalla, his daughter. She has inherited her mother's ability to heal, her mother was a valkyrie. After Thorvald explains what he is there for, Bjorn has some bad news for him. The road to the volcano had been blocked by some rocks. The only way to get there was using one of Odin's Wells. There was one in the mountains but Bjorn didn't know where exactly. After Thorvald got the Titan's soul after the Titan died, they find the well and Thorhalla decides to go with them. They go into the well and the next thing they see is the volcano about a mile away from the well. They go to the volcano and then Thorvald drops his sword into the lava. After 5 seconds or so, a fire giant appears from there and gets out of the volcano. He could not speak. Ingvar then sees the dragon approaching. Thorvald orders the fire giant to attack him and kill him. The dragon is killed very easily. After that Thorhalla wants to live with Thorvald after telling her father that they succedded. After that Thorvald and the rest go to Olaf's village and they live there for two seasons (from winter to summer) Thorvald and Thorhalla marry later on. In the summer Thorvald and Thorhalla go back to see what has happenned to the place where Thorvald's village was. They find out that THorvlad's brother Eirik has survived and has rebuild the whole village. THE END!
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I think that the Titan difficulty was way too hard for me. But still when I played the second scenario, difficulty Titan, I had some good time trying to survive in the tiny land on the top of the map. (I knew there was a TC there because I looked at the map on editor first.) I think everyone should try Hard, Titan for pros, and Medium for noobs. Easy is for 3-year olds.

Balance: 4
I think Thorvald was kind of too strong compared to the other guys. There is also no cinematic music from the second to the last scenario. But still no problem for me because I pay attention to the things character say and not the music. No major bugs. (I opened the fourth scenario on editor and saw that about 65% of the triggers were only for attack. There were more than 40 triggers just for enemy attacks. You must have spent a lot of time on this.)

Creativity: 5
You have been very creative in making this. The scenarios were not repetitive. In the third scenario you had to rely on dwarf-made gold monsters to kill all the trolls and not on human soldiers. That's something you don't see in every scenario. Also I liked the fact that when heroes died, you cannot reborn them. Murin died on the third scenario and I lost.

Map Design: 5
The second and fourth scenario were full of hidden passages and secrets. Relics were on crazy locations of the map. Also the villages looked very nice and with a lot of decoration. Thorvald's village in the summer was very very very beautiful. I gave you one extra point on this section just for that.

Story/Instructions: 5
A character list and story-line is included, that's awesome. The story-line is pretty long too. It also includes stuff that are not said in the game. The character-list also includes characteristics, age, and all that. I think people should read that before playing the game to know what the characters are like. I was suprised to see that you included where the main characters were before the village was destroyed. So there are NO moments when you say 'Wha... why did they do that?' or 'Wha... this makes no sense.'

Additional Comments:

It took me like three hours to beat this campaign. I tried difficulty Titan and I got crushed lol. I am not pro. There are not many good campaigns being uploaded on this site. I gave you a few extra points just for that on my review. Thank you for taking your time to do this.

UPDATE: I laughed when Ingvar killed Murin, lol.

[Edited on 06/12/11 @ 08:24 PM]

Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
The gameplay is certainly good, but the last battle is not sufficiently rich in special effects.

Balance: 5
Isn't necessary to comment, perfect.

Creativity: 5
Congratulations it takes a lot of creativity to create a similar scenario.

Map Design: 3
The map design is not good. You should improve the variety of land and increase the little minor details that contribute to a single scenario almost optimal.

Story/Instructions: 4
The controls are simple and the goals are well described.
The story is very good.
As previously mentioned, the only problem is the last battle, oversimplified.

In conclusion, the scenarios are good, but could be improved
(If there are errors in English, is the fault of google translator)

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Map Design4.0
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