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AoMod AI 1.6.04

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Version: AoM: The Titans
# AoModAI #
# by Loki_GdD #

This is a modification based on Georg Kalus' Admiral X AI.
Its main features include:
- better defensive behavior (also near other settlements)
- specific attack plans instead of the attack goals used by the Admiral X AI or the aomx AI
- Atlantean and Norse AI players now research wall upgrades
- builds walls, buildings and farms near other settlements
- changes the main base if it is destroyed (if it still has other settlements)
- rebuilds fortresses and towers
- builds mirror towers
- helps defend allied main bases
and loads of other tweaks.

The AoModAI usually beats the default defender AI (tested for Hades vs. Hades on several land maps)

This is a work in progress. There are still lots of things I plan to improve!
Known limitations:
- Some God powers don't get used by the AoModAI yet as they are attached to attack plans generated by attack
goals, which the AoModAI doesn't use.
- Optimized God specific tech researching hasn't been implemented/activated for all cultures yet.
- It's optimized for land maps. Optimizations for transport maps are planned for a future release.
- It's relatively defensive, especially in cAge1 and cAge2
- momentarily it's fixed to use only the defensive personality. If you want it to use another or a random
personality, you have to open the file "AoModAIPers.xs" and edit the line "choice = 1;". Either comment it
out (//) or set it to another value from 0 to 5


Unzip the files to "...\Age of Mythology\ai2"
You should then be able to select the AoModAI for computer players.

thanks goes to
- Georg Kalus for programming the Admiral X AI without which this mod wouldn't exist
- all users that answered my questions or made suggestions in the AI forum or the download section at

Bugs, feedback and feature changes/requests:
Please send them to loki_gdd@gmx.net

Legal stuff:
If you want to modify this mod, please feel free to do so, but if you want to release it, you have to give it
another name and you have to change the filenames so that installing your modified AI doesn't overwrite/disable
the AoModAI!
If you want to contribute to this mod, please contact me via e-mail: loki_gdd@gmx.net


Version history:


- Atlantean AI players no longer crash the game
- minor bug fixes

New features/improvements
- improved offensive behavior
- improved defensive behavior
- improved usage of several God powers; if settlements are under attack, the AI will use defensive God powers
- Oranos builds skypassages near settlements, researches skypassage upgrade
- AI tries to train military units near settlements under Attack
- improved upgrading of Atlantean units to heroes
- improved trade
- special improvements for Anatolia
- lots of other (minor) tweaks

AoModAI 1.5.07

- initial beta release
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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
FAILeliminator Sounds interesting.
Madsen What? How do you fix the issue where the (mostly atlantean) AI crash the game? I hate it when that happend to me, and I have to start all over. Also, great job.
tasev Great to see you're still improving this, I'll have to install AoM and try it out soon. :D
File Author
If you are interested in what I changed to fix the crashes with Atlantean AI players, please start a thread in the AI forum to discuss it there.

Have you tried it out yet?
tasev Yes, I actually installed AoM just for this.

I should have written this post earlier but from what I remember the AI did really well. It is a lot more aggressive now and in one game it was being attacked by two players but still managed to keep it together and even when it was almost dead it came back to win the game. Impressive!
(FFA game with Standard Hades x Standard Hades x AoMod Hades)

I would give constructive criticism but I forgot the bad parts about it :p

[Edited on 12/03/11 @ 04:44 PM]

Khan And Steak This is looks awesome! I remember playing your previous AI's. I'm going have to check it out in a quick core wars map and let you know my findings. It's good to know that there are still other coders out there :) ~ Steak

[Edited on 12/05/11 @ 08:23 AM]

Bailx I really like this AI, It's very tough. I'd like to use it for a new map pack maybe...

Too bad we never saw AOM2 by this point (probably why so many quit developing for this game really).
Burjis After so many years my nostalgia kicked in and made me install and play some AOM TT again.
I just installed this AI and I hope it does well.
I remember, I used to modify the AdmiralX AI to give the hard AI a bit extra resource and a lot more favor cause the way I remember it, it used to not make enough mythical units.
Ichan How to use this in scenario?
Rating: 4
This is the best AI I have ever seen. It can handle economy and army in many different ways, having a backup plan for every domain. I like the fact that it instructs the villagers (or the infantry) to build walls, fortresses and other buildings around Town Centers. Also, docs are being built on water areas and searching for fish, which is cool and beneficial for economy.
Three things make this rating go to 4 not 5:

1. It is not that compatible with some maps. Ex: on team migration, if the sync goes bad, sometimes the military units are created on team's island, leaving the base from the "New World" island undefended. (-0.3 rating)

2. The military units/armies are not managed correctly.

a) According to this AI, if one forward Town Center is attacked, all soldiers from the entire map are called to that Town Center (to defend it). That's a good plan 'till now: what if the enemy attacks another Town Center? The units are still called to stop the attack from the first Town Center, leaving the second one undefended. (-0.2 rating)

b) Military units are sometimes retreating when the enemy has a smaller force (stupid plan). I played on this AI and I have seen many situations in which an entire empire could've been conquered if the army would've been just rush in to it, not just retreating, attacking again, retreating, attacking again, and so on... (-0.3 rating)

(-0.5 rating)

3. Villagers have their problem too: when any villager from a range of ~100 meters from the mother Town Center is attacked, the ring bell is called, moving all the villagers into towers, fortresses, town centers, affecting the entire economy only because a group of say, three villagers from the opposite corner of the map are being attacked (stupid plan) (-0.2 rating)

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