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The Relic of Awesome Power

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Version: AoM: The Titans

The relic of awesome power

Map Screenshot

Basic Game Rules

The start

Everyone starts with an Atlantean Hero Villager and has two aims.

  • Find a good area and seal it off with towers and walls. Also create good transport links by building and shifting sky passages.
  • Find the relic of power.....

The relic of power

The relic of power transforms that player (And his team if a teamed game) into a powerful unit and can summon more units. With these they need to find and destroy the other players.

The catch?

If you find the relic again you change into a better unit, can summon better untis and get another power.

If one of your opponents finds the relic then muahahah bad luck for you! You lose all your units, all your powers and go back to being a villager again!

The levels

Level 1

You have a super pharaoh and can summon minotaurs by spawning monkeys. TIP: If you have my superpack then the shortcut key Ctrl_. will put the moneys into a loop build.

Hunter Power: Walking Woods
Runner Power: Spy

TIP: If you are playing a team game you the pharaohs to heal each other.

Level 2

You have a son of osiris and can summon battle boars with your attack.

Hunter Power: Plague of Serpents - summons fire giants
Runner Power: Restoration

TIP - Stand still to heal more effectively from restoration.

Level 3

You have an osiris and summon Guardians with your attack!

Hunter Power: Meteor
Runner Power: Forest Fire (Create an area to hide in)

Level 4

...Secret... Play the game and find out!

Hunter Power: SPCMeteor
Runner Power: Shifting Sands


Current version: 20. (Included the old version 14 though)

Version 20 infact has quite a few major changes including an extra intermediate level, more spawns plus a few bug fixes from previous versions.

Version 10: initial AOMH release
Version 11: villager spawning bug fix
Version 12: fixed lag when team relic ownership changed, added scenary objects and a few new messages
Version 13: MAJOR bugfix caused by certain establishment objects
Version 14: A far better fix of the same bug than version 13.

Good luck!
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Zenophobia wow, interesting...!
Rating: 5

Very funny, and good. It's fair not like those escapes where the hunter is op or the runner is op.

Additional Comments:

I hope you fixed that bug what I told you :P
File Author
Thanks for the rating. Which bug is it? I have been doing a load of bug fuxing - if this version is a later version than what you had hopefully the bug is fixed. :)
Glen654 I think that review is lacking some information, I will make a more detailed review ;)

Edit* I think this will help you a little more than that sentence up there ^.^

[Edited on 08/09/11 @ 02:09 AM]

Rating: 5.0
Since this game more similar to a scenario game than a random map script, I will use the multiplayer scenario guide to break it down. :)

So, as far as bugs go, I have never found a bug, but this does not mean the map has perfect points here. I think there is room to improve on the gameplay aspect. The game as it is, is pretty solid, and is fun to play on it's own. But, at time I thought it was a little... simple. Also, when the powers were stolen, it laggs for a couple of seconds. I assume that this obstacle is a hard one to overcome, but I think you should see If you can fix that up a little. There is a lot of confusion for new players, and it usually take a couple of tries to do somewhat well. Something you might consider are changes in the game due to different settings, such as difficulty.

The balance I think is as close to balanced as you can get. As long as you play it smart, and have a wide range of vision, you can easily find the relic and upgrade yourself, and steal the power. But, players will need to find that point where they have enough coverage to start relic hunting, and If someone gets the relic very early on, it can mean the game ends really quickly, due to them killing the other players, or It forces the other team to get the relic. Which will cause this "tug" I have found at the beginning where nobody can make a lot of towers, and It is based a lot on luck of finding the relic.

Well, nottud, you are very creative with your maps. You show time and time again that you are one of, if not the, best at what you do here. This map is incredibly creative, I have never seen anything like it before, and the twist it puts on a escape game really make it unique, and fun to play over and over again. The leveling is something I also think is quite creative, I have never seen anything quite like level 4 before haha, very well done. I think after examining that map, and some few error messages such as "titan failed to unload from feather", I have learned some really neat tricks myself.

Map Design-
This is one of the more tricky things to talk about, as the design is never the same. I enjoy the fact that when I play it over and over again, it is not the same old boring theme, hades or olympus etc. The 'theme' changes, and I enjoyed that. That layout the map generate is quite perfect for this game, It makes for great gameplay and great strategy. To be honest, I think my favorite theme is actually the one with just GrassA, pine trees, and greekcliff! I also liked that sometime there are holes in the forest, that you can time shift into. It let me out of situations where I got stuck in a dead end. Despite all of this, you could have added a bit more. maybe some rocks, maybe some heavenlight, and tamarask trees wouldn't hurt either. I think in a future version you can put more smaller objects in the game, I would really like to see that.

Story / Instructions-
As I said earlier, new players were often very confused. It is difficult to have instructions on a rms, but you could have done better. I found a lot of the time people just said "this is dumb" and left, but that is simply because they did not grasp the raw awesomeness this game provided. Story is unnecessary, but it might be nice to provide something. But once you got the hang of it, and with a little help from some more experienced players, you can get quite good quite fast. I look forward to playing more games with you, and reviewing as well ;)

Additional Comments:
This was a blast to play with you, one of the best games I've played in a while. You really should start making a lot of new maps here, nottud. I really enjoyed this, I am confident I am not the only one.

**EDIT** I upped the rating to a 5, I love the new embellishments and how much less lag there is! Great work, but you should make sure that you can't attack the gaia buildings, b/c when you are SoO you can farm them for boars. But it doesn't matter that much.

[Edited on 08/10/11 @ 10:57 PM]

File Author
Hey thank you for the review you defintiely look like you have taken quite some time to write this.


Nice to hear you never found a bug especially since I have done so many updates - you were probably wondering why there were so many of them! To be fair some of them were gameplay adjustments such as the adding of team support and no relic palcement till cease fire has occured. Lag wise possibly I could have a better system for getting rid of the untis that would create less units such as perhaps directly killing them or something maybe. I think though I have just had an idea how to make it lag less so I will look into it.


In relation to what you said I did change the game slightly in one of the more recent updates so that the relic does not get placed until after the end of cease fire - maybe it boils down to making it even longer before the relic places.


Nice to hear you learned a few things. Unfortunately though being that the game is scripted and so a lot more difficult to see what the actual triggers are! There is no real way of mapping commands in the script to triggers as I sometimes take advantage of the fact I am scripting and have stuff in a format different to normal triggers. The titans were done using an equivalence to the yattach trigger.

-Map Design-

Scenary objects are probably a good idea I will have a little look into placing a few though I don't want to go too heavy - I want to keep the unit count down and I don't want them getting in the way too much! :p May add them in the next update or so.


I agree I should have done the instructions a little better. Instructions in relation to the map were a bit rushed from a designing point of view which I wanted to get the map finished so I could play it after wasting so much time before hand deciding on the map design. I was planning at some point to upgrade the introduction into a brief cinematic - I may go ahead on this plan. At the time I thought that people understood the map clearly and on most my games they seemed to. Clearly for some games this was not the case... Perhaps will also feature in the next update.

Thanks for taking your time to review for me and I find your critism very constructive and I will defintiely will implement some of the things you said.


------Update Plans------

#Change in system of deleting units - thinking of using transform instead of change in area which should causde significantly less lag. I think search triggers search untis that change and that may be the cause of the lag.

#Addition of a small theme related scenary objects.

#Possible cinematic insteactions at the start. Change so cease fire starts after the instructions maybe buying players more time at the beginning to go off hiding. Perhaps a change in the time before the relic initially places too - may increase that from jsut less than 1 min after the instructions to 2 minutes.

EDIT: Looks like my idea has resolved the lag issue. I will now work on the other features now and release the next update soon... :)

[Edited on 08/09/11 @ 04:30 AM]

Glen654 Awesome! I'm glad you took my ideas into account :)
godpower97 OMG nottud you are still here??????
And I think you just released the first top-rated scenario since 2010!

[Edited on 08/11/11 @ 02:33 AM]

BSU_DoLhades there are others I believe who got a 5 star XD
RAK444 WOW... Great!!! With Wich program did you make it?
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