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The Rise of Zeus: Amended

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 5
Version: AoM: The Titans
Campaign Announcement:



And Amended by CaveTown!

“Kronos ruled over all the world and the heavens, but only after he overthrew his father, Oranos, at the will of Gaia; however, Kronos became an evil Titan, and Zeus sought to overthrow him, alongside his brothers, Poseidon and Hades.”

(please note that this campaign is not meant to be 100% historically (mythologically?) accurate)

I announced this campaign a long while back, but I never ended up releasing it. I went ahead and made a few more small adjustments and it's now ready to release! This version is far superior to The Rise of Zeus. I'll be releasing it here shortly.

Features of the original The Rise of Zeus:

- 5 playable scenarios.
- 4 cinematic scenarios.
- Full of eyecandy.
- Full of triggers.
- Texture mods.
- Custom overlay images.
- Custom lighting.

Features of the The Rise of Zeus - Amended:

- Many new cinematics!
- Brand new, much longer and better ending cinematic! (FULLY VOICE ACTED ENDING!)
- Many new triggers in every scenario, making for completely different gameplay.
- IMPOSSIBLY HARD titan mode (For supreme experts).
- INVINCIBLY EASY mode (For supreme noobs).
- OTHER difficulties are also adjusted to work really well!
- Updated dialog.
- Updated cinematics.
- New names made for the characters (because people thought of it as a prologue to The Fall of the Trident, but that was not what it was for, it was to tell a story of mythology, when Kronos was trapped in Tartarus).


Trailer 1: High Definition! - Remember to press the High Definition button just below the video!

Screenshots (The Rise of Zeus):
Sunken Building
A Lost City
A Norse Building
Gaia's Help
Ruined Foretress1
Ruined Foretress2
A Beautiful Town
A Norse Palace
Kronos's Wonder
A dock

Screenshots (Amended):
Burning Wonder
Kronos' Forces
Razed Buildings

Mod Screens:
Ajax Mod

People involved in the original The Rise of Zeus:
Campaign made by Cavetown and Swift Sampson

Ajax Mod by Deathscythe092.

Playtesters of the original The Rise of Zeus:
Swift Sampson
The God of Gods
Papaya (id: X-moss)

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
NewAger Nice work with the screenshots, Im playing it then I will review, but it already looks cool.

But the trailer on youtube, its private only... I can't see it
File Author
I hope you like it! :D
dmetrosuper finnaly someone who put some screenshots.

So download
File Author
When someone gets done playing it, make sure to review it. I want to see what you guys think! :)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4.5
(A gave a 4.5 because I liked playing it, however in Titan difficulty, is impossible without cheats.)

Balance: 3
(As I said its a little dificult to play the campaign, the enemy is a little overpowered)

Creativity: 4
(You were very creative, and I loved the idea of talked chats, but you should also have done talked chats on the other scenarios)

Map Design: 5
(I really liked the eyecandy! I really did. But for the next time use the trigger change name on eyecandy units.)

Story/Instructions: 4
(The story was a interesting however, you should have made more scenarios, such a big story in 5 scenarios...)

Additional Comments: I liked playing it, if you unrealese a new campaign, tell me, so I can also play it.
File Author
Thanks for the review!

I wish you were a bit more detailed, though... It doesn't really say anything about what was wrong - it just says 'The enemy was overpowered' on the balance part - I'm not sure what to take from that. I'd like to be able to fix any problems, but I can't fix it with no feedback :/

The balance is a tricky one; it depends on what mode you play on.

EASY mode in my campaign is made for complete noobs; I've overpowered your heroes and military and gotten rid of most of the enemies and debuffed the ones that are there.

TITAN is a mode where I've made it as impossible as I can to allow you to win - this is for absolute experts; you have to do a lot more strategy and have more attention to get to your goal in this mode.

NORMAL is simply the normal game with no changes to the enemies or to your own people; it's a little closer to the easier side.

HARD is to have a challenge but still I made sure it's able to be beaten.

What mode did you play it on?
NewAger I played hard, sorry for my poor review, I was in a hurry...
When I mean overpowered I mean that they have too much units and techs on their side... Meaning that the level is poorly balanced...
Just imagine: You have an hoplite and the other player haves hundred of them and a base... Thats not balanced, balenced means that the players are equaly.

[Edited on 09/07/11 @ 01:39 PM]

File Author
Indeed! Play on an easier mode first lol. Try medium or easy, then advance onto hard and then Titan... if you can handle it.

I wanted to cover anyone when making this campaign; my goal was to have an invicibly easy EASY mode, and an impossibly hard TITAN mode.

Then to have a normal mode where the game is fully balanced and a hard mode where there is a handicap supporting the enemy and hurting you, but still make sure that it's possible to be beaten.

Just remember, TITAN mode in this campaign is meant to be impossible; it's meant to be the ultimate challenge. EASY mode is meant to be impossible to lose, but it's still slightly possible to lose... very slightly.

[Edited on 09/07/11 @ 01:42 PM]

dmetrosuper Pro Campain !!
File Author
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