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Thor Vs (Isis and Hades)

Author File Description
Lord Albert
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Well in this scenario will have a battle between Hades Vs Nordic and isis, you will notice that the scenario is prone acropolis a landscape of mountains, is recommended to play at titan.
Image map in the file.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Geez, you sure are really desperate to get a review or comment, aren't you, Lord Albert? No one's going to comment or review this file with an attitude like that, and it might even deter people from downloading this file! At 18 Megabytes, This file is REALLY large! Turns out, there is yet another oversized map screenshot that you put in similar to the one from Atlantean Vs Greek 2! Please, PLEASE, don't put another screenshot like that anymore in your maps next time, because I can see the map for myself in-game and it brings my internet speed down to a snail's pace! As for the map itself, let's get down to business:

Playability: 1
For starters, I played the scenario on moderate difficulty (because I suck at harder difficulties). I was doing the usual supremacy stuff while humming a tune to Frank Klepacki's music when suddenly, out of the blue, I WAS ATTACKED BY AN ARMY OF CIRCE AND CATAPHRACTS BELONGING TO THE HADES PLAYER. The army of Circe which are supposed to be guarding the Hades player's acropolis joined their invading army to attack my acropolis! The Egyptian Isis player never attacked me, but that's only because their AI is more defensive than the Hades player's one. After they broke my walls, I immediately ragequitted, afterwards initially thinking of spewing grawlixes at you but instead I decided to look around the map on the editor. Can you replace them with something more stationary or put impassable terrain on them, please? And don't forget to playtest your maps more often for playability, balance, bugs, and et cetera!

Balance: 1
Well, since I can't actually play the game properly without getting electrocuted by those Circes, balance basically took a nosedive into a pool of lava and never came back. When I DID manage to get rid of them (either by Lazer Bear then disposing it afterwards or by deleting them using the editor) the game is either still too hard or actually becomes too easy. You said in your previous comments here that after 1000 seconds (around 16 to 17 minutes) have passed, both of my enemies' Arkantos will turn into their uber forms. Likewise, if I destroy the Isis wonder (but not the Hades one) my own Arkantos will turn into his God form. I never get a chance to experience those events because of the Circes earlier but I don't think they're quite balanced. Can you please phase those out? And reduce the number of campaign heroes and preexisting military and myth units!

Creativity: 2
Well, this scenario is basically a straightforward supremacy so I can't think much of creativity other than the snow-themed acropolis type map (you must really like acropolises) and the fact that when you destroy the Egyptian wonder, your Arkantos turns into his god form (even though that concept has already been implemented in your previous scenarios). Maybe add a few twist and turns like random events and gimmicks that may help or hinder you during playing the game? Please be less straightforward!

Map Design: 4
The map design is lovely. The map is basically acropolis with snow instead of grass which you have constantly used in your previous map submissions. The map is already revealed the moment I start the game. On the corners of the map there are spectacles like a pit of ice, a taproot cave, and a volcano that is guarded by a Nidhogg that hoards several relics. There is also a lake in the middle filled with not only schools of fish, but also marine myth units like the Kraken and the Man O' War that will attack anyone near their sight plus a living!Statue of Poseidon. The trees are brushed in a delicate manner rather than simply being clustered into one place with the addition of flowers, Tamarisk trees, and ice blocks with makes the map even more appealing. However, it appears that only one type of snow terrain is used plus a few other terrain that aren't mixed well (simply being brushed in large squares rather than thin lines), and that the acropolises look plain with the exception of towers being placed in wall connectors. Please improve those!

Story/Instructions: 1
Why on Hellas, Kemet, Nordland, and Atlantis did you not put the instructions in-game?! You can't just put it in the summary or comments here! Why did my normal Arkantos turn into his god form after I destroy the Egyptian wonder? Why am I at war with those two factions in the first place? Why on earth am I living in a snowcropolis?! I know English isn't your native language, but i don't care as long as you put in a few sentences, words, or even just a few letters even with spelling or grammatical errors on either the objectives banner or the chat box telling me the goals of the scenario! That would ramp up this category score higher! And please add a story next time, even when it's very simple like "You are at war with X player because you or they are power-hungry or cruel tyrants".

Additional Comments:
If you want some advice or tips, contact me by email (which can be found on my user profile) or other high-profile designers. And don't forget to download some highly-rated AoM designing hints & tips on the other download category and thoroughly study and practice them. You'll only keep getting better ;o)

P.S. Please improve your English grammar! It may be time-consuming, but worth it. :o)

P.P.S. Please, PLEASE, Don't put in oversized map screenshots on your scenario files anymore next time! It slows down my Internet! DX

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Map Design4.0
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