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The Keep

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Version: AoM: The Titans
A Greek faction, called the Promesus, have run out of resources. They see you as a formidable opponent, but your rich resources are too much for them.
So, they have gone all out.
Defend against them until reinforcements arrive.
Every ten minutes they will arrive.
Survive for 40 minutes, defend against barbarians and greeks and deal with limited resources.
I hope you haz fun!
Pictures can be found here:
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
So, let's start. For the most part, the game just kind of jumped in, and I was a little confused to what I was supposed to do, but I caught on pretty quick. I realized there were invisible walls in some places, which didn't make a lot of sense to me but they probably fixed an attack bug (am I right?). Some things I liked were the simplicity, I really like how straightforward the game was. Some things I didn't like however, were the fact that I was only attacked from one side, I didn't really need to expand, and I usually had too much resources, and so many units my game was lagging. I would make a pop cap of 100, adding some challenge, I would also make attacks come from all sides, and remove the barbarians you can capture. I would also remove the water area, and the reinforcements. Also, the units didn't seem to get any hard to kill, it was just the same, wave after wave. After looking at the triggers I saw they spawn randomly, very clever I have to say.

Balance: 2
For the balance, I gave a 2 for one main reason, I like this game too much to give it a 1. It was waaaaay to easy, and there wasn't a way to make it harder. The units didn't get any harder to kill/and more units. I had unlimited pop and abundant resources, I didn't have a problem fending them off, except maybe the first wave. I never lost a gate or anything. You can use the difficulty triggers to make the game more difficult if I choose titan, where it is right now I would put that as easy. It was so easy it was boring after a while.

Creativity: 4
Maybe it's just me, but I think these kinds of maps are great. The eyecandy was lacking, but I don't really care about eyecandy that much. I liked the units you could build, and the armory really makes a difference too. I think I am rating this a little higher, maybe because this is the first scenario I've played from you, but I feel you deserve a 4 in this area.

Map Design: 3
Well, I liked the way you have four passages, I didn't like how you had a small area for resources, with a ton of gold, and a tiny amount of wood (but it evens out b/c you are mostly building military dudes). I would enjoy this a lot more if I was attacked from all sides, and it was a struggle to get resources. The water portion was OK, I didn't love it, but I didn't hate it (that much). You could have cut that part out altogether. I also got to the point where I was building walls around the spawn point, and towers too. You might want to make like a gate where they come out of, or make an area you can't build at all.

Story/Instructions: 3
There wasn't need for instructions, but a story might have been nice. I like the feel of having to jump in the game and figure out what to do, but to the extent of which I am confused as to what is happening takes it to far (did that makes sense?). I think I was a little bias here too. I just don't feel like you deserve a 2 here, but a 3 does feel kind of high.

Additional Comments:
Great map, Loved it, main points to improve: Eyecandy, difficulty. Keep making maps, (preferably multiplayer :3) I love this work and I can't wait to see what's next!
Khan And Steak
Map Design2.0
I played this map once on easy. The map lasted for just over 50 minutes.

Playability: 1
Before I start I'd just like to say, kudos for submitting your second map. Second of all, don't freak over the rating that you've got. All scenario designers worth their merit have received a similar rating at some point which improved their skills as a scenario designer. Obviously not the rating itself but the motivation to produce something far superior than the last submission.
Moving on, the game itself is quite playable in the literal sense however in terms of Playability I believe it misses all of the quota's save Trigger bugs.
Some of the many bugs that occurred include:
Mother Nature attacked and killed the Barbarians.
The Barbarians asked me if they could resign about half way through the scenario.
The invading army doesn't actually attack the gate into the starting town. This makes it impossible to lose this scenario as the army cannot attack from another direction due to the invisible walls.
By using one of the lightning God Powers given to user at the start of the game, it is possible to view and kill units (or unit as the case may be) from the blocked off corner.
All of the Players are visible in the score board. This is normally a smaller error, however in this scenario it has large after effects, such as the following.
The teams are not Locked. This means that by going to the diplomacy you can change your alliance setting towards every Player. The changed player promptly mirrored any decision that was made. This can be combated in 2 basic ways:
1) If the Players were set to Hidden no other Players would appear in diplomacy menu, thus nothing could be changed.
2) If the teams were locked then the user would not be able to change their alliance towards any other Player.
And the list goes on...

On top of all of these bugs, the gameplay is not dynamic at all in any sense other than what unit composition you face up against. While the topic has been raised however, I would just like to mention that I looked at the triggers for deploying the invading army. And while the Triggers may be a little crude, nice job on the randomisation of the army; it works and is effective. Back to the point, the gameplay is rather bland, get attacked from one direction the whole game by nothing but units. Being attacked from other directions and by different units really would have spiced up the scenario, especially attacks that target the economy. Add in a couple of enemy water units every now and then. You've added Satyr's, which means you've got access to The Titans Expansion - so make full use of it. Deploy an army of Stymphalian Bird's that simply fly over the walls. Of course these are just basic suggestions and I'm sure you can think of a lot of other things that you could add in to change the linear attacking triggers.

As a gauge of how much I enjoyed this scenario I would place it at about 40% which is roughly 2.5/5 (which would've rounded up to 3/5). However the overwhelming amount of bugs bring that rating down to 1.

Balance: 1
I'm just going to be blunt here, the scenario is way too easy. The user can complete the scenario with nothing more than the starting units that the user is provided with. Of course the units must be appropriately managed and the user would most likely get way to bored to keep continued management, nonetheless it can still be done. The enemy units do not attack the gate, or at least not in any of my unsuccessful attempts to get the invading army to do such a thing. Possibly add in a pop limit or upgrade the enemies over time (even a simple looped set tech status would do the trick). Also implementing the difficulty triggering so that the user may choose the difficulty of the scenario would do wonders to your Balance rating.

Creativity: 2
The creativity potential was there, it just seems like it wasn't fully utilised. The Barbarians could've been used in many ways, and actually to my knowledge they may have been - I didn't really see much of them because they died before I really scouted that area. To me it seems like you've made a lot of openings where creativity could've sprouted out of, but instead nothing was implemented. The forest with the Gaia units was mostly bare and had no real reason to be there, the water it seems was all but forgotten by you and was there only for its supremacy usage. No sounds or music was used to entertain the user whilst they played. No Objectives were used nor were any cinematics or cutscenes. There are a couple of guides around the place to implement all of these features, and if that fails simply ask in the question thread.

Map Design: 2
Your map was better than a terrible map, but not quite as good as a random map. The straight edges that you used when creating the main base I believe added to the aesthetics and idea that you wanted to portray. There was a small pocket of eyecandy in the forest but apart from that the map was quite bland. Consisting of mainly GrassA with a straight and blocky GreekRoad paths. In the Forest the Mother Nature units were not rotated making for quite the eyesore coupled with the abundance of overlapped gold really completes this category as a rating 2. The map could definitely be worse and it could definitely be better.

Story/Instructions: 2
I should probably give this 1, but I can see that you put effort into the story and in my opinion that counts for something. You did not use the Objectives banner which leaves the objectives, hints and spotlight empty. Making good use of the Objectives banner would bring this scenario up to a 4, and it's really not that hard to implement. Look up a couple of guides on AoM main site or ask in the forums how to use the Objectives banner. It really will help your rating in this category.
You used choice dialogues and trBranchScenario boxes to propel the story and instructions. While the method you use is effective to a certain degree the spelling and grammar employed is littered with inconsistencies and errors.

Additional Comments:
Considering this is your second map I actually believe you did pretty well. Remember that you are being put into scale with the best maps that AoMH has to offer, so do not be disheartened at your score because this is only your second map.
Remember everyone has to start somewhere and if you take what you can from this and learn from it there will be nothing that you cannot achieve.
Congratulations on submitting your second map, may it be one of many to come :) ~ Khan

[Edited on 12/09/11 @ 08:49 AM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
The main objective was to protect the keep, and there was almost nothing that impeded our ability to do that. However, the invisible walls were quite annoying and unnecessary. Personally, I believe that the scenario would be better off without any invisible walls. The invisible walls made me feel cramped in a small space. I see that you attempted to block off the area of the final cinematic with invisible walls. However, this posed not to deter me from entering that area, but instead to raise my curiosity. After all, as far as my Kateskapos could see, I found a large field of Grass A in the upper corner ripe for exploration. I sent a Pegasus up there and discovered your ending cinematic. Just because I was bored, I dropped a couple of meteors on the unit and knocked it off it's original area. I'm sure this was never intended to happen. Instead of invisible walls, you could have placed a cliff there. That would show an impassable wall instead of a mysterious field ready for exploration.

Balance: 2
The game was far too easy. There were many possibilities for intuitive gameplay here that you overlooked. The barbarians were far too easy to beat. All I did was send my starting hoplites/hypaspists at them and they were gone. I do compliment you for the variety of units, which took me by surprise and managed to destroy my front gate at first. However, because of the unlimited pop, I quickly overwhelmed them by spamming units and plopping them on top of the wave spawn. If you add a popcap limit to the scenario, then the player would have to make tough decisions between more resource gatherers, more houses, or more soldiers. A popcap limit would also force the player to attack the barbarians for their extra town center. The invisible walls protected my resource gatherers far too much. My suggestion would be to remove all the invisible walls and have enemies attack from more sides.

Creativity: 3
This scenario was fairly creative, for a second scenario. However, having only a small variety of units deploying randomly can easily bore the player after 30 minutes. Steadily increasing difficulty, or an intelligent enemy tactician would be well appreciated. For example, if the player continuously created toxotes and hid behind their walls, then the commander of the Invasion Force could begin building petrobolos to begin destroying the keep from afar. This would force the player to improvise their tactics.

Map Design: 2
Better than a random map script, but there's too much Grass A. Terrain mixing, rocks, cinematic scorches, etc. are a good start for improving the terrain and map design.

Story/Instructions: 1
Had I not read your showcase, I probably wouldn't have known what was going on and what to do. When the choice dialogue appeared, I thought it was asking whether I wanted to play the game or not. An opening cinematic explaining the story and gameplay would be well appreciated.

Additional Comments:

Don't be discouraged by a 2.2. For a second map, this is good. What I'm saying is that there's always room for improvement. Good luck and keep up the good work! :)

[Edited on 12/06/11 @ 10:01 PM]

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