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Strategic War Supremacy V2

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# of Players: 4, it must be 11 vs 22(player 1,2 in the team 1||| player 3,4 in the team 2... This is important
Version: AoM: The Titans
Yes, Bigger map, Bigger action...

Same Rules, Play like supremacy. Claim settlements, Control the Game...

This time, you have bigger space to build.
The Maps center and players seperated by their walls, there are 6 settlements in the middle. But trying to attack into middle is very hard in the beginning, because i added too much nature units(example: Sentidels,snakes, Barbarian encampmets etc...). there is 2 special settlements, which are both protected by atlantis walls, there are 4 sentry towers near the special settlements. If you claim one of these special settlements, towers will be converted it to your side...

Same warnings, instructions inside, have fun :) :) :)...

(And don't try this map with bots, even in hard, they are soo RETARD)


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Map Design2.0
Ah, so you decided to make a new version of 'Strategic War Supremacy'! Review is inevitable! Ready or not, here I write!

Playability: 4
I played this map as single-player, even though you said that using AI would be bad because even in harder difficulties, they would be dumb as rocks to function properly. Luckily, I used AI that I downloaded here in the other category like AoModAI and DoomBrain which makes them much smarter. I allied with my neighbor like you suggested and the players on the other side were allied with each other too. I played it on moderate, and then on hard difficulty with me being Hades, my ally as Thor, and my enemies as Gaia and Isis, and they pretty much put up a good fight against me. However, the hostile enemies guarding the center were a bit too easy too defeat (see balance below for more details). Naval warfare isn't too necessary since the water bodies were blocked by land bridges with the only concern being giant crabs that are easily dispatched. I also thought there are too many resources like gold mines and schools of fish, and I suggest drastically reducing them so you'll have to compete with your enemies (and even your own ally!).

Balance: 4
Player vs. Player, it was perfectly balanced. However, like I said before in the playability section, the barbarians and gaia enemies were too easy to defeat, and I would suggest making them stronger by adding more powerful units like Stymphalian Birds, Hekatonkheires, and maybe Migdol Strongholds and using the "Set Tech Status" trigger effect to give them more powerful abilities and weapons to prevent early rushing. (Gaia is player 0) You should also give unique bonuses for each major god of each civilization that will make the game more interesting to play (but not to overpowered).

Creativity: 3
It's played just like any other supremacy type map. Having a herd of zebras being led by a Zebra King (who is still as weak as his underlings) is creative enough, even though you already did that with giraffes in your previous version of SWS. Getting free towers by controlling settlements sounds familiar but still creative enough. It would be nice if you implement a day/night cycle and maybe random events, either good, bad, or both.

Map Design: 2
The map is still too bare! The land terrain is filled with only one type of terrain (GrassA in the middle, and others for each player's bases) and completely devoid of embellishments, please mix the terrain and add embellishments like rock sprites, flowers, fallen columns, but not too much! (consult the scenario designing library on the front page or download some guides on the other category and learn from those) The rock boundaries for the roads were too spaced out; you should take a look at my "Valor Hill" main menu map and see how they really should be placed. You only used the beautify button for the water bodies and I suggest adding objects manually. The only thing that really stands out from the rest is a gigantic carnivora surrounded by ravens (using a minimized Odin Tower)in the middle of the map used to watermark your name.

Story/Instructions: 3
Being a supremacy map, story isn't really too necessary, and there were instructions in the form of messages boxes and giant signs. It would be nice however if you added a short intro and maybe even an ending cinematic which pans around the map into points of interest like those neutral settlements guarded by the barbarians and gaia units.

Additional Comments:
That's all I can say for now, don't stop making maps! ;-)

P.S. This file was only uploaded yesterday, and made available a while ago, and yet it already got 76 downloads by the time I wrote this review?! Somethings wrong here...but don't let that concern you! ;o)
File Author
thanks for your review, maybe i should start making normal scenarios not maps...
Map Design3.0
Playability: 2
Players don't get balance place

Balance: 4
map is not the squares map is circles

Creativity: 4
Its good but need be map 900x900 or more

Map Design: 3
You was added forest grass and players no can see on map what is wood what are place

Story/Instructions: 3
You no tell map are no balance on places

Additional Comments:
Next time build 900x900
CERBERUS CLH And yes, add more scresnhots
BSU_DoLhades Cerebus please expand your review to meet the review guidelines. All of your reviews so far have not met the standard required outlined here: http://aom.heavengames.com/reviewguide

Please change your review by friday, where I will retract it if it does not meet the standard. There are various users around that can help you with making reviews, such as myself, however the best around is Steak and Khan or Tasterix. FrozenUser makes good reviews so he should be able to help you as well if you cannot meet the standard. Think of it as an essay - you have to explain what is faulty with it or what is good about it.
FrozenUser12 Been eight months and still waiting for Cerberus's revised review...
FrozenUser12 More than a year and a half yet Cerb's review isn't removed yet...

[Edited on 10/29/13 @ 01:44 AM]

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