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~The Keep~ V.2

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Version: AoM: The Titans
A Greek faction, called the Promesus, have run out of resources. They see you as a formidable opponent, but your rich resources are too much for them.
So, they have gone all out.
Defend against them until reinforcements arrive.
Survive for 40 minutes, defend against barbarians, greeks, and myths and deal with limited resources.
I hope you haz fun!
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Map Design3.0
So, you made a new version of The Keep, eh? This better be better than the last one! I don't like it when people make newer versions of a scenario when they turn out to be exactly the same/just as bad (or worse!) as the previous one! Ready or not, here I write!

Playability: 2
Well, playability (and maybe bugs) is exactly the same as before: You start on a Keep filled with soldiers guarding the coast of Promesus (which is made up) that is abundant with resources and must defend yourself from an desperate invading Greek force which have gone all-out in order to acquire your land that is rich in resources. Barbarians and an army of mysterious mythical creatures have joined the fray too. There are quite a lot of differences from the previous version which will be described further in the bottom fields.

There are a lot of bugs in this scenario that I've spotted, some of these have already been pointed out by reviewers of the previous version like Khan & Steak but are still not fixed:

Mother Nature's units (skraelings and minotaurs) attacked the barbarians southeast of my keep which greatly slowed down, if not completely halting, their effort to build up an economy and an army to attack my base. This can be fixed by setting their diplomacy status using triggers (Mother Nature is player 0 and Barbarians are player 4) as Allies. The Gaia units will then ignore the barbarians even if they hunt their animals or chop their trees. I also think that the barbarians and the invaders should be neutral or allied, with the explanation of "They have signed a ceasefire/a military pact against you".

The players were not hidden nor locked. While this may not look significant, a particularly cunning player can set the diplomacy on all of the other players to Ally, which will be mirrored soon after. To fix this, go to "Player Data" on the scenario tab in the editor, set Visibility of all the players from "Normal" to "Hidden".

Balance: 3
Well, the attacks are harder than before, especially since they now attack from all sides and can now breach the gates. But like I said before, the barbarian player gets KO'd by Mother Nature before they can fully develop, and I also still get several lightning storm, meteor, restoration, and ragnarok godpowers. Reduce their usage, and maybe give the enemies some of their own godpowers like pestilence and curse to hinder me.

I've noticed that my enemies do not have any technologies researched which is balanced out by the fact that I also can't research my own technologies save for what's already there, but it would be good if the enemy gets slowly more technologically advanced every several waves. The barbarians shouldn't be too primitive either and maybe given a smarter AI like Admiral, AoModAI, or DoomBrain.

The myth unit enemies were easily dispatched by my starting Heroes of Ragnarok, but they eventually sent out Phoenixes that my Heroes can't reach and so must be eliminated using my archers. I think the final wave should have a Titan attacking?

Creativity: 3
Unlike in the previous version, my keep is attacked from all sides save the southwest were my villagers are. The Greeks to the northeast, myth units to the northwest, and barbarians to the southeast. But like I said before, the barbarian player gets KO'd by Mother Nature before they can fully develop. Here's a suggestion: the barbarians should not only attack my southeastern gate, but also attempt to raid my villagers on the southwest to hamper my economy. There should also be noticeable differences between each difficulty levels.

Map Design: 3
While you have finally mixed the terrain with various types rather than just GrassA, I still think the map is a bit too bland. The outskirts of my keep were mostly flat with few rocks, trees, and some ruins. I suggest adding more varying elevations plus embellishments like flowers, thick grass and bushes, rocks, and rotting logs. My keep is somewhat bland with the exception of towers being placed in wall connectors and the wall of towers surrounding my town center; add pots, crates, torches, columns, flags, weapon piles, and maybe statues, but don't make them block paths. You should also implement a day/night cycle, and not just for eyecandy; for example, at night your units' Line of Sight will decrease and the myth unit enemies will become stronger. You should take a look at some of my own main menu background maps like Valor Hill and Ramparts in motion for inspiration on the map design, and maybe download a few designing guides on the other category and thoroughly study them.

Story/Instructions: 3
You finally implemented the Objectives banner! Of course the spotlight is still empty, but that's okay. I understand why the Greeks are attacking me, and the barbarians are obvious, but what about those myth units? Why did they attack me? Is it because some god is angry at me or do they belong to the invasion force? Please give a comprehensive explanation on that.

Additional Comments:
Now don't come QQ on me just because I gave you a mediocre review. You will only keep getting better if you experiment on new things and polishing old ones. Other than the bugs that I've mentioned, I find this version to be better than the previous one and was quite fun to play. Keep up the good work! ;-)

[Edited on 12/22/11 @ 02:44 AM]

File Author
I wont QQ. I might ask the mods to delete the previous version of The Keep and this one. It makes me feel bad that I wasted server space just for a crappy game. No QQ, only honesty.
FrozenUser12 Don't do that! You still have lots of potential! Keep improving!
BSU_DoLhades Please do not leave AoM scenario design!

This map has still got a chance to be improved, and I am sure you are capable to do so, just follow the review.
Glen654 2.8 isn't bad...
BSU_DoLhades For a second version you made a good improvement in rating, think about other games, some ruin them by having a new version or sequel, whereas you are clearly going in the right direction. Reviews dont slow you down to becoming a better designer, if you listen to the reviewer, it really can help speed you up.
File Author
I improved about five points...Hmm...
I might go make an RPG now...
figgyo78 Playability: 3
The scenario is pretty self-explanatory, defend yourself from attacks from three sides until the Nidhogg.

The attacks are well done, except for the barbarians who never really troubled me. I thought having to defend on two sides was a nice touch though.

The concept was a bit simple, and the enemy never really used any real strategy on me, just kind of came at me with pretty typical units.

Balance: 4
I thought the balance was pretty good. The middle waves were probably the most difficult, that's the only time the enemy ever got through my walls.

Creativity: 2
I liked the overall design of the map but I don't think it really pushed the limits...

It was a bit generic I thought and the enemies never really used any real strategy against me.

Map Design: 2
The map wasn't terrible but it definitely wasn't that great. It was a little bland, to be honest.

Story/Instructions: 4
Story was fine, it summed up everything and I liked the little touches like the text box in the beginning

Additional Comments:
Good job! I look forward to more.

[Edited on 07/12/14 @ 08:17 PM]

dean88 Playability: 1
(Insert Playability analysis here)

Balance: 1
(Insert Balance analysis here)

Creativity: 1
(Insert Creativity analysis here)

Map Design: 1
(Insert Map Design analysis here)

Story/Instructions: 1
(Insert Story/Instructions analysis here)

Additional Comments:
really bad saw better random map scripts than this

[Edited on 10/21/12 @ 03:16 PM]

Dean88: posting an intentionally low and illegitimate rating is pointless and can only be considered flaming which is not allowed here.
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Map Design3.0
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