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Tower Defense Evolution

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# of Players: 4 Humans, 2 Computers
Version: AoM: The Titans
Welcome to a new breed of tower defense games! We have all played our fair share of tower defense games, but in Tower Defense Evolution, you will get features you will have never seen before. Tower defense revolution set a new precedent for tower defense games, and Tower Defense Evolution creates a new fun-filled experience for the whole family! (You're pushing it Glen)

Erm, anyways, there are 6 different tower types, and 9 different enemy types. Certain towers are extra effective against certain enemies, and each enemy has a special ability/feature. The game is separated into three different modes, three different difficulties, including a hectic random survival mode! Tower Defense Evolution also has a dynamic wave system, and advanced efficient triggering. Each tower has five levels, and are upgraded individually.

The nine enemies are as follows -
Automaton: The basic unit, It has normal speed and decent attack. It spawns an average amount of units per wave.
Einherjar: Similar to the Automaton, the einherjar is fairly basic, but boosts the attack of it's allies.
Promethean: At first it would seem to be another automaton, but once you kill it you realize it splits off into two automatons! Prometheans spawn slower then most enemies, and spawn less units per wave.
Colossus: Think of the colossus like an advanced automaton, almost all aspects the same except it's stronger, and harder to kill. You fight a low amount of them per wave though, and they spawn fairly slow.
Scarab: The scarab is an armored tank, it has extremely low health, but only takes 1 damage from each hit. It travels slow, and spawns slowly.
Behemoth: The second tank unit, the behemoth is the opposite of the scarab. It has no armors, but a lot of health.
Scorpion Man: Scorpion men are fast, and can strike hard. They are fairly easy to kill, but can overrun you if you aren't careful.
Sphinx: The sphinx is a rusher, it comes fast and swift, but is weak and easy to kill. Lots of sphinx spawn per wave, and they spawn fast.
Gargerensis: You will always only fight one Gargerensis per wave, it is a boss unit and deals massive damage against your defending unit if you aren't careful.

There are six basic towers, but each one has five levels (except for the energy tower).
These towers are as follows -

Arrow Tower: These towers are cheap, and have low damage. They also have low range, but are useful if you need a lot of projectiles, but not a lot of firepower. Higher upgrades can hit hard.
Plasma Tower: Plasma towers have a fast fire rate, and can deal a lot of damage in a short amount of time. A fully leveled plasma tower can devastate your opposition, as can a lot of level 1 plasma towers.
Energy Tower: Energy towers never miss, they fire beams of light or chain lightning. They are the most expensive tower, and can be crucial in fighting swarms of enemies.
Scattershot Tower: The scattershot tower fires a barrage of arrows, useful for fighting enemies close together. The highest level is a manticore, and if you know anything about me you'll know my love for manticores and bias towards their power levels. (tee hee)
High Range Tower: These towers are fairly basic, but can cover a long range. A single tower can fire over long distances, but accuracy can drop.
Javelin Tower: These towers are the only tower that don't use pierce attack, and are very useful against enemies with high pierce armor. The javelin tower can be upgraded to deal massive amounts of damage, and is cheap in the beginning.

The three modes are story mode, survival mode, and random survival. In story mode, you fight to survive for 27 waves, and win once you've killed the final boss. In survival mode, you compete to see what level you can get to. Random survival mode is similar to survival, but each wave is random. (Yes, this means you can fight gargerensis on the first wave!)

Each difficulty changes the unit you have to defend. It also changes how much gold you start with, I highly recommend playing on easy if it's your first go, as It can be confusing how to play for new players. I also highly recommend watching the cinematic if you don't know how to play, it is confusing and hard to understand how to play if you don't.

That's all I can think of right now, Have fun!

This scenario was made for godpowers scenario competition. Feel free to review!

*Update* Map updated, please re-download.
Fixes - Added music, fixed catapult manual attack bug.

Known Bugs -
~none at the moment
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Alright, here's a review that you've desperately been wanting, Glen654! I initially played this as single player just to test out some things, and then I played it online using Gameranger.

Playability: 5
Even though there's an option to speed up the next wave timer using old men, I had to wait forever for the creeper player's old man to reach the tamarisk tree from the tartarian gate since I had all my towers placed and upgraded at that wave, so I suggest adding a chat command which allows me to skip to the next wave. But it seems apparent that stacking the guardian players' old men on one of the wave timer speedups will make the creeper old man go faster or slower depending on which speed option is chosen. Otherwise, the gameplay is smooth as silk on all the modes, and there are no major bugs that I've spotted so far (and those that I did spotted previously were already fixed).

Balance: 5
I initially played this as single player on story mode, but this isn't a supremacy map so my allies do not help me at all and I barely got to the end on Easy and Medium mode by myself, and Hard mode is impossible without cheating, so afterwards I played this game on LAN using Gameranger at hard story mode and I had to boot a guardian player who wasn't helping me but instead abusing towers at random locations, even though I still won with two other remaining players. If possible, you should implement a trigger effect that detects the number of active players that are currently playing and adjust the number of gold and tower limit accordingly if you want. For example, if a guardian player is booted, his/her gold (and perhaps towers) will be transferred to the other active players and each active players' tower limit will increase. Of course player skill is too subjective, and each difficulty level is curved perfectly; On Easy my defending god is a Cerberus Titan with 10000 health and a big attack, on Medium my god is an Avenger with 2600 health, and on Hard mode my god is a Hoplite with only a pitiful 115 health.

Creativity: 5
Well, there were a number of changes from your previous tower defense game, especially the different modes. I'm a veteran of Tower Defense games on the Internet, and there are a lot of standard features missing in this game. Skip to next wave, sell/move towers, hotkeys, achievements, high scores, special abilities, turn off sound/music, iPhone version, etc. I think you should be able to buy godpowers in a shop which allows me to slow down or stop the advancing wave of creepers that are not too overpowered and must use consideration and strategy for me to use them. You should also implement random events that may turn the tide of the game for better or worse like the creepers suddenly becoming stronger or weaker, towers becoming more expensive or having a discount, etc. You should also add sky-based enemies which do not use ground paths but instead coming from certain corners of the map heading straight to the god and can only be attacked by certain towers. You should also give the option to move towers without having to delete and rebuild them without any gold refund. (and some towers can't be deleted due to them being campaign heroes) However, you told me that hotkeys and chat commands are nearly impossible to implement in multiplayer scenarios and that some of the other features that I suggested above are either too hard or too redundant to implement. What's new here is good though, with the different modes and all...

Map Design: 4
The map design is just like before, except that you added embellishments like ruins, rugs, and rotting logs to make the map more appealing, but its still the same old city tile over-and-over again, but that's okay, since too much eyecandy will cause lag anyway.

Story/Instructions: 5
Even though there's an option to watch a cinematic in the beginning that tells me what to do, and you gave descriptions of the towers and enemy types here in the summary, I'm a very forgetful person and appalled by the lack of the objectives banner or readme file. I can't just scurry back-and-forth from between playing the game and the file summary here to remember what the different towers or enemies do, so add them in either the objectives banner in-game or an external readme file! (I don't mean that you should delete the summary, what I meant is that you copy and paste everything in the summary into the objectives banner in-game or an external readme file while keeping the summary here) Other than that, the summary is very detailed and comprehensive. The scenario's backstory is simple but good enough.

Additional Comments:
This is a really good sequel, I'd say even better than the previous one! If you keep polishing old things and experimenting new things, you might even replace/succeed Khan and Steak as the new designer mogul of Age of Mythology Heaven! And don't be put off by a few jealous idiots that lurk around here, I'll take care of 'em. Cheers. ;-)

[Edited on 12/20/11 @ 03:48 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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