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The Long Road

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Donut, a centaur, was to visit his friend to help him make a scenario on editor, but he got lost and is forced to take the long way...
Teeming with triggers, this funny scenarion has a lot of cinematics you will surely enjoy...
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FrozenUser12 Finally! New files! I'll review this when I finish it. ;-)
dmetrosuper yea finnaly, sounds funny
Map Design2.0
This is actually a single-scenario campaign (It doesn't even have a campaign dat. file!), with the large filesize being composed of soundtracks from famous films (The Last of the Mohicans, Gladiator, and Happy Feet) which I think is really unnecessary because AoM has plenty of music files located not just in the sound/music folder but also in the sound/cinematics folder which are far less often used than the standard music. (And obviously because large files take forever to download and more prone to errors) Let's start this review!

Playability: 3
So I start out in the southernmost corner of the map with my readily selectable character, but a few seconds later the screen went into cinematic mode, starting the intro cutscene were I was driving down an asphalt road, and then crashed into a tree (in the middle of the road!), spilling blood everywhere and gave me an "A hero has fallen" message which was hilarious. Then it cuts to a scene where Donut is travelling around were he encounters a blockade and must turn back to find another way. This is were the gameplay starts.

I move downwards onto the valley to find an Argus and several donkeys around. He tells me that he is sick and wants a cure in the form of a relic and will give me one of his donkeys if completed. I searched around, and found a relic which cannot be reached by any means, so I had to backtrack and guess what? I found a relic! When I gave it to the sick Argus, he transforms into Odysseus (must have been a severe acne!), gave me a donkey, and then I moved on...

I'm not going to tell what happens next because I don't want to spoil the plot further (this is a review, not a walkthrough!), so let's just say...why only 3? Even though I managed to reach the end, I've spotted some pretty noticeable bugs like in the beginning where the intro cutscene does not start immediately but is delayed by a few seconds. This is because the triggers were not set on high priority nor 'run immediately' is checked. While the cutscenes were funny, sometimes people just want to jump into the actual gameplay immediately, so you should add an 'abort cinematic' trigger to skip cutscenes. Moving on...

Balance: 1
Most of the quests were too easy and simple, and encounters with enemies were easily dispatched because they composed of only myth units and the fact that Donut has a massive extra bonus attack vs. myth units in addition to the default hero bonus (from checking the triggers). I suggest you should remove that massive bonus altogether and make the game harder (or have different difficulty levels) like adding human soldiers for the enemies and set up traps for venturing into the wrong places. As for the questing system, add a time limit or restricting conditions in certain quests. If a quest is failed, then Donut must find a longer but still achievable way to get to his friend i.e. do not make it have to restart the game all over again.

The only time when I was in trouble for real was in that quest in the Hades realm were I had to fend off Tartarian Spawns using a single Petrobolos on a motte-and-bailey but with the aid of SPC Shades. Despite almost using up all my shades, they kept coming and eventually breached my walls, but when I though all hope is lost, I won the quest. It appears that the quest has a timer, but is not implemented. You can add a timer by using the "counter:add timer" trigger.

Creativity: 3
I can easily see a lot of potential in this scenario, with its premise, questing system, comedic value and all. Only problem is that it's too short and I expected more of it, plus I don't think the most prevalent features of this scenario are fully utilized or polished, which I have described in great detail (IMO) in the previous (and upcoming) segments of this review. You should download more advanced triggers like those made by perpetual_n00b and others, learn from some of the downloadable guides here, plus take some inspiration from other highly rated scenarios like Yeebaagooon's scenarios.

Map Design: 2
The map design is very dull. The terrain in each of the realms are composed of only single-types like GrassA despite the use of nature embellishments like bushes and flowers. Please mix the terrain with different variations of the same type! The forests were made with the forest brush tool only and no further changes were made. You should make them more realistic by adding gaps between the trees and put nature embellishments between them, change their sizes (using K (grow) and Shift+K (shrink) on the keyboard) to give the appearance of young and adult trees. Don't forget to add some eyecandy! (preferably simple ones)

Story/Instructions: 3
The story has potential, but there were a lot of grammatical errors and there really needs to be a follow-up to that last part in the scenario which ended in a cliffhanger for Donut and his friend. I laughed at some of the jokes in this scenario, but sadly there's just not enough of it. You should really flesh out the characters even more, and by that I mean all of the characters in this scenario, not just the main characters. Give them backstories, unique personalities and traits, but don't make them Mary Sues. ;-)

Additional Comments:
I know this scenario is made just for fun and not for some competition, but I really want to see more quality scenarios from different users more often, not just from the usual trope of Khan and Steak. Don't let the low rating of this review put you off from designing further. Instead, see it as a helping hand on making better scenarios for Age of Mythology and other games in the future. I expect more from you! ;-)

P. S. Please don't put too much external music files in your scenarios too often! It bogs down my internet speed! T_T
File Author
Thank's for the review. Now I found out what happens if I check the "Run Imediately" button...
I'll work harder in my upcoming campains(such as Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows)and make trees smaller and bigger and the other things you told me.

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Map Design2.0
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