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Battle Of The Canyon

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Version: AoM: The Titans
In this scenario, Its you versus an army, in a canyon. Its a fairly straightforward idea, There is an enemy, you have to kill him. You make an army, kill his, and you win. Its my first upload, and i'm not the best with triggers, and i didn't put any AI in. So the enemy wont come running at you, which is a good thing, trust me. Since its a canyon, there wasn't enough space to give you a resource supply within the canyon, and im horrid with triggers. So there are little sections in which you have what you need to gather resources. Anyway, there are some quick pictures in the zip.
If you want to use this in anything (not sure why since its basic) go for it. No credit needed.
But there is one rule.

Update: v1.1 is out. Now you get 50 of each resource every second, removed the pictures from the file, so now its instant dl. Enjoy!

Update: v1.2 is out. Fixed the resource issue, added slowly upgrading enemies. Added minor eye candy, going to add more. This was just a quick fix. It took a while, sorry for that. I got blue screened, then couldnt find my AOM disc and yeah. Anyway, im back, i did minor eye candy on the canyon, changed priorities, made the enemy get progressively stronger, will make more eyecandy for the player side of the canyon, and will also do something with the outside of the canyon.
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Map Design1.0
I'm glad that you decided to remove those unnecessary screenshots in the file when they can be just uploaded in an image hosting site and displayed in the summary here!

Playability: 3
So I start out in the southernmost corner of the map with a town center and a few sentry towers with my villagers ready to work...but there are no natural resources on the map so they're only limited to building, praying, and farming. They had a Titan, so I did not attack until much later. After I advanced to the Mythic Age, trained a large army, built alot of towers and fortresses in the frontline for protection, researched almost every technology including Secrets of the Titans, I decided to have a go at the enemy. Because their army is so huge, I had to bait them to my towers and fortresses to soften them up and then destroy their buildings with my siege weapons. When I finally reached the Titan, I went all-out using numerous ranged units and heroes before it finally succumbed to its wounds. I proceeded to destroy their town center which was guarded by Arkantos, Ajax, and Amanra who were taken out with ease.

Balance: 3
While the enemy doesn't attack me, they start in HUGE numbers (including a Titan!) and have a headstart in technology so I must build up my army first before attacking them. Even though they have no AI, they automatically attack me if I attack them first or get too close, so I had to be careful not too provoke them early. The overall balance is medium, with the scenario being hard because the enemy is numerous and technology advanced, while being too easy because they didn't attack me and my civilization getting a constant trickle of resources in large amounts.

Creativity: 3
So instead of having to gather resources manually, I get a constant trickle of resources every second (technically 4 seconds because the triggers were on normal priority and not set on run immediately) which is a nice gimmick, but other than that, this scenario is just a straightforward "kill 'em all" scenario. The map design and story is just horrendous! (see below)

Map Design: 1
GrassA!!! My eyes!!!

Why on this universe did you not put any effort or care into the map? Do you have some sort of "special like" with empty flat plains of green with grey walls of eyesoreness? At least mix the terrain with different types and add simple eyecandy like small forests and embellishments, and don't forget to add varying elevations for a more natural look! Take a look at some of the downloadable guides here on how to properly design a map and others. Please, I beg you!

Story/Instructions: 1
So what's the backstory in all of this? There is this massive army that just stands there waiting for themselves to get killed for no reason by my initially tiny civilization that gets a constant trickle of resources out of nowhere in a very empty landscape! Please add an understandable story!

Additional Comments:
Just take note of everything that I said above for designing future scenarios, okay?
File Author
Well, quite honestly, you weren't supposed to see too far outside the canyon. And i'm considering making their technologies times, so every like 15 seconds they get a bit more advanced. and if i were to make it so you could get your own resources, i would either have to allow you to have villagers outside the canyon, or make the canyon bigger, which would mean more defenses for you to get past. though i will definitely add some eye candy. And ill put in some revealers so you can actually see it without building some kinda scout xD
Khan And Steak
Map Design1.0
Played once, on Moderate, took exactly 50 minutes and 45 seconds. Quickly tested on Easy for some verification.

Playability: 2.5 (rounds up)
No cinematics or cut scenes, Trigger Bugs, Victory Condition Bugs, Objective Bugs and Objective Confusion. You failed every single check box save Lag yet, you still got a 3. If anything you are lucky that I am reviewing this as I have a preference to these styled scenarios. I enjoyed the scenario in it's most raw form however I do not believe that most people that download this map will have the same opinion. No opening cinematic, nor any objectives telling the user what to do - should they explore they'll quickly die. This is not exactly what a good scenario aims for, rather it's the complete opposite and is Objective Confusion. You've got yourself a trigger bug (or you explained it wrongly) in the resource gathering trigger. You said that resources are gained every second, however as FrozenUser has already stated it actually takes quadruple that amount due the trigger not being on high priority. The player may worship Apollo and gain the Underworld Passage god power and raid one of the Canyon sides with siege units. The player may also worship Hephaestus to gain the Plenty Vault god power and place it on either side of the Canyon to stop the enemy from claiming it. The map is always revealed - this is more a Balance issue and is explained further there. All of the 9 players are shown in the score board, 7 of these players don't actually have anything placed and die within 12 seconds. Normally if players are not used they are either deleted or hidden from view by going into Scenario data and selecting the right amount of players or by going into player data and selecting "Hidden" respectively. The player only has to kill the town centre at the end to win the scenario - by using a Pegasus, underworld passage and about 30 Helepolis the player can win the scenario without ever attacking any of the enemies in the middle of the Canyon. Obviously this is a Victory Condition Bug.

As you can see there are a lot of things that brought down Playability and to be honest don't be surprised if someone gives you a 1 for this section. I, However, quite enjoyed it and it would've received a 5.0 if it wasn't for all of the bugs and failed criteria.

Balance: 2.0
Although I found this scenario difficult, I only really attacked when I was in the Mythic Age with all of the upgrades. I attacked full on with no holding back. I was quickly beaten back and the majority of my base destroyed due to the sheer number of enemy units. Once recovered I slaughtered everything up to and including the Titan - I then waited for a while to let my resources accumulate and then went on to win the scenario. I found this way of attacking suitable and balanced, however if I had of attacked in basically any other way I would've been pwned without any hesitation and with ease. I believe that any player lower than my ability at the game would have a hard time beating this scenario without at least a few attempts on Easy. This should not be the case, as Easy is meant to be for players that do not believe they are ready to take on the scenario at it's fullest; and you've given them the scenario at its fullest on every difficulty. Furthermore the game does not get harder by playing it on a harder difficulty. Implementing these triggers effectively would bring up the Balance category's rating significantly.

Creativity: 1.0
To be honest it really doesn't get much more basic than this. Take away the resources every 4 seconds and you've got yourself a scenario that can be played while in the editor. There are no cinematics, nor objectives, there is no variance between games - every time you play this scenario it will be the same. The enemies always have the same upgrades and are the same unit in the same place. The map idea in general has been done many, many times over and has no unique factor to set it apart from the rest of the scenarios like it. No music is present and the basic starting units are given spare a few un-upgraded towers (which are normally given in a Random Map Scenario anyway). No Story and no terrain mixing, grassA everywhere and the most basic map design imaginable that isn't even good at doing what it's aimed at. I'm sorry but you failed miserably in this category.

Map Design: 1.0
As I stated in the category above the Map Design needs some serious work done to it. The Review Guidelines are very clear when it comes to handing out 1.0's:
"... these consist of large blank areas, straight lines and contain an overuse of one type of terrain. These maps look completely unrealistic and are quite unattractive.". Unfortunately, this really about sums up your Map Design. Puts some flowers and rocks into the Canyon, add some different terrains that mix well together - spice it up a bit. There are many guide on how to make eye-candy here on AoMH - look at a couple, it'll improve your scenario at least 3 fold in this category and will most likely add to the Creativity and Playability sections as well.

Story and Instructions: 1.0
I hate being the bringer of bad news but the Review Guidelines again are quite clear on this category's scoring: "If there is no story or instructions then it's easy... it's a 1.". There is no story which could easily be implemented, you are in a tournament to see how long you can last or to get yourself and your friends free from the underworld; alternatively this army has marched upon you're lands and the gods that you worship have erased their memory of why they are there and thus they don't attack. There is heaps of story that you could have picked or made up - any story is better than no story, whatever it is just put it in the scenario. Objectives would have done wonders and could have progressed the story also. For example there could be an objective for each wave of enemies detailing what platoon it was of the army, how to beat it and a little bit of background to the platoon. Just by adding something like that you would've brought this category up to at least a 3 at the very lowest.

Additional Comments:
I feel bad for smashing you like this and I do hope that you learn from this and come back to present a scenario that leaves the users at AoMH breathless! Don't give up hope we all started out making scenarios like this (including myself) but we gradually got better and started to use the editor to it's fullest to create scenarios that are really good. I know you can create a scenario that is equally as good if you learn from this :) ~ Steak

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