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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » The Adventures of Urs. 1 The trip to Aura.

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The Adventures of Urs. 1 The trip to Aura.

Author File Description
Fury of Zeus
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
After the departure of his parents many years ago, Urs decides that it is time that he found them. He will face monsters and missions on his way to Atlinia, where he can negotiate a ship for travel to the mysterious island of Aura.
To see the full story, go to Objectives-Spotlight while playing.
-4 Different Difficulties
-Day/Night Cycle

That's it. :(
The Sequel, Chapter 2: Aura?, will feature:
-Level System

PLEASE PLACE FEEDBACK! I would like to know the things that need major improving. I would like to make my next one much much better.
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FrozenUser12 Neat-o, but don't say that you're a beginner at scenario designing, otherwise it will deter people from downloading this file. Instead, you should summarize the most prevalent gimmicks of the scenario. ;)
Map Design5.0
Playability: 4
I thought it was a good Rpg for a small one, easy to play and I also like how you have added the difficulties,

Balance: 4
Again, easy to play, not boring due to the short gameplay, though very short, it was enjoyable and creative.

Creativity: 4
The story is original, and I like that. The day night cycle was a good little feature and I thought the Carnivoria part was cool. That must've taken a while.
Map Design: 5
Full of Eyecandy!
Merged Buildings and terrain mixing is a great feature to have.

Story/Instructions: 5
Very easy to follow. No problems of not knowing what to do.
Additional Comments:
In my opinion this was a nice little RPG, I hope to see more from you,Fury of Zeus.

Fury of Zeus
File Author
Wow, thanks. I wasn't quite expecting that. Have you got any tips on what could be improved?
Bartholomeus Cinematic starting..
The Adventure of Urs
Chapter 1: The trip to Aura
By fury of Zeus...

You have been defeated.
Khan And Steak
Map Design4.0
Played once, on Moderate, took around ~30 minutes.

Playability: 4.0
Straight up I enjoyed this scenario; it shows potential that I think, if utilized, could prove to be the next best saga on AoMH. You made good use of cinematics and cut scenes. Although there is some room for improvement, for example at the start there is no opening cinematic - this normally isn't too bad except that the user has no idea what is going on, who they are, where they are, that they're meant to do let alone how to accomplish it. Fair enough not long after they soon find out, but an opening cinematic would easy the user into the game without being completely unknowing. furthermore sometimes you used text overlay when it really should have been Play Dialogue or both - however the majority of the cinematics where nicely presented. I didn't find any trigger bugs, however the Idle Villager banner seemed to be unnecessary - and even still any UI can be hidden by using "gadgetUnreal("Gadget");" in a trigger code. There were no victory condition bugs that I could find, nor was there any lag at least not on my computer. There was only two objective confusion that I ran into - both were small and I have already expanded on the first - ther other I will detail in the appropriate section. All in all I enjoy the scenario.

Balance: 2.0
The scenario was rather easy, it feels like I was not challenged at all throughout the entirety of the scenario. I played on Moderate and it felt like I was playing on Easy. I don't think I ever went below half health, every time it Quicksaved I got a little excited - only to be disappointed once again. And if it ever looked like I was going to be in trouble I'd just run behind a wall and the enemy would die without dealing any damage, or I'd just run away carelessly. Possibly consider making the scenario harder on the later difficulties starting from moderate. There are various ways this could be implemented without buffing the standard enemies (or used in conjunction with buffing the standard units), such as creating units (like a serpent or minion) at the main hero at night when not in a city. There are multiple ways to accomplish this, I am sure you could think of a many other ways.

Creativity: 3.0
The story and the objectives are really all that shine in the category. There is no music used at all, at least not that I can recall - the idea has been used many times before and reminds me a lot of the start of Bravesword. The only trigger trick I saw was the carnivora (which was well done and time consuming I imagine also) but the rest was all very basic - which isn't bad just don't be expecting extra points. There was no part of hte Map design that I saw while playing that grabbed my attention specifically. When I gave it a quick looksie in the editor I saw there where a couple of areas, like Atlinia (the lighthouse, barracks etc.) that looked rather nice however they were mostly glazed over or not even visible in the scenario's gameplay. The objectives where nicely done and if it weren't for them I would've been lost a couple of times.

Map Design: 4.0
This scenario is clearly better in terms of eyecandy and map design than a Random Map Script. This map provides a blanket of basic eyecandy throughout the scenario and while there in no real eye-catching work there is nothing that looks really bad. Some work could be done on the forest to make it look more like a forest and not so blocky. Terrain mixing could also be improved a little however it was generally satisfactory. I personally like the starting town and the port of Atlinia.

Story/Instructions: 4.0
Apart from the very start there was only one other time that I thought I was misled. That was when I had to go kill the shades in the forest. It seemed as if I was meant to go through the gate that lead to the minotaur instead of the gate the lead to the forest. It was no big deal and I just right-clicked where the flare was on the mini-map and Urs got there by himself. The story was captivating enough for an Age of Mythology map and definitely added the players experience whilst playing the scenario. The instructions were also good, not misleading or wrong, at least not that I could tell - they always helped me whenever I got lost or stranded. Addressing the minor issues that I have brought up would bring this category up to a 5.0.

Additional comments:
I enjoyed this scenario, good job :) ~ Steak
agoas Cinematic then "you've been defeated".

I tested thrice, doesn't work sorry !
Khan And Steak Make sure you are playing as Player 1. Go into the Editor and playtest as Player 1 if you can't get it to work ~ Steak
Fury of Zeus
File Author
Thanks, Khan and Steak, your points are valid and are much appreciated. Cinematic. My weakest point. I know that it was pretty crap. Music though? I thought I'd put that on. Sorry about that. Probably because I was listening to Itunes at the same time. The idle villager banner, the thing with that was, that when I didn't have a villager it kept going "You have been defeated!" So I put one in, shrank it and hid it. Last thing. The next in the series will not archer based. You will be a hand to hand fighter. No bows. I knew I was doing wrong from the beginning by having an archer as the main character. The next might be a bit better.
Khan And Steak No worries, to stop the "You have been defeated" after 12 seconds go to Scenario Data and deselect "Use victory Conditions". That will stop it :) ~ Steak
Arkios1 This looks like an good RPG! I would really like to play it but I am quite busy with other stuff to complete.
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