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Operation Whoop Ass

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Astrological Design Presents;
Operation Whoop Ass

In this map you start out with five Hoplites, and your object is to conquer the map. There are four civilizations, and they are out to get you!

For very kill you make, you gain one hoplite and one mana (favor) with this you can occasionally buy a hero or myth unit to bolster your forces.

All four difficulty levels are set, and each one is significantly harder than the one before.

There are two cheats, but I never give out my cheats in the main post...

This is Astrological Design saying, we hope you find this map enjoyable and also we would like to give some credit to Hermes_D, the guy who scripted this random map; Amazeing Forest.

Updated on February 7th 2012
Random speech changed;
Difficulty increased slightly;
Terrain changed to include hills;
It is now possible to win;
Hero and Myth unit bug fixed;
Water embellished

Updated on February 9th 2012
Minions buffed for player;
Hints modified to provide complete instruction.
AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Because of the title of this file, I couldn't resist downloading this scenario, play it, and then review it...

Playability: 4
For starters, I played this on Easy difficulty, even though the scenario itself is already quite hard IMO.

A cutscene starts where Hammerhands and his sexy assistant were lying outside a sphinx wonder, giving some instructions on how to play the scenario, and then cuts to the corner of the map on my base. An objective appeared shortly after saying I must hunt down some enemy Ulfsarks to the east. When I found them, they tried to escape but they did not went far. I then proceeded on raiding the enemy's villagers, scouts, and buildings using a baiting tactic that draws most of the enemy soldiers out using a single hoplite while sending in full-size squads to raid their economy after they're flushed out. As I kill more and more units, my army grows constantly larger, eventually becoming big enough to attack the more heavily-fortified settlements like town centers and et cetera. Overall, playability is smooth as silk; no lag, no units getting stuck, nothing majorly problematic that I noticed so far...except for the fact that if I completely defeat the enemy, killing all their units and destroying all their buildings, I don't get a victory message popping up, so you should fix that, since the scenario may be hard, but it's still winnable. Moving on...

Balance: 3
Balance is quite random, since it's based on enemy encounters; ranging from lone villagers and scouts to large platoons of soldiers that includes heroes and myth units. Some of the settlements are more heavily fortified than others which will force players to be cautious and use careful strategy. There are relics scattered across the map which will give small but permanent bonuses to your soldiers which will greatly increase survivability and scenario playing time. However, my normal human soldiers are limited to hoplites and nothing else, so I suggest adding the option to recruit siege units to make attacking the more heavily fortied settlements easier and more variable human soldiers like archers and cavalry to counter theirs. Proceed...

Creativity: 5
Kill enemies to get more units to kill even more enemies to get even more units ad infinitum? Not only that; when all of your existing units are killed, you are given the chance to kill more enemies within a short time limit using an ancestors godpower. The game also uses a mana (favor) system which increases after a number of kills, giving you the option to choose between randomly-picked myth units and heroes to complement your army. There are also hidden unique cheats in this game, but I'm not telling because I don't want to take away all the fun for those who downloaded this scenario for the first time.

Map Design: 4
The design of the map is nifty, since there's thorough terrain mixing spiced up with nature embellishments and a day & night cycle to give a more natural feeling to the scenario (and diverting my attention away from the enemy). However, I thought the water bodies were kinda bland, filled with only a few schools of fish and not much else.

Story/Instructions: 4
The instructions and their hints in the objectives banner are short & simple yet coherent, although some of them have some rather inappropriate use of language, especially modern-day slang, and I think you should use Greek profanities instead. Since this is a just-for-fun scenario, a story isn't too necessary (other than the backstory of the conception of this map in the Spotlight) but it would be better if you added one.

Additional Comments:
It's nice to see that you're uploading scenarios again, Hammerhands, since the Heaven here feels like a ghost town now that only a handful of people come to this site every now and then, and even fewer of them will sign up as registered users with a very slim chance that one of them will become regularly active. Don't quit ever!

[Edited on 01/29/12 @ 09:42 AM]

Khan And Steak
Map Design3.0
Played once, on Moderate, took a few seconds over 37 minutes.

Playability: 4.0
I enjoyed this scenario's simplicity and basic gameplay. It was quick to understand yet still challenging to pull off well. There were a few trigger bugs however. And for such a small scenario I think that these bugs should have really been fixed before releasing. First of all the Victory conditions either don't work, aren't present or there is a trigger bug causing them to malfunction because you can't actually finish the scenario (even after they all resign). Secondly the Myth unit didn't work all the time. However as with the scenario I did enjoyed the Halo 3 quote :)

Balance: 3.0
I actually found the scenario too easy. It was well challenging at the start but as the game proceeded it seemed to get easier and easier to the point that I was wondering if there was a cut of point for the amount of soldiers that the player gets. Turns out there isn't, at least not below 300. However I was surprised that I stopped getting the ability to obtain Heroes which did stop my exponential onslaught a little. Of course then I was left with 200 favor that was utterly useless. However the start is perfect in terms of balance.

Creativity: 4.0
I liked the idea of it a lot, I also enjoyed the extras you included like the upgrades given dependent on the enemy units killed and the god powers received. There was one cinematic cut scene, the opening scene which did little other than provide the Design studios name and provide an opening feel to the scenario. There was victory condition bugs and there was the Myth unit trigger bug. No music was added as far as I could recall. As I stated before I enjoyed the simplicity and originality of the scenario and it is through only these few traits that I give you a 4 in this category. I feel like a lot more could have been utilized to make this map go the extra mile. The relics could have been used (there were enough of them lol) and the excess favor felt like it went to waste - surely you, Hammerhands, of all people could have found a use for those loose ends. There was no story but the objectives were clear more on this later.

Map Design: 3.0
The map design was based off a Random Map Script and it was quite easy to see that. It functioned well and had avenues of attack as well as basic eye-candy (rocks, flowers, logs, relics etc.). Some units didn't fit the landscape (rhino's, gazelles etc) but for the majority if suited well. The terrain was varied occasionally but there was no real eye-catcher. Some may argue that the Greek town is that eye-catcher but the fact is that it doesn't function well and as soon so you destroy their towncentre they resign (even though they have a massive army and 3-4 fortresses). It was based off a random map, it functions like a random map and looks like a random map - there is nothing wrong with that at all, just it warrants a 3.0 and any pros have their respective cons.

Story/Instructions: 3.0
As far as I could tell there was absolutely no story - just go in and kill stuff for the sake of it. The history section had the history of the making of the map but not the history of the story. I don't think that it would've been too hard to implement a story and it would've improved your score to at least a 4.0 for this category. The instructions and objects where easy to read and simple yet effective. There is little more that can be said on the instructions as there isn't really that much to the scenario's ruleset. Perhaps provide gameplay tips every 5 minutes or something? I'm not sure, but I do know that the instructions currently function well.

Additional comments:
I really enjoyed this scenario, it's a pity that I had to rate it so low. Fix the bugs, add a story and maybe I'll be able to rate it a little higher :) ~ Steak

[Edited on 02/02/12 @ 06:58 AM]

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