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I Am God UPDATE 7/4/2014

Author File Description

A miscellaneous scenario by Zenophobia


Have you ever had absolutely nothing to do? You open AoM and look at your latest project and think to yourself, "No. Just no. I'm too tired to work on this right now. I just want to screw around on the editor. Maybe I want to make fifty titans attack a little villager. Or make a village and then blow it up with triggers."
Ever had that feeling?
Oh well, I have, and so I created this map. :)

What's this?

This is a miscellaneous editor scenario where you can do all sorts of special things to a poor innocent village in the middle of nowhere. You are god and your subjects worship/adore you. But you aren't a kind and loving god, are you? You are bored and you want to mess with these innocent and adoring followers by setting them on fire, vaporizing them, raining meteors from the heavens, and everything else that bored gods do to their worthless subjects.


Gameplay is fairly simple. If you want something to happen, just type it into a chat command. Here's a list of everything you can do and how to do it.

Click the thumbnails for larger screenshots.
Note: Green words represent text that should be replaced by your own. (For example: # should be replaced by a number of your choice)


As god, of course you have the ability to create any unit of your choice at will. That's why I've implemented this feature! You can summon up to 100x almost any unit of your choice to attack the village with just a simple chat command. Units summoned are not under your control. (Maybe I should add a feature like that)

  How to: Type in: summon # unit name

If you ever get angry with one of your worthless subjects, you can easily kill him in the most uncreative way possible. This instantly kills a selected unit(s).

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: kill

All gods must have the power to smite their followers with extremely powerful blasts of magic. No exceptions. :)

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: smite

It doesn't really look like an explosion, but oh well. The desired target is still blown up anyways.

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: explode

Some say the golden light brings the chosen ones to heaven. Some say they return as angels that give blessings.
Your subjects are stupid.
In reality, all those under the golden light are immediately vaporized. :P

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: vaporize

"The Chosen One! He is blessed!" is what your subjects are saying as they watch those come under your control. They are blessed, in a way, with over 9000 attack power. But besides that, the "Chosen Ones" will do anything you wish.
To anyone. :)

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: control

One of my favorites, and also one of the laggiest. Set fire to your subjects and laugh as they run around screaming and spreading the fire to everything else.

  How to: Select unit(s) -> Type in: ignite

If it gets too laggy or if you just want to remove everything except for your loyal subjects, just type in clear.

  How to: Type in: clear
-=-=-=-Super Explosion-=-=-=-

Exact same as clear, except everything blows up. :)

  How to: Type in: super explosion
-=-=-=-God Power-=-=-=-

What is a god without god powers? Get any god power you wish by typing in the name.

  How to: Type in: name of god power
-=-=-=-Clear All God Powers-=-=-=-

If they're cluttering you up, you can just clear all the god powers in your slots.

  How to: Type in: kill all god powers OR clear all god powers
-=-=-=-Lightning Mode-=-=-=-

Introducing modes! When you enter this mode, thunderclouds loom over the village. Your subjects wonder what is going on. Answer: Lightning storm. Anything you click (besides buildings) is immediately bolted. For greater effects, select multiple units at once.

  How to: Type in: lightning mode
-=-=-=-Explosion Mode-=-=-=-

A mode similar to lightning mode, except everything you click blows up instead.

  How to: Type in: explosion mode
-=-=-=-Nightfall Mode-=-=-=-

Your subjects have to rest sometime or another in preparation for another day of torture by you, right? No, they're tireless. Anyways, in this mode, everyone walks slower, and villagers will go indoors for the night. Destroying the buildings or setting them on fire will make the villagers come out. In this mode, you can also summon specters and demons.

  How to: Type in: nightfall mode
-=-=-=-Undead Army-=-=-=-

Can only be used in nightfall mode. Every unit that died after the last clear/super explosion becomes a zombie that runs around attacking villagers/soldiers that are out late.

  How to: Type in: undead army
-=-=-=-Tank Mode-=-=-=-

My favorite mode. Who wouldn't like it? In this mode, you drive a tank of awesomeness and blow your subjects up. Arrowup to move forward and left/right arrows to turn. You don't have an ammo limit and your tank fires as fast as you can press the space bar. Pressing enter in this mode will return you to default.
Known bug: After typing in clear, the tank won't be able to shoot bullets. Not sure why.

  How to: Type in: tank mode
-=-=-=-Default Mode-=-=-=-

The mode that is default. Really. That's all there is to it.

  How to: Type in: default mode

Take a screenshot.

  How to: Type in: screenshot

Phew, finally done. I probably forgot something though. I'll be adding more to this when I feel like it. Feel free to include any suggestions! :)

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AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
aom expert wow dude this is quite an interesting game. great stress reliever. complicated triggers too. So far i've messed around with it but when i have the time ill play it full and give you a review.

may i suggest adding accomplishments/achievements factors? like destroying a certain number of buildings and/or people, or using a gp a certain number of times, or killing people when they're walking. This is great. Quite unique. Check out the flash game "wrath" and "wrath 2". it reminds me of that.

again, ill review when im able to :)
FAILeliminator I'll take a look at this soon... it looks awesome.
Hammerhands Code needs some work... but I'll try it out!
Spike Dragon Seems very interesting, can't wait to try it out.

[Edited on 03/28/12 @ 07:44 AM]

dmetrosuper niceee
File Author
there we go, showcase is fixed. :)

@Expert: Sorry, but I don't think I'll add anything progress-related to this scenario for the time being. It's meant to be a stress reliever where if problems such as lag arise, you can simply restart the scenario.

[Edited on 04/09/12 @ 07:55 PM]

maniaccow how to installl ???
File Author
put the .scx file in My Documents\My Games\Age of Mythology\Scenario
ismaill this seems very interesting,i cant wait for it.i am downloading!
Rating: 4.5
This was a very good game, the AI controls are great, the effects you made were amazing, and you made a really fun game.

Additional Comments:
Here's some suggestions:

If you update how about you make the map bigger?

And the villagers start from the archaic age and after 2-6 minutes advance.

Also you should make it so the AI's civilization is random like Norse, Atlantean, Egyptian, or Greek.
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