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Human Units Wars II

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# of Players: 8: 6 humans and 2 computers
Version: AoM: The Titans
8 players: 2-6 humans (p1-3, p4-6 -- to make 1v1, you'd have to have a p1 (host) and a p4,5 or 6) and 2 computers (p7-8).
Teams are automatically set in-game for a 3 vs 3 top vs bottom, with p7 on t1 and p8 on t2, so you can go even if everyone are still on team 1 even after you've told them it's 3v3 a thousand times!

Objective: kill enemy's Citadel.
Some tips: there is a POP CAP set on the TEAM. To check what it is, click on your team's Citadel and look at its name. HOUSES, MANORS AND FORTRESSES (and the Citadel) ARE WORTH SOME POPULATION. Destroy your enemies's and keep yours alive, so you can have an edge over them.

How to get units: train them at the buildings located at the left (look at the image) of the map. Trained units will spawn in the base: infantry at the Military academy, archery at the Archery range and Cavalry at the Stable. THEY ONLY SPAWN IF THE BUILDING'S THERE: Destroy both of any kind of building and the enemy won't be able to get the kind of unit these buildings proced. STARTER UNITS (Greek - Militia, Egypt - Mercenary and Mercenary Cavalry, Norse - Ulfsark, Atlantean - Cataphract and Chieroballista) SPAWN AT THE CITADEL (but remember: if you lose your Citadel, you lose). NOTE: Atlantean don't get many Starter Units at start and they spawn slowly, so they require a lot of "microing" to be effective -- I recommand you to only take Atlantean if you are experienced.

RESOURCES: Research techs at the Mill will increase gather rate of the approrpiate resource (Food tech increases food gather). AT THE MARKET, train Donkeys, Caravans, etc. to increase gold gather rate (max. 5 donkeys, caravans, etc. can be trained). You get some resources with kills. GREEK, NORSE AND ATLANTEAN CAN ONLY GET FAVOR WITH KILLS. Egypt has a monument, but kills is still a better source of favor.

GOD POWERS: Ragnarok is allowed when the front gate is destroyed, gives you reinforcements. Prosperity is gained with kills: When activated, will give you 3 additional gold per kill. IT DOES NOT STACK. Fimbulwinter Wolf: Will damage enemy units in their base 1 hp per second (good to cast if they're stuck in their base), will also prevent spawns of the computer (computer militia spawn at every alive houses (8 total) left and right of your base. IT DOES NOT STACK. Shockwave: Does nothing special. You get an additional one every 5 minutes. There is no GP blocking: you can cast any GP any time.

If the game lasts long enough, there is a shop (in the middle of the black area) that can become useful. Click on the NPCs to see what they sell.

Additionnal things: All units and buildings regenerate; Odin's units regenerate faster when idle, and slower when moving/fighting. KRONOS: Buildings will be destroyed instantly if timeshifted onto the map, except Towers (but it'd be a waste of resources, and they take about 10,000 seconds to do so). Civilizations don't make a difference (example: Zeus's hoplites don't have a bonus against buildings and Set's Slingers are not cheaper), only the cultures do. Gaia's buildings don't regenerate faster (they do create lush though), units' regeneration have been balanced accordingly to Odin's and Oranos' units don't move faster! Kronos can timeshift buildings, but as it is written above, it is a waste of resources, really. And there's no GP Blocking, so Isis' monument has no effect, and even if it did, it'd be useless since the monument is not on the field of battle.
Guard Tower and Ballista Tower upgrades will make your towers much stronger than normal. They're actually worth spending resources on (Signal Fires and Carrier Pigeon upgrades are rather useless though).
The shop is luxury; you should get all units (including Caravans) and technologies before spending Gold there. Arkantos (God) is not worth a 8000 gold army, but if you got everything, he'll be a great addition to your army. I've only seen a few games where someone managed to get him, and only one or two where more than one people had him. If your enemy has him, target him with your army; he cannot sustain too much damage. He has a great attack and will certainly crush any army if he is protected.

I took time to write them and I think they can offer valuable information.

Made by [Pat_power] (ESO) -- [Pat-Laugh] (GR) -- [theonefrog5544] (AoMH).
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Glen654 Is this not Pat_Power's game?
File Author
Yes, and I'm pat_power; it won't allow me to connect on my original account, I tried to recover password, but it says "Internal error [...]", something like that.
aom expert
whats up pat! long time no see
Glen654 Okay cool, I thought you might be. I remember playing this with you a while back ^.^

I haven't been very active lately though, hoping to be more active this summer though, so don't worry :D
File Author
Yeah, it's been a long time; I've gotten a new computer and hadn't been able to connect on ESO. My old computer can still go on ESO, I'll play with you guys some time.

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