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Iron Giant updated 5/8/2012

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This maybe my best model so far , I was realy happy with how it turned out . I got the idea from a sculpture I saw online of a steampunk version of CP3O from star was , I thought it was cool so I made a 3d model of it .

the larg image of the Iron Giant is just to show the detail of the unit and is not the true size the smaller one is the ingame size of the unit .

this may be a bit overpowered he killed a colossus with half health remaining and they regenerate as well so you might want to tweek them a bit here and there or make them very costly.

the sounds I made myself with a voice morph app on my I phone.

I plan on making a Titan version of this next because the model is so detailed , so keep an eye out for it and pls comment and or rate this if you get time .

anyone that would like to help me add all my new units into the game pls contact me here or on my latest model , If i dont get help soon I may have to stop work on new models to start it my self and that will take some time because I havent learned how yet so any help on that would be appreciated .

Ive fixed a few things.

I increased the speed of the attacks. And I made a new animation for the slam attack.
Some errors in the history have been fixed .

I have also made this unit an amphibian unit, So it can now cross water . To do this it uses transform, just walk as close as you can to the waters edge and click on the small portrait icon of the Iron Giant in the lower left corner of your screen, Next to resorces.
once trigered, An inflatable ducky raft inflates around the Iron Giant, You will then be able to enter the water. If you trigger it and you cant move, Its because you weren't close enuf to the water, Just hit the transform button and try again , Same thing go's when leaving the water as well. You have to be as close to the edge as you can get.

There are 6 different color's of ducky rafts, And if you don't like the rafts the files you need to remove them are included.

I should also mention that there will be 3 versions of the Iron Giant in the editer. This had to be done so he could tranform. The first is Iron Giant, This is the normal unit that would be Trained, The next is Iron Giant Aqua, This is his water transformation and has no training cost. The next is Iron Giant. with the period after the name, This is the unit that Iron Giant Aqua transform into when leaving the water, It is the same as Iron Giant but has no trainging cost. without the extra Iron Giant unit you would have to pay the training cost of unit every time you left the water.

I dont know if this update was worth all the work I put in it. But it is kinda funny

Thank you for downloading
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arkantos4822 Rating: 5
(Insert Rating analysis here)

Additional Comments:
wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww Like :)

[Edited on 03/22/15 @ 08:48 PM]

File Author
Thank you im glad you like it and thanks for the raiting , however your review is too short by the guidlines for raiting you need too make your review at least 3 lines long or the moderators may remove it . so if you get time pls describe what you liked about it a little and thank you.
RogueGuard Looks amazing, I'll have to review it on the weekend though, don't have enough time to test it at the moment. Now, when you say "add all your units into the game" what does that really do for you..?

Edit: Too good to dismiss, I'll review it now

[Edited on 05/01/12 @ 12:59 AM]

Rating: 5
I would have given it something slightly lower, but I can't so you get five. The textures are very well made, highly detailed. The animations and models were good too, although with his gore attack, the 'smash' sound is slightly out of time, playing just before he hits the ground, but I can fix it myself, but maybe you can fix it for everyone else. Excellent model work and I thought most if not all sounds fit in with the unit. Great work!

EDIT: I also thought that the attack animations were a little slow, perhaps you could speed it up?

Additional Comments:
Keep it up, I look forward to your upcoming mods. And just an idea for your Titan version of this mod, perhaps tweak the texture or add some SFXs to it to make it appear more powerful than this unit.

[Edited on 05/01/12 @ 01:50 AM]

File Author

thanks for taking the time to rating my mod.

By adding all my units into the game I mean making them all trainable , I was thinking my insect mods would go to Egyptian the dwarven for norse my monsters for greek and Ill need to make some more higher tech looking stuff for the atlanteans and Id like to make it so all the new Titans can be trained as well, I have some ideas on how to do this.
Ive messed with doing this a little But I havent messed with it in so long I forgot most of it and I dont know much about moding the tech tree. I know that I could do this my self but I realy dident want to stop work on my new models especially now that its possable for me to make new Titan models thanks to the BC tool.
I started on a plant Titan last night looks cool so far, ill have to see what I think of it when the model and textures are done , I also started work on Thor so far hes just a haed.

as far as the speed of the Iron Giants attacks I slowed them because I thought they were too fast, mybe I slowed them too much , but its easy to speed them up just open the anim file in note pad and lower the LENGHT from 1.5 or remove it I think the Gore attack is set to 3.0 lowering that should make it sync better , Ill have to look at it if it dont fix it I can change it in the animation.

[Edited on 05/01/12 @ 07:58 AM]

Sorcerer Supreme
Rating: 5
Awesome job like always. U are, imo, by far, the best one doing mods for the game round here. I spend hours in editor using your last Titan New project. They really awesome. Unhappily i dont know how to conciliate your new mods with old ones i have installed. When i installed this one lost Titans...can u make a pack with all your mods inside - titans and units like this one-? Once again great job, ty. Would like help u install units to game but im quite noob in this things :P

Additional Comments:
Would be really really awesome if u could add some new Titans like Loki, Atenas (model already in game prob not very hard - but idk xD), Zeus, Hades...to your project. Too many Titan girls need few more men. Podeidon looked beast. Keep it on
RogueGuard I could do it, but I'm very busy at the moment renovating our house so if I'm going to do it it won't be done at the fastest pace. And about that which buildings would you want them trained from? I forgot who but someone made a "Dwarf Bunker" building and using that I put in all your dwarf mods there to train in a real game. Personally I think it's better if you have a custom building for each civilisation to train the modded units, but if you want to add them to buildings already made then that's okay too

I agree with Sorcerer Supreme - if you put it all in a pack or even multiple packs, it would make adding them all to a game MUCH easier

[Edited on 05/01/12 @ 04:41 PM]

File Author
Sorcerer Supreme

thank you for the raiting and review , Im glad you enjoyed the New Titan Project so much it was alot of work and I hope to be adding more Titans to it soon I have a few on the drawing board right now including a plant Titan and Thor I would like to make all the gods at some point but if that happens its a long way off.

adding the iron giant to New Titan Project wouldent be too hard the sound folder and xpacklangauge.dll is the same for both mods so all you have to do is open the protox file with notepad, its located in the data folder , from the line

unit id 801 name= iron giant



then past it in the New titan Project protox.xml just above

the last word on the page

that should be it, or you can just wait till I finish making Iron Giant into a titan and Ill put a file in it to add it to the New titan Project.


Ive been doing this for many years now and Ive had a few offers to help on this so far nothing has come of it , Im aware that this would be alot of work so if your will to help me on it that would be great I would be happy for whatever you could contribute , maybe you can teach me a few things on it and I can help with the leg work.

as far as what buildings I havent put much thought into it but if you think new buildings is the way to go id be fine with that.

I do have good ideas on how to train the Titans we can toss that around a bit .

my email is crazydragon62040@yahoo.com but I check my mods and the forums under ai modding and scripting alot more than my mail

as far as making a mod that has all my mods , thats something ive thought about for awhile , like a mega new unit pack , it would be big so i would have to upload it to a private web sight so the moderators here could download it , but that shouldent be a problem when i get time ill work on that.

[Edited on 05/01/12 @ 08:08 PM]

RogueGuard At the current moment I'm too busy to start helping out, especially because I'm still in high school and dealing with assessments this second term at the moment, plus helping out renovating our house, I should be able help out when that's all done and hopefully by then you would have those unit packs out. Do you use Yahoo messenger at any time? it would be easier to chat about it there, and I'm a bit new here and I think conversations here are considered spam? I'll add you and send you an email confirming it's me, I use more than one so yeah just be aware of that.

EDIT: Sent you an email about this.

[Edited on 05/02/12 @ 03:37 AM]

Sorcerer Supreme Ok, tyvm
Another thing...
I have Aom gold edition updated with version 1.03...and i play online with a friend on gameranger...once i install your mods he cant join my game...any special reason?
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