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New Titan Projects . Iron Man Titan

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Version: AoM: The Titans
This Is the first Titan that ive made since I released , The full download of New Titan Project , That contained all my new Titans so far. So if you have the NEW TITAN PROJECT Installed, This can be added to it by simply installing this mod over it, and copying the protox.xml from the folder Named "files for new titan project". to the data folder and overwrighting it.

If you dont have the full New Titan Project, and you would like to install it , You can get it here.


Now Back to the mod .

The Iron Man Titan will appear in the Editer as Titan Iron Man , I did this with all my Titans to make them easyer to find.

For a special Attack he drops acidic poison Gas , And he can use transform to change from poison gas to corrosive gas . The poison gas is strong vs ground units, The corrosive gas is strong vs buildings.
You can only change between them twice , Then your stuck with poison. I had to limit the number of changes because every time he transformed the recharge time of his special attack resets , So He could just transform and release gas over and over, Making him way over powered.

The Birth animation is a little long, But not much longer than a standard Titan birth. I used the opening licks from Ozzy's Ironman . I liked how it turned out.

If for some reason this doesn't work for you or you find a problem, Pls let me know right away so I can fix it.

I just updated this, I added a steam punk Iron man texture, The default texture is still the Iron Giant Texture, If you want the Iron man texture instead, you must replace the Iron Giant texture with the Iron Man texture.

I look forward to your comments.
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RogueGuard I know we've discussed about it before, but it just occured to me that when you do the unittransform perhaps you can make it so that the birth animation everytime it 'transforms' fairly long to make it vulnerable to attacks and therefore an inconvience to the player controlling it.
File Author
I tryed that, But it didnet work out very well.
So instead, I limited the number of times it can transform, It can transform once from using the green gas to the red, and once back to the green .

In the end I may just give him only the red gas , And use the transform to allow him to cross water.

I'm also working on some new textures for this unit and the Iron Giant, I'd like to make 2 more different one .

I also have ideas for two more Iron Giants , Iron Giant Brut and Iron Giant Skyborn. The brut will be a powerfull land unit and the skyborn will be able to change from a land to air unit. I already have ideas for the models for both.
RogueGuard Did you try giving him both attacks? Make it so he can use the acidic gas on units only and corrosive gas on buildings only. So it will have to recharge once it uses each attack.
File Author
I dident think it was possable to have two charged attacks . Have you ever seen that done before, If it can be done That sounds like a good idea.
RogueGuard I'll edit the protox for you then I'll email it to you

[Edited on 05/26/12 @ 11:52 PM]

File Author
Cool , I look forward to seeing that.

I just added a second texture to this mod, Its a steampunk Ironman texture. I may make another , when I get time.
RogueGuard Sent the email.. I've studied your anim files and protox files and they are bit complex than what I've dealt with before, makes it hard for me to do what I could with the other mods I've downloaded. Have you tried variation logics with animations? so you can switch between colours of your unit?
File Author
Ya Iv'e used it for a few units. I used it for Iron Giant, Thats how I gave him multi color rafts. And my Beholders have multi color eye's.

If I make a few more textures, Ill make iron Giant have different textures. I dont know how the transform thing will work with multi textures. Theres a chance it will shuffle up the colors when changing from a land to water unit, But I wont know till I test it out.
arkantos4822 Rating: 5
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Additional Comments:

hello crazydragon download new units please!


File Author

Thanks alot for the raiting. But you realy should be more discriptive when posting a raiting.

Im still working on the Dwarven tesla tower ,But its not far from done. And the Plant Titan is still a long way off, right now all I have is the model, I still need to make a skeleton and animate it, And It's going to be a challenge . So it might be awhile. But as soon as there done ill post them.
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