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Destination: Destruction Demo

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Once a wealthy merchant, your cargo and most of your wealth was stolen from you on a journey to a remote border town. Your only choice is to enlist in the army and see if you can't earn some food and a few coins. What starts as a simple attempt to reboot your life ends with you facing your inevitable mission to save the entire world from complete and total annialation. Or maybe not...

Your primary goal in the game revolves around finding more and better gear, as well as powerful spells to aid you. Enemies will drop spells and weapons for you to use.
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Map Design3.0
You have requested a review for your scenario, yes? Then I give thee a review! Note that I'm reviewing an alpha-stage scenario.

Playability: 2
Starting in the southernmost corner of the map as an Atlantean citizen, I was almost immediately attacked by a player-controlled wolf which I dispatched easily, and found some bronze mail on it which was useless at the time. I went to the green huskarl and my villager transformed into a murmillo, then I wandered around the town looking for questgivers. I came across a villager named Greta (not Greta Forkbeard but a generic Atlantean villager) and gave me a quest to kill the rock-men (Promethean offspring) so I did her quest without hesitation...and got killed. While the promethean offspring were weak individually, there were many of them and they all ganged up on me and I died before I could reach the healer.

I restarted the game and instead of going to Greta, I went to an anonymous dwarf near the walls who apparently keeps getting ripped off by merchants (you included?). I accepted his quest, and orders me to kill Greta (of course) and the dialogue for her quest still pops up while I'm stabbing her to death. When the deed is done, the Dwarf says he has more work for me...which did not come to fruition since it is only a Demo, and so I wandered around the town looking for more questgivers, meeting with this Cyclops who said that I should talk to the guy with "da brains", but which one? Is it the minotaur, the colossus, or a human? I just scurried off and came across a detective overlooking some broken fences and a dead body, and gave me a quest to kill the wolf that did this. I went out into the woods, and the big wolf (just an oversized normal wolf, not a Fenris wolf brood) started leaping at me. I just bolted him and headed back to the detective, and he orders me to knock down the broken fences while he and his guards just stand there doing nothing. After destroying the fences, the Detective says I should go to the capitol across the bridge and meet with the one in charge. I did just that and well...that's it.

Sometimes events, like when I have to stand near an NPC to talk to him/her, don't fire immediately (tick Run Immediately on every trigger to solve this) or at all. Sometimes if I had to kill a questgiving NPC from another quest, the quest dialog for that NPC (like the case of killing Greta for a dwarf mentioned early) still pops up. You should change this to something like "What are you doing?! EEK!!" if you attempt to kill a targeted NPC.

Balance: 1
The scenario jumps around from being too easy and being too hard. While there is a healer in the town, the enemies are numerous and move much faster than me and I often get killed before I got to him (and the people in the town doesn't help me at all!), and sometimes I get too many strong spells like a bolt strike in the beginning, and conjure carnivora when I killed some wolves on the big wolf quest. NPCs shouldn't just let me do all the dirty work; some of them should accompany and help me (except on certain occasions) and some of them would even be willing to join me if I complete a quest or pay some mercenary money. See the case with the detective ordering me to destroy the fences while he just stands there idly? Change it so that he and his guards also help me tear down the fences (and also hunt down the wolf before that). Implement a difficulty level system to determine the strength and number of enemies (and maybe PC/NPC stats, rarity of equipment and spells, etc.).

Creativity: 3
Now I'm not one of those people who say "Another RPG...It's been done to death many times before..." type, but alot of work and tender loving care really needs to be put in developing this scenario. On the westernmost part of the map, there is what appears to be a character selection area, but since your character is already pre-made as a merchant, you could change it into something else like choosing a class or a follower! Place a few secret levels and easter eggs here and there to spice up the mood.

Map Design: 3
I see you put some work into the map, what will all the merged and resized buildings and objects, mixed terrain and carefully placed foliage and rocks. May I suggest the implementation of a day/night and weather cycle (not just a purely aesthetic one but also affects gameplay like in nightime, monsters become stronger and more numerous). If you're feeling lost on how to design towns, landscapes, dungeons, and other places, take a look at designing guides plus other RPG scenarios.

Story/Instructions: 3
Objective banner instructions are clear and detailed, but the story REALLY needs some work! So my player character used to be some merchant that got robbed/scammed/etc. and suddenly he/she is destined to save the world from an out-of-context evil or event? Also, the NPCs shouldn't just give you a quest, let you finish it, return and get the reward, end of story; make the NPCs interesting, like give them quirky traits. personalities, and dialogue (although be careful with how you implement dialogue in NPCs, lest it will become annoying!).

Additional Comments:
So far, so good. Since this is only an alpha (it's too unfinished to be called a demo), this current review will change or even be removed when the scenario gets updated or finished. Keep experimenting and polishing. Kudos! ;)
youbar Don't worry, godpower. Your first scenario is the hardest one to move on from. Don't get put down by the reviews.
Map Design4.0
Playability: 2

At the moment, this is the lowest point of the game. When I first entered this scenario, I was greeted by wonderful eyecandy, and that impressed me. However, that was ruined when I went up to a quest giver and had to wait about ten seconds for him to get me to do something or turn me into a soldier. Set the trigger priorities to high to fix this, and any existing triggers should be worked on.

Balance: 3
I found it quite easy to kill off the very first enemy: a wolf. However, after proceeding to a footsoldier and getting a quest to kill some Rock Men, I was wiped out when I made a grab for a crate.

Creativity: 3
I just feel...this isn't really an original idea but I'm not sure what the final product will turn out to be, so 3 for you.

Map Design: 4
Your map wasn't finished, but the eyecandy was amazing in my eyes. Kudos to you. For someone starting out, it was very well down.

Story/Instructions: 2
There were no instructions other than some advice and hints, and nor was there a story at all. Overall...

Overall: 2.8
I see a lot of potential in this game, and despite some shortcomings such as quest dialog, trigger reaction times and others, I have a feeling the final product will be a four star game. You're heading in the right direction!

[Edited on 10/05/12 @ 04:55 AM]

File Author
Thanks youbar, but this isn't my first scenario. Of course, this is alpha, like frozenuser said. I mainly wanted to see if there was any interest in the idea.
File Author
About waiting for the quest giver, all the quest triggers have been set the highest priority. Can you tell me exactly what happened? I'm guessing this is a bug.
youbar I'll look into it myself sometime in the next seven days.

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