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Double Arena! By hell_ruler_666

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Players 1-4 are Human. Teams are 1 and 4 vs. 2 and 3. Player 5 is allied to everyone automatically and is a computer.

This game involves a fast-paced fight between several different players. Each player begins with a Military Academy and a Temple, each surrounded by walls. The object of the game is simple - destroy your opponents' Academies and Temples.

There are, as the title suggests, two arenas in which this fighting takes place. All of the temples are in the same arena, as are all of the Academies. Every thirty seconds, a Shifting Sands god power is cast between the two arenas. That is their only connection. This produces an interesting strategic dilemma - where should you place more emphasis?

The two arenas are very different in nature.

Arena One (Military Academies):
-All players can train Hoplites and Myrmidons (Hypasists are not allowed). These units are relatively weak, but they don't take very much population space.
Arena Two (Temples):
-All players can train automatons, avengers, and nemean lions. These units are much stronger and do significant crush damage as well as hack damage, but take much more population space.

Each kill you get is rewarded with 10 wood. Larger bonuses are awarded when you destroy buildings. This wood can be spent at the shop. Here are the items and units you may purchase there:
-Odysseus Hero
-Son of Osiris
-Arcus Hero
-Fire Giant
-Heka Gigantes
-Greater bonus damage vs. Heroes
-Greater bonus damage vs. Myth Units
-Fire Siphon
-More hitpoints for buildings
-More hitpoints and attack for units
-More hack and pierce armor for units

All of the units at the shop spawn in both arenas. For example, if you were to buy the colossus, you would receive two colossi in each arena.
Also, pretty much all of the units in the shop are ridiculously powerful, but take a good amount of wood to purchase. Unit and building upgrades are cheaper, but are not nearly as significant.

Finally, there are many random events that will occur every thirty seconds as the game is played. These can be as minute as a simple lighting change, or as significant as all units dying. Whichever the case, these events help add to the intensity of the game.

That is essentially all there is to know about Double Arena. Feel free to host it as many times as you want online! If you would like to edit the map, please ask for permission first.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The game play for this map is very sleek and streamlined. This map is easy to understand and easy to play. The shop was interesting and well thought out. There was one problem I encountered, however, which was that the soldiers built to fast to click the repeat button before they were done building. Slowing the speed down a bit might be a good idea. Also, the map has no structure to it, which makes it not very strategic, which could be a problem in longer games.

Balance: 4
Very well balanced! No player had any distinct advantage that I could pick up. The units in the shop were interesting and distinct, and each had a specific purpose which eliminated the problem of spending all your resources on the one power unit.

Creativity: 2
Although this map is fun, it's essentially just another Castle Blood or Total War map. It's not that its a bad map. It's just been done a million times before.

Map Design: 3
The map design was well-thought our and eliminated the problem of one player having an advantage over another, and made things easy to figure out. However, it wasn't very interesting to look at. Some eyecandy would definately be a good idea. Also, the little eyecandy you did have wasn't allined up very well (the healing springs), which looks messy.

Story/Instructions: 4
Very well done. The instructions were simple, brief, easy to understand and explained the game well. However, despite the fact that it is a multiplayer scenario, a little story might be a good idea, as it helps the players "get into" the scenario.

Additional Comments:
You clearly have a knack for making a nice multiplayer scenario. Finding a more creative idea, and throwing in some nice eyecandy and a story and you will fastly improve your scenarios.

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Map Design3.0
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