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Titans Rift v1.3

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# of Players: 2-8
Version: AoM: The Titans
This map is currently being re-made to a bigger, better map, named DotM, that is currently on alpha stage and will have lots of features like hero abilities. First map file should be done by 10/18/12.

Welcome to Titans Rift!
Made by LaikaBauss.

This is a map inspired on MOBAs, like League Of Legends. The main caracteristics are the ability to choose from various heroes, control only one character (main) and being able to improve status by spending gold.

Currently, the map supports 14 unique heroes: Frost Giant, Ajax, Minotaur, Mummy, Manticore, Chiron, Bellephoron, Mountain Giant, Avenger, Heracles, Medusa, Polyphemus, Hippolyta and Scarab. The plan is to have 26 heroes in v2.0.

The shop have 7 items: +2 hack damage, +2 pierce damage, +2 crush damage, +1 range, +0,5 speed, +25 health and +1 Line Of Sight. All of those cost 100 gold each time to upgrade.
Gold is obtained by time, so that every 10 seconds, 10 gold is given to all players. Also, killing enemy turrets grants 150g. Killing enemy player grants 300g.

There are many ways to build your character with these "items". Myth units like the Minotaur and Mummy have bonus against the Creeps. Creeps are weak infantry ( Urfsark ) that spawn in waves of 10 every time the previous wave die completely. There are towers in the main road, witch are powerful, but only against still targets. Four sentinels on each side of the road will protect the enemy base.

Even tho myth units have the best crush damage, and are stronger to creeps, the Hero units are very effective against them. That will make heroes a need in any team. Some heroes can do 8x their normal damage agains myth units, making them extremely effective. However, they almost wont affect turrets and creeps.

In each Jungle are bears and wolfes. Killing groups of bears grant 50g, killing the wolfes grant 100g. After 2 minutes, the jungle boss, Gargarensis, spawns. He is almos IMPOSSIBLE to solo. Killing him grants 150g and casts friendly eclipse, buffing all myth units of the team for 1:10. After 8 minutes, the unique boss, the Titan, will spawn in the opposite jungle, making possible to defend your teams Titan. Killing him grants 600g, casts friendly eclipse, and gives each team member Restoration and Eclipse GP. However, aggroing him and not being able to kill WILL be a problem. Note that the gold granted is to the whole team.

On each teams base there are lighthouses. If those are destroyed, the respective team lose.
There are also barracks. If those are destroyed, all enemy creeps will be permanently buffed with attack and health, making them super minions.

If you are killed, the enemy team is granted 300g for each player. However, its quite difficult to die.

Forum Thread: http://aom.heavengames.com/cgi-bin/forums/display.cgi?action=st&fn=13&tn=29224&st=recent&f=13,29224,0,20

Slot 1 - Player - God: Any - Team 1
Slot 2 - Player - God: Any - Team 1
Slot 3 - Player - God: Any - Team 1
Slot 4 - Player - God: Any - Team 1
Slot 5 - Player - God: Any - Team 2
Slot 6 - Player - God: Any - Team 2
Slot 7 - Player - God: Any - Team 2
Slot 8 - Player - God: Any - Team 2
Slot 9 - BOT - God: Any - Team 1
Slot 10 - BOT - God: Any - Team 2

NEW! Version 1.3:
- Jungle! Now each team has his own jungle, with buff mobs.
- Super Minions: Destroy the enemy barracks to buff your team creeps.
- Buffed some more heroes. Cuz, why not?
- Completely changed gold sistems. Upgrades cost 100g.
- Speed upgrade now buff only half: +0,5 speed for 100g.
- No more armor upgrades. Istead, +25 Health and +1 Line Of Sight shops added. Figured out armor stacking would make characters OP, even with a low limit.
- Creeps balace. Works similar to LoL's creeps.
- GP shop. Vision (50g), Bronze (50g), Serpents (50g), Restoration (100g), Spy (150g), Frost (150g) and Eclipse (150g) are currently avaliable. Note that Eclipse will block ALL GP for the duration. No healing, even when at base.
- FIXED: Scenario now works on Multiplayer. Credits to Lewonas for showing me the way!
- FIXED: Creep raving mad at towers and not attacking.
- FIXED: No GPs at game start now.
- FIXED: Beellerophon bug. Credits to WarriorMario for the bug report.
- FIXED: Double minotaur.
- FIXED: Red team top towers not awarding gold.

Version 1.2 changes:
- Two new heroes - Hippolyta and Polyphemus
- Respawn added. Being killed grants 300g to enemy players.
- Character balance buff. Now weak characters are given stat boosts at game start to make them more competitive.

Version 1.1 changes:
- Six new heroes.
- ( maybe ) gold per kill ( turrets ).

How to Play:

When the map starts, you will have a villager and two old mans, each at different location. As the villager is locked, just do NOT kill him, as it is whats holding you from a early defeat. The first Old man, located at the top or bottom, is the hero "chooser". Move him to one of the units avaliable to choose it. Wait a little and that same unit is going to spawn at your base. Thats how you choose your hero.

The other old man is the "Shopper". Moving him to one of the units with special names will expend your gold in order to do the respective upgrade.

The objective is to destroy the enemy LightHouse.

Hope you guys enjoy, as this map was quite hard to make.
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File Author
Version 1.1 update coming soon!
- Fixed bug with Hack and Pierce armor ( buying them 3 times would grant immunity )
- Fixed bug with God Power Bolt.
- Fixed Character speed.
- Fixed Creep Movement.
- Gold per turret kill ( 100g )
- 5 New heroes.
- Win - Objective updated.

Hope you enjoy! Should be released in five days.
WarriorMario yay another lol fan ^^
Atm I'm creating Anivia, Brand and Pantheon.
If I finish them can you use them on this map?
PhasmaMagicus Aww damn, I was making my own AoM style of LoL.
File Author
Hey guys.
Yeah, i may use you characters! Did you make any skillset for them or just normal characters like i did? Next update adding GP shop, but thats all i got to abilities.
Also May add "Health Shop", maybe...
File Author
Update 1.1 Finally out! Sorry for the delay.

- New Heroes as promised! Fully working. Even if Heracles feels a bit too weak...
- Armor Upgrade Fixed! Now each upgrade increases armor by 2%. Kinda Weak, but...
- Killing turrets will give you and your team an big amount of gold (150g). To claim the gold, you must destroy all the group of four sentinels.
- Heroes are good agains Myth units, and Myth are good against creeps. Because of so, using a Hero will be good agains Myth players, and pushing them back. But using myth units will allow you to destroy towers and creeps faster, allowing you to "push".
- Fixed a GP bug.
- Now, if the team's lighthouse gets destroyed, the opposite team wins.

Hope you enjoy!
File Author
Guys, would you think a video tutorial/intro ( on youtube ) would be good? Post whatever you think.
WarriorMario If it gets some views it will help but, getting those views is hard...

File Author
Well, i think im doing a video...
Anyway, see if u can post those characters you were working on.
WarriorMario I've uploaded Anivia 5 days ago but it isn't in the downloads section yet, maybe I did something wrong...

File Author
New Version 1.2 is out! Respawns was really hard to make... On Next version 1.3:
- Jungle mobs - Killing those are going to be quite hard taking a full team to kill at early game. Will grant Buffs to the entire team for some time ( Maybe eclipse GP + Flametongue ).
- GP shop - Yes, I AM going to add it to v1.3. After all it should be in v1.1... Anyways, it will countain: Vision for 50g, Bronze for 50g, Spider Lair for 50g, Restoration for 100g, Spy for 150g, Frost for 150g, and Eclipse, for 150g.
- Gold per creep kill. Finishing blows on enemy Urfsark will grant the respective player 10g.
- Also, 2 new heroes/M.U. Plese vote two of the following:
1. Stymphalian Bird - Med attack, low overall armor, med range and speed. Ability to fly grants immunity to Meele attacks.
2. Scorpion Man - Good hack attack, will quickly dispatch creeps. Med movement and armor, and is able to poison Urfsark and enemy MU ( Myth Units ) Dealing hack damage over 15 seconds.
3. Troll - Good armor and attack, med range, slow as hell. He passively regenerates, and have good lifesteal. Maybe a jungler, with excellent sustain.
4. Petsuchos - Excellent attack - 55, ranged and NEVER misses. Woah. Med armor and is slow as hell. Its not even funny how fkn good he is against Urfsark. Surely the best jungler. Can kill the crap outta creeps, but against towers he just can't do it.
5. Hersir - Going to buff him, so that he becomes the highest DPS! Low armor, med speed, HUGE attack... maybe... 38?
6. Colossus - Tanky tower-chusher. 50 Chush damage is no joke. Also good hack damage. Enormous armor and health. Lacks especial abillity and is slow. Maybe THE slower choose-able unit.
7. Achilles - Going to buff his attack. Med attack and armor, good health and high speed. I like this one, but is pretty average. 8x damage on MUs.
8. Theris - This one is cool. As a hero, does bonus against MUs. Have good armor, med attack, high speed, but low heath. His special allows him to jump on enemies, allowing easy chasing and dealing high istant damage.
9. Chimera - Awesome unit. MU, bonus agains jungle's and creeps. Strong damage, huge hitpoints, good armor, and high speed. Special attack is just great: enourmous splash AoE damage with med cooldown.
10. Arkantos - Going to buff, making him a DPS.
He's just med on everything.
11. Satyr - Ranged med damage, med speed and med armor. Theyr special is what makes them killers: They will charge and do enormous burst damage ( 5x i think ), making easy kills of unaware opponents.
12. Amandra - Going to buff - the tank hero. How cool. Otherwize, good damage and speed, med armor.
13. Hydra - I absolutely like this one. Its just weak and puny at start. Good hack armor, but pierce armor sucks. Good hitpoints and med speed. Now, go to the jungle. And eat some mobs, out of enemies range. Grow some heads and BAM, ur so powerfull that killing any MU will be just easy. Dead? Ur heads are reset and you will have to do it all over againd. Surely a pure jungler. Awesome burst damage...

Please be sure to vote! I really like the way this thread is growing. Thanks for commenting, hope you enjoy 1.2!
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