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Downloads Home » Recorded Games » So...who DOESN'T have a Titan?

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So...who DOESN'T have a Titan?

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 6
Map Type: Alfheim
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 44:27
Player 1's Name: fish011 (Ra)
Player 2's Name: Omen_GaMeZ (Oranos)
Player 3's Name: NP_The_Crazy (Kronos)
Player 4's Name: my_practice_sn (Gaia, Me)
Player 5's Name: dddram (Poseidon)
Player 6's Name: TwisTeD_SiMiaN (Odin)
This game originated out of the unrated lobby, which I actually find quite impressive considering how well some of these guys played. I'll cover this game from my perspective:

The map was Alfheim. I was allied to a Ra and an Odin, again Poseidon, Kronos, and Oranos. Based on this, I thought we were going to be raided to death. I did the Gaia supereco buildup and advanced at around 5:30 -
1st Villi builds guild, goes to hunt (get hunting dogs and hand axe immediately after)
2nd villi hunts
3rd villi chops wood (once you have enough wood, get pickaxe improvement)
4th villi goes to gold, then builds manor, and continues getting gold
5th villi hunts
6th villi goes to gold and builds temple, then back to gold
7th villi goes to wood

If you do this right, you can actually advance in 4:30 with all economic improvements researched. I forget what I did differently. This only really works on high-hunt maps. A lot of Gaia players like to do the 6 minute 2tc; usually i'll do that on a low hunt map.

Believe it or not, I was actually first to Classical at 5:25. So, I decided to put together a bit of a rush and went to attack green. Yellow and I used forest fire to try to weaken him, although it was largely ineffective. For the first half of this game, I played terribly. I'm not sure why my score was highest on my team for most of the time, considering how my soldiers were getting owned repeatedly. It was probably because of my relatively strong eco.

Red played best for the majority of this game. He played so well that it was why they lost. He got incredibly cocky when fighting off both blue and I to the point where he specifically told purple to wait before attacking (he was on all chat). They could have probably won at that moment by driving into blue's base. Later he blamed their loss on purple, who never went Mythic. That seems reasonable enough, although blue wasn't heroic until very long into the game and had a comparable score. It doesn't really matter. I'm rambling.

Attacks went back and forth several times. Once again, I played terribly. You will see tons of my armies getting obliterated. Thankfully, Yellow was able to help me defend for a while. He saved me on several occasions.

I was mythic at around 20 minutes I think, and everyone else was pretty shortly behind. Once I got to Mythic age, I started owning. Thankfully, that was more than half of the game. Blue and I pushed back red. Yellow used Ragnarok defensively, and quickly gained a ton of momentum against green and purple, essentially taking them out.

In the last stage of the game, everyone built titans, except for Purple (who was still heroic). I built mine first, and because of that they needed to use their titans defensively for the most part. They probably could have turned around the game if they'd used their titans more effectively.

Eventually we won. It took a while and had a lot of momentum shifts. It was a fun, good game to play. It was a bit of a shame that purple never did go mythic, although it probably wouldn't have mattered since he was poseidon. Poseidon doesn't get much stronger between heroic and mythic ages.

I'm always open to feedback and comments.


To watch, just put the .rcx file into your savegame folder. It should show up in your Recorded Games after that.
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PhasmaMagicus Wow, that was a fun match to witness. I have a soft spot for team games and Gaia, so this made me doubly horny. As always, you played well and your superior economy allows you to survive otherwise fatal military setbacks. Losing plenty of soldiers isn't bad gameplay, so long as you can replace them and you change soldier selection depending on what the enemy does, as you do.

I just thought I'd ask a few questions though, like why you don't pick up relics? there were some good ones near your base, like the villager speed boost and the automatic gold trickle. I was also curious about the fact that you built an armory @ 14:20 but didn't get the first upgrade until 23:00. Do you forget about the armory in the heat of battle?
File Author
It's been a while since I've watched/played this game, although I can tell you that usually I don't get the armory upgrades until fairly late in the game, unless I have extra resources. At the same time, in nearly all the games that I play, the second I hit Mythic, I'll get the Burning Pitch upgrade. Fire arrows are vital for Atlantean in my opinion, unless you're going heavy on Behemoths/Destroyers and doing a heroic fight. Atlantean archer units, i.e. Arcus, Turma, and Cheiroballista all are very good, but really don't do any damage to buildings. If you read any Atty guide, it will tell you to get 1 military barracks and 2 counter barracks the second you hit Classical. What they don't tell you is that you don't need much more than this for most of the game, and the 3 basic units that you'll use in classical age (Murmillo, Turma, and Cheiroballista) are what you'll be training for most of the game.

As far as the relics go, I'm not entirely sure why I didn't grab any. Gaia is the hardest god in the game to get relics with, since she can't get free heroes and the heroes that she does get usually aren't worth the extra resources anyway. It's rare that I'll pick up a relic prior to classic age, and even if I do, it will usually only be if I'm playing against someone who's going heavy on myth units.

Thanks for the view! I'm glad you liked it. I love playing Gaia. She's taken me from ~1550 to 1700!

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