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Walls of Glory

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Hello to everyone still round!Again, Age of Mythology,one of the greatest games eva, had me make a great scenario. But that was long ago, as these days I found something I thought was lost...

Walls of Glory
A simple but complicated game. The basic ideea is that the wall connectors you build will turn into mighty units.
You can play alone, and challenge my Super-Ultra TP(TriggerPlayer), or turn him off, to play with a human.

Starting things
Plays a core estetic role.
Spawns random heroes, forming squads, until death.Delete it on SinglePlayer if you want a really hard game!
Mines gold, and that's all!
This is a smaller Argus, which can be rezized by Delete key.Separated from the battle field, lies a kind of board. Here, is the Argus! Here, you can buy new units for your walls to transform in.
Hot doggie, spawns from time to time to improve all your other units. Just move her to the Monument(HP), Ox cart(LOS), Einheirjar(Attack).

Other things
Ah, I'm a bit bored; so have fun discovering everithing else by yourself.

Argh! I forgot the Spotlight, I hate myself so much!
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Map Design2.0
Playability: 1
When I played this, it worked more liked a save game than a scenario. I told units to attack the enemy, and they went elsewhere. Half the time when I told the dog and Argus to select a unit, nothing was selected, even though I had more than enough gold to purchase a unit.

Balance: 1
No balance at all here. I played as single and multiplayer. In multiplayer mode, I couldn't talk to the other person at all due to not being able to open the chat window.

Creativity: 4
The concept behind this is very good. The execution was very bad.

Map Design: 3
Well, the map is okay, but there were too many mountains.

Story/Instructions: 1
Story? There's a story here? Instructions merely stated to close the hints and reopen them again. DUMB.

Additional Comments:
One villager that had everything disabled was no help whatsoever, because the enemy immediately attacked the unit and killed it. Shortly thereafter, I lost the temple I had. This happened both times. Also when units did appear, there were only three at a time. This was nowhere near enough to fend off the onslaught of enemies that I had. (20 or so from the start.)

[Edited on 11/27/12 @ 05:29 PM]

Map Design2.0
Playability: 3
This scenario is decently fun to play, but is plagued by a couple of problems. The first is the fact that actual time to beat the game is so short. I was imagining that you would have to fight through a much larger canyon, but the game ends very abruptly, and with almost no challenge. Which brings me to my second point- the AI is super easy. There's no typical back-and-forth combat similar to other scenarios of this type. You just barrel the enemy over. Also, although the shop was cool, all you needed was to basically buy the Myrimidons and Arcae as soon as possible. You didn't need anything else, and could still win the game in a breeze. On a positive note, I love the idea of instant strategic deployment that you used in this game. It makes you constantly thinking and on your feet.

Balance: 2
Well, for multiplayer, this map is fairly balanced, although the cul-de-sac that the red army is in could prove to be a game changer if red had archers while defending. But the real problem here, as I said before, is the AI. It needs to be way tougher in singleplayer, rather than a complete pushover.

Creativity: 4
The idea is great and original. Like I said, it keeps you on your feet and constantly devising new strategies. I new great take on this type of scenario. If only you could implement it better, this could be a top-rated scenario.

Map Design: 2
As I said before, the map needs to be at least twice as big, and possibly have more varied terrain and eyecandy. What you have already is decent, however. Decent eyecandy sprites, and great texture mixing. Just make it bigger. And maybe put more eyecandy.

Story/Instructions: 1
Trolling. I love when a game does that to me. Only problem is that in your trolling you seemingly missed implementing any instructions. Look, it is fairly self explanatory, but but a few lines of instruction are desperately needed. Putting them in a message, objective or cut scene would be a great idea.

Map Design3.0
Playability: 3
The concept of building walls that turn into units was straight forward once understood. I felt that being able to spawn units in my opponents base was overpowered and this should have been fixed. I did not notice any bugs and as far as I knew all triggers worked.

Balance: 3
The game was not very well balanced in single player mode. At the beginning I had no idea what to do and had my villager damaged by about a quarter of it's health before I placed a single wall. Once I knew that placing wall made units I quickly rolled over your trigger player. I think against a human player the game would be more fun because it should be as strong as me. When I built units in my enemies base I discovered that 30 or so hoplites spawned, instead of this I think you should used Gaia Lush to prevent the opponent from building there.

Creativity: 3
I liked the idea of building units by placing wall. This was a very easy way to spam units. The shop was a change to the normal method of different building turning into a different unit. I do think the more conventional method is better because it doesn't make it a one off cost building a more powerful unit, like it is in your game.

Map Design: 3
The map design is nothing special but it was decorated well. There was one clear and wide path and another path through the hills that was quite difficult to figure out a way through. Finding this pathway through was actually of no use to the player because the paths joined together before the base so the attack was still coming from one direction. Reducing the amount of gold in the base and having additional mines outside would have made the game more interesting.

Story/Instructions: 1
As far as I could tell there was no story with the instructions not actually existing. Shortly after you start you are told to read the objectives if you don't know how to play. What I found written there was no help at all and was probably meant to be a joke. I wasn't even sure of what I needed to do to win.

Additional Comments:
I only played the single player mode, so this review is based on the single player mode. I'm not sure how complex your trigger player is but I do commend you on making this. For me the trigger player took both routes which made it appear more advanced.
Map Design4.0
This is an amazing game! I like the choice of multiplayer or singleplayer and the AI isn't very easy to destroy. The creativity is fine although there are many games like this out there this could be among the best one. Great map but the instructions are bad. If you can you should Definitely get this game! Its also very easy to install.

(extract the game to the scenario folder in your documents)

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Map Design2.8
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