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Kronos Reborn v1.1

Author File Description
File Details
Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 14
Version: AoM: The Titans
~~~~~Kronos Reborn ~ Version 1.1~~~~~~~
UPDATE 1.1: main-menu lay-out updated
Hello, this is Kronos Reborn,
the unofficial sequel to 'The New Atlantis' Titans campaign.
KR contains:
- 1 full cinimatic prologue
- 13 nice, playable scenarios
- a great storyline (sequel to Titans campaign)
- a new, cool main menu background (lots of people think it's better then the normal background)
- a new main menu layout with shortcuts to Kronos Reborn campaign, Golden Gift campaign, editor, etc.
- in each scenario, you can see the storyline in long by watching the 'spotlights'

other nice features:
- KR was transelated by an english pro, not by google transelate!
- KR is completely tested, so normaly, there aren't bugs anymore!
- there is a readme file included, wich explains perfectly how to install and uninstall

Note: there are some little bugs in AoM when you install KR. You can fix them easily, just read my comment below
At this site, you can find a lot of extra information about KR:


A person, named GieRigo, has made (blind) walkthroughs for this campaign!
To watch the first scenario, click here:
You'll see the other scenarios between the suggestions on your right.
Download KR and enjoy my campaign!!!!!
With a good pc, it takes just 20 seconds to download.
Please comment also,
I will update & improve KR when I have enough good comments.
When you've beaten the whole campaign, then rate!

Thanks for downloading, enjoy!

PS: Thanks to JetTHawkX for playtesting!

Campaign history:
03/14/13: 2000 downloads
02/09/13: 1500 downloads
01/23/13: review 3.8 stars
01/08/13: 1000 downloads!
12/26/12: 1.1 update
12/17/12: 500 downloads
12/11/12: 3 favourites
11/29/12: 100 downloads
11/28/12: 2 favourites
11/27/12: 50 downloads
11/26/12: review 5.0 stars
11/26/12: 1 favourite
11/25/12: campaign uploaded
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AuthorComments   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nickonhawk Erm, this is a bit weak.Mean very. First problem is the very dull terriar, then the lack of creativity. Without mentioning that you should have your own ideea, not copy something, in the first scen Ajax says "Help the spy, he has important iformation", then the spy "Help me, I've got important information" :O ...
I know how it's like to get negative posts, but this' really dumb. try and make one great scen instead of many shity ones.

File Author
Thank you JetTHawkX, your comment below is exactly what I wanted to say about Nickonhawk's comment.
Greetings, UStarlight

PS: too large file error has been fixed!
now everyone can dowload the full KR version here!

[Edited on 11/28/12 @ 07:10 AM]

JetTHawkX I have somtehing to add to that:
The meaning of this campaign is to make a SEQUEL to "the new atlantis" The storyline is very creative in the way it matches very much with the original. All scenarios are self made.
And with commenting, please remark the things that can improve, instead of breaking down the whole thing. Like the remark about the spy and Ajax saying the same. And play trough the whole campaign, instead of taking conclusions after the first scenario.

And another thing:
Please remark, this is v1.0
Starlight is doing his best to fix all the bugs and improve the scenarios.
So say: that could be better or i wouldn't do that, instead of saying: this thing is bad.
Good attidude comments help a lot in improving the campaign


[Edited on 11/27/12 @ 03:05 PM]

Skylie I'd like to learn how to do this, but anyhow, this
isn't to bad.....

File Author
Thank you Skylie XD

If you wanna make your own scenario, you'll have to use the editor.
Try all buttons, be original and use triggers(with triggers you can program actions in the game)
at this page, you'll find everything about the editor:


There are some bugs in AoM when you install KR:

-The normal AoM has not a menu anymore, just a background. AoM Titans works perfectly

-It's possible that you can't play multiplayer, you'll get an error: 'your game version doesn't mach with the host's game version'

-It's also possible that the AI won't work. I'm not sure, please report if you have the same problem

You can fix these bugs by deleting the KR main menu layout (uipregamenew.xml and uipregamenew.XMB in data folder, also explained in readme)

Greetings, UStarlight

[Edited on 01/09/13 @ 03:09 AM]

File Author
It's possible that, when you play on easy and you destroy the enemies town center, the AI will resign. Thats also on 'random map'
Try to rescue the spy without attacking the enemies town center. Normally, the AI will not resign then. (there are many towers around the town center, so i don't know how you were able to destroy it)
If the AI still resigns, you can always use the cheat 'CHANNEL SURFING' xD

PS: Please play the whole campaign, before giving a review! (Also for other players)

[Edited on 02/09/13 @ 04:49 AM]

Shadow 56556 u typed chronos wrong :P
File Author
The campaign was first made in dutch, and in dutch it is kronos.
But you're right, in english, chronos is more used.
However, there are lots of possibilities how to write kronos/chronos/khronos/...

Wiki says that the father of Zeus is written like this:
Cronos or Kronos (transelation of the old greek name)

Who wants Chronos or Cronos instead of Kronos??
please comment, if most people want chronos, I'll change it;d

[Edited on 02/02/13 @ 04:47 AM]

Skylie I thank thee for leading me there but none of those links work, I always keep getting errors & I can't even find the download editor as the links are broken, please help me....
File Author
Yes, some links on that page doesn't exist anymore, so that's an error, but I think most of the links work...
And the editor, you don't have to download it.
Just click in the AoM menu 'more' and 'editor'
But there are some mods here for the editor,you can download these also;) just search a bit in AoMH!
KR is completely made without editor mods!
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