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A bad game.

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 6
Map Type: Alfheim
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Total Game Time: 1 hr~
Player 1's Name: [LGNs]Thor
Player 2's Name: [LGNs]Engineer
Player 3's Name: Bob Trag
Player 4's Name: Lilith
Player 5's Name: NPD (Me)
Player 6's Name: Chezus
I started out fine, We were forward building and all. Chezus and I went Titans first and just before Chezus was gone he used Ragnarok so impressively. Lilith at the other hand was smothered by Engineer( Who I think is the star of the game) and even though I clobbered Bob again and again, he came back again and again. At last , I had nothing but a few buildings and with my wonder destroyed I resigned. Guys, I'm new to this game, AND I HAVEN'T EVEN COMPLETED THE SCENARIO YET, but I could hold up against much experienced pros like the LGNs. I want to improve. Any suggestions? Don't hesitate to even scold me around, I will listen( As I find this game interesting and want to improve...)

Over and Out!:-D
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Rating: 3
It was a pretty good match, apart from the small mistakes you made here and there...

Additional Comments: Well, you made quite a few mistakes in the game, I'll point as many as I can to you.

1. Your starting line of tasking Citizens on gathering wasn't exactly brilliant. You didn't try to rush, which is completely fine, but you didn't go hunt the Elks which were near you. You should've built an Economic Guild right away and use Hunting Dogs and then kill the Elks instead of the Chickens. Here's the basic Citizen tasking steps that most Atlantean players do(Unless they're planning to rush, of course)
1 Villie builds EG and upgrades to Hunting Dogs(Granted there are huntable animals near you and it isn't a water map)
1 Villie goes to food too
1 Villie goes to wood
1 Villie goes to gold
1 Villie goes to food again
And from there, you can decide on whether if you want to add more Citizens to gold or wood or food according to the game time and any other developing situations. You might want to consider if you want to upgrade to Pickaxe and Hand Axe too.

2. This could be the main reason why you lost this game. You didn't advance to Heroic until like, 20 mins. You had many opportunities to advance but you just kept spamming Millies. If you had stopped the loop, you could've advanced faster than anyone else. It's really hard for Atlantean players to destroy buildings let alone entire bases with just Murmillos and Turmas. It is possible if you rush, but since you didn't, you got owned. You just kept spamming Turmas till the very end, never even tried to make any other units. Actually, you didn't make any Siege units at all, only about 2 or 3 Destroyers. By the time you reach Heroic age, make a few Barracks and start to produce Contarius, which is well, decent against buildings.

3. As often as you can, take along a Citizen with you so you can build a forward base. Make a base near your starting TC and use the units generated from there to fend off any attackers who's trying to destroy your forward base. In this case, your main base would be the one you built just infront of your starting TC and your forward base was supposed to be near Chezus' base. So, when the enemy attacks, you can make units from your backward base and then advance to your forward base to kill your enemies.

4. This isn't a mistake, I just wanted to point this out. Lilith was kind of a noob. He didn't make any Siege units either, just spammed millions of Slingers, which died instantaneously when he fought with [LGNs]Engineer's Toxotes. He should've built more Migdol Strongholds and Siege Works to take out [LGNs]Engineer's base. After all, building Migdol Strongholds and Siege Works is one of the best things about them.

5. You didn't use your God Powers to it's fullest extent. You could've used implode at the heart of his base but you wasted it by using it infront of it. You wasted your Traitor god power on a Contarius and a Turma. You could've used it on the Colossi that were attacking Lilith's base. And regarding Valor power usage, always keep a Citizen inside the God Power circle and 3 Millie units(except Chieroballistas and myth units)and then cast the God Power. You get to upgrade a Citizen into a hero for free in this way.

6. You didn't use your Market very well. It should've been placed a bit further from a TC and then the Llama Caravans should've been tasked on an Allie's TC, which are usually farther away then your own TC. And you should've built a Market earlier and spammed more Llama Caravans so they you could've tasked some of your Citizens on food or wood.

7. If you were planning on building a Wonder, then you shouldn't have sent your Titan forward. Instead, just keep it beside your Wonder so that you could defend it when the enemy came. You should've asked Chezus to sent his Titan too. I really doubt if your enemies could get through 2 Titans, the Ragnarok units AND all your other units to destroy the Wonder. Lack of communication was the problem here. And when you're building Wonders, it's always best to build it a at a corner rather than in open air. Building it at a corner is better because you can build Walls and Palaces and Watch Towers around it much easier.

Well, that's some of the mistakes that I noticed right away, but for a beginner, you played really well. More games with experienced players and you can get really better...

[Edited on 12/07/12 @ 05:44 AM]

ramprashanth wow whoever it was,,, the one who posted the review was just brilliant!
File Author
Well, I am a pro- state wid Ra, and wudn't mind Scarab rushing u at 9 mins sharp into the game. Plus Abbros doesnt play the game anymore
johns I have critically analyzed this recorded game, and I think that there are some improvements that can be done. First, let's discuss about the advantages that you have (so that you can repeat them in the future):

1) You have an extremely quick wood and gold gathering rates. This seems to be a decent advantage for worshipping an Atlantean civilization, whose civilians gather much faster than civilians of other cultures. Your wood and gold (especially gold, which is usually a fundamental resource; I have played many wars against computers in the past and found that many computer players have lost due to the lack of gold resources; I had a player that ended up with 6 gold at the end).

2) You partly emphasize defense through building walls. This gives enemies a barrier although walls require gold for them to be built. As mentioned in (1), you quick wood and gold gathering rates makes you extremely powerful alone (if you observe other players involved, they were running out of gold), especially for an Atlantean civilization whose most buildings require wood and gold (Egyptians only require gold, and their markets and armories are totally FREE, along with their houses and drop sites, giving them a decent advantage over another).

Here are some things I think you can improve:

1) Food gathering: I notice that food gathering seems to be a fundamental problem here. What I will start out is to attempt gathering as much food AND wood as possible in the beginning (this is because every civilization requires food OR wood to train villagers and citizens, except for Norse cultures that require gold to train dwarves). Since you do have a high supply of gold and a decent supply of wood, BUILD a market, and start buying food (but not at severely quick rates as the gold cost will increase every time you buy 100 units of food).

2) Usage of God Powers: When using a particular god power, analyze how useful the god power is. I have struggled with this greatly in the past where I used a god power at the wrong time or at the incorrect location. Based on experience and observation, I noticed that the "Implode" god power is MOST effective against buildings. Hence, I tend to use these kinds of God Powers at the location that can possibly harrase the enemy the most. For instance, when I create a Set civilization and worship Thoth for the Mythic Age (God Power: Meteor), I will use the Meteor God Power on an enemy's economic buildings. In other words, for your case, I will target the enemy that is attacking me by trying to get my military units toward that enemy's houses (house buildings), and then I will use the implode power as quickly as possible (this may have to occur WITHIN 1 second). This severely damages the enemy's buildings while preventing them to train any units due to lack of population space. Then, immediately train siege weapons (that do NOT require food) along with any units that do NOT require as much food to destroy that enemy empire.

3) I notice that you have used a decent deal of moving buildings around. While this costs only 5 wood (except for towers and fortresses), this does cause time delays and often results in enemies destroying those foundations (and hence your buildings). Therefore, if you can lessen these time delays, then training these units and attacking enemies may be more effective (the amount of time to move a building may be greater than the time to train an army and moving them to an enemy empire, given that the map is NOT extremely large).

3) For a steady gold supply, train caravans (as much as you can afford), and trade with YOUR or YOUR ally's town center (pick a path that seems to NOT block the caravan's path).

4) I will also build as much towers as possible; this really does slow down the enemy. With a combination of towers and walls surrounding your empire, along with additional PALACES in your allies' empires, you can strengthen the defense of your team.

5) If you have a decent amount of resources, tribute some of the resources to your allies. I found this really helpful in terms of "mental" and economic benefits. I have observed in the past that many players who lost may have simply given up though they do have abundant resources.

6) Build walls TOWARD the end of the map, and build towers TOWARD the end of the map. Meanwhile, try improving the walls AND towers to the FULLEST extent (requires as much citizens to gather resources as fast as possible; NOTE that Atlanteans can train UP to 25 citizens, but can have even more as you convert each to a hero). This avoids the enemies from "attacking from behind".

I hope this helps. I will generally give this a grade as follows:

Rate of Training/Reaction/Defense: 16.9 out of 20
Wood Resource Gathering: 17.5 out of 20
Gold Resource Gathering: 18.7 out of 20
Food Resource Gathering: 14.5 out of 20
Battling Quality and Help toward Allies: 16.3 out of 20

TOTAL GRADE: 83.9 out of 100 (I notice that this battle is difficult as the battle begins in the classical age and requires quick reactions.)
johns Meanwhile, throughout the past, except for the Atlantean civilization, I have practiced playing for ALL 9 civilizations (Zeus, Poseidon, Hades, Isis, Ra, Set, Odin, Thor, and Loki). I have critically analyzed the techniques for EACH of the 9 civilizations and understand how to attack an enemy given the civilization I have. EACH civilization has advantages and disadvantages. For instance, Poseidon civilizations have buildings with militia in them (when an enemy destroy a building, the militia will appear as defense), BUT these civilizations have ABSOLUTELY NO HEALING POWER. Meanwhile, Poseidon heroes seem to be the weakest in combat (either Theseus who can get destroyed easily in combat, with Atalanta who is fast BUT slow to train, OR Polyphemus who is powerful yet SLOW-moving).

I will also launch SAMPLE wars ("Observer mode", for instance) to help me analyze battles. However, do NOT play a battle on that day (or a couple of days) after the Observer mode (I guarantee you that those played on the day of the Observer mode will get corrupted...).

I hope this helps.

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