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AoM Danmaku Shooter *UPDATED 5/11/2014

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Updated as of 5/11/2014
-Compatible with EE
-EE version now supports all screen resolutions
-EE version fixed invisible bullets bug. (yay)
-Increased number of lives on moderate from 2 to 3

A single player top down shooter scenario by Zenophobia

~=~=~=~ Story ~=~=~=~

In an ancient and forgotten land, there lived four nations, Fire, Water, Wind, and Earth, who lived peacefully under the protection and guidance of the nation of Light. But one day, Darkness took over, and the nations fell one by one. The Darkness then created a creature of Darkness to control each nation and enslave its people. Finally, the nation of Light knew they had to act. They chose to send a warrior of great prowess to suppress the evil.
They chose to send you...

~=~=~=~ What’s this? ~=~=~=~

This is a danmaku shooter game in Age of Mythology. Danmaku roughly means “bullet curtain” in Japanese. In other words, this is a top-down dodge the bullets shooter game.
A lot of bullets.

That’s just the beginning. >=D

~=~=~=~ Gameplay~=~=~=~

-The gameplay is simple. Use your mouse to make your character avoid the bullets and attack enemies. Sorry, but no arrowkeys. At first, I wanted to add arrowkeys, but they were too jittery. Later, I changed my mind and wanted to add them, but normal mouse movement was already stuck to this scenario with super AoM glue. Don’t worry. I’ll definitely add hotkeys in the next game. :)

-If you get hit, you lose a life. (Yeah, no health bars. This is danmaku here. :P) Lose three lives and you will fail to save the nation you are fighting for and must return later to try again.

-Press ‘X’ to activate a bomb, which clears the screen of bullets and damages enemies. You have three bombs per life. When you lose a life, you lose the bombs that came with that life.

~=~=~=~ Features ~=~=~=~

-You may find weapons and armor along the way, which are items that can be picked up. Simply move to them and you will automatically pick up the item. Equipping items will be explained later on.

-There are four stages, one for each nation. In between stages, you are in your interface. In the interface, you can view the world map where you can choose which nation to fight for next. You can also view your inventory where you can equip your character with bows, arrows, and accessories.

-Each nation has at least one boss fight in it where you must dodge intense patterns of bullets and spells. Spells are special patterns of bullets that tend to follow a specific theme. Example: Tornado of Knives. I encourage you to try playing this scenario several times and fighting for the nations in different order, as this will provide you with different patterns of attack/spells from the bosses.

-As you fight, you earn experience and level up to gain higher attack/speed.
~=~=~=~ Gameplay Tips ~=~=~=~

-When you are hit by a bullet, you will hear the sound made by a myth unit being created. You have a very short time frame between when you hear that sound and your actual death where you can use a bomb to save your life.

-Don’t run from bullets. If a massive wall of arrows comes at you, don’t try to run from it like one of my playtesters did. The longer you run from the bullets, the longer they are a threat to you. Instead of running, stand your ground and dodge the bullets. Once they pass you, they’re no longer a threat (most of the time. >=D).

-Your character is set to aggressive stance. Keep control of him at all times.
~=~=~=~ Technical Tips ~=~=~=~

-The character is unresponsive to commands given near the bottom of the screen. (The area that would be black in a cinematic)

-The character may be slow to your move commands when attacking. If you give him a move command while he is in the middle of an attack, he will finish the attack before he moves and you may end up being hit by a bullet. To counter this, give your character move commands earlier.

-If you order your character to attack an enemy and all he does is just move forward an inch and then stop, don’t worry. That means that he is out of range. Simply move him closer and order the attack again.

~=~=~=~ Technical Notes ~=~=~=~

-You can't pause the game or open the menu because the UI is hidden. To leave the game, press escape. HOWEVER, once you have left, you can't go back. You have to start over.

-Please don't rotate the camera. It will make the game very weird.

-If you have a crappy computer, don’t attempt hard or titan mode. Here’s a reason why. In fact, no one should try titan mode. This is for their own sake. I don’t want anyone dying of heart attacks because they were trying my scenario on titan mode. :p

-At the beginning of the scenario, it asks your screen size ratio: either 4x3, which refers to 1600x1200, 1024x768, 800x600, 640x480, etc. or 5x4, which refers to 1280x1024. If you have a widescreen computer and have a widescreen setting in AoM, it is best to change it to one of the resolutions listed above (the default AoM resolutions). This is for certain spells where bullets bounce off walls.

-If you play this scenario, please play it as the first scenario you play when you open AoM. This is because of some strange glitches passing over from other scenarios. For example, after I played Bomberman by lostrozzacavalli, I started this scenario and noticed strange things such as garrison flags appearing where they weren’t supposed to and such. I suspect this has something to do with the fact that his scenario uses some advanced XS User code, and it somehow messed up the overall coding, similar to how hotkeys carry over to other scenarios. I also played another one of my scenarios before this one and different glitches resulted. For the best performance, please play this scenario as the first scenario you play when you open AoM.

~=~=~=~ Progress ~=~=~=~

Need I say more? *heyhey*

~=~=~=~ Special thanks to... ~=~=~=~

HailtoTheOboe’s TPQ trigger pack

AoMHeaven and its awesome community for keeping this game alive.

Tasterix and his eyecandy guide.

Perpetual n00b, lostrozzacavali (?), Lewonas, and everyone else that helped post my desired triggers in the Trigger Request Thread.

Green Turtle and his LB trigger pack.

Nottud and all his creations.

Ensemble Studios, for creating Age of Mythology

All my playtesters. Without them, you'd be stepping on random land mines, facing enemies with 90% instead of 9% pierce armor, and wondering why the heck half the scenario was impossible. :)

And everyone else that I forgot to mention.


This scenario comes with a tutorial scenario which I highly recommend anyone who downloads this to play.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0


Playability: 5
Awesome! I have no problems mostly, thought there are a few bullets that become land mines, and other tiny things(like no way of saving!). And I've no problems if I don't play it as first scen when start the game.
Balance: 4
Honestly, it took a lot to finish it on easy. However, it's also a good thing to keep it hard,
since you spend more time playing the scen :p
Creativity: 5
No comment! Think it might even get close to my scens! God, joking, you've got a great scen here. If only this hoplite would submit faster...
Map Design: 4
It doesn't get close to the whole scen's quality, but I didn't want to get the rating too low. Nooby cliffs...(Hide the weapons better, man!)
Story/Instructions: 4
The tutorial was unexpectedly very well done, I almost had the impresion it was trolling(select, very well, now move-really?!?!)
BUT, the missing final boss should have cost you all six points from here!

Heading to the finish line, this is A VERY GOOD SCENARIO; hope it's seenable to the top.
So, you litt'l hoplite, CONTINUE to make scens, a bit faster(erm, nothing...)

The Editorman

Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The controls are simple and easy to use. The use of hot keys makes the game easy to play, I am glad you did this to use a bomb instead a god power to trigger the bomb. I found myself clicking a lot which should be expected although an alternate control method such as arrow keys to move would probably give this game a 5 for playability.

Balance: 3
For me I found that starting on medium difficulty was actually too hard. After completing the game on easy difficulty I found it was possible but still hard. I have given a 3 because I think the game is hard overall, with titan difficulty being so hard that it can crash some computers I think it is too hard. Some of the attacks I felt required a bomb to survive even on easy difficulty which is harder than I would expect. The son of Osiris, I believe had an attack that created a spiral path that needed to be run through to survive, I found this almost impossible but I did have enough bombs to survive.

Creativity: 5
As far as I know there has never been another scenario like this before. The style of play allows for dazzling boss fights and you have made the boss fights amaze indeed. Projectiles being reflected across the edge of the screen and coming in on the other side seemed flawless for me. My favourite special attacks would have been the pentagons created by the anubite and the 2 walls of fire that swung down from the top of my screen while battling the Son of Osiris (Wrath, I believe).

Map Design: 4
On a whole the map design is rather simplistic but that is all it needs to be. The birds eye view of the map that the player receives is not a particularly good way to view eyecandy but I can tell you have still put attention to the eyecandy. A compliant I do have about the map design is in the wind level you are not confined to the path that is laid out, I only discovered this by accident and if I knew this from the begging it would have made dodging a few attacks easier. The terrain changing when a boss uses a spell is something I liked. On a whole the map design was pleasing and a change from the normal angled view but had a few draw backs which earns it a 4.

Story/Instructions: 5
The main merit of this map would be it's unique play style and this means that instructions are required, this has been done with a second scenario that covers the basics and gives you practice of how to attack, use bombs and dodge. This has been done well, with some slight humor thanks to the boss. The story is also strong with the seven deadly sins being the 7 bosses. The narration at the begging gave me clear goals of what to do and when it came back at the end it was rewarding with closure to the scenario and a little humor.

Additional Comments:
AoM Danmaku Shooter is a dazzling scenario by Zenophobia. It brings a new play style to Age of Mythology that is based on a birds eye view and dodging projectiles. I would recommend it to anyone that wants a new way to play Age of Mythology.

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Map Design4.0
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