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Orano vs Zeus

Author File Description
File Details
# of Players: 2
Map Type: Marsh
Map Size: Normal
Game Type: Supremacy
Handicapped: No
Shared Resources: No
Shared Population: No
Cheats Allowed: No
AoM Version: AoM: The Titans
Player 1's Name: UOLOLO
Player 2's Name: Branz05
I need help to improve my skills.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Nickonhawk Skills can only improve by playing. You'll get to invent your own strategies over time. Thanks for still playing dud!
Lewonas Some things I have noticed and written down on paper:

4:20 - Idle villagers who were hunting deer. You must keep an eye on how many deer are still left alive to prevent as much idle time as you can. When you see there's only 1 deer left alive, move all but 1 of your villagers to a new food gathering spot.

8:40 - You attack a much larger enemy force with your army which resulted in you losing all of your units. If you see that there's no chance you can win against his army, retreat!

9:45 - You hit the population limit. Keep an eye on the population so you know when to build houses or when to go for a town center. The longer you can't build any military units, the bigger the advantage your opponent gets.

I have also noticed that you build your manors near your town center. I advise you to build the manors close to your villagers, e.g. near a large gold mine. When the enemy wants to attack your villagers, you can quickly garrison them inside the manor so you don't lose any villagers.

12:20 - You hit the population limit again and you didn't do anything about it for at least a minute. This means that you couldn't build any military units while your opponent could which gives him a MASSIVE advantage. Mistakes like this can lose you the game!

14:50 - You attack a much larger enemy force again and you didn't pull back. You unnecessarily lost your entire army.

15:20 - You have a lot of wood and gold which you didn't spend. Spend these resources on economic/military upgrades and/or build more military buildings. It's a waste not to use your resources.

16:50 - Six of your villagers are idle for a pretty long while, and six idle villagers is A LOT. Keep an eye out for idle villagers at all times!

17:00 - You send only 1 villager to build a crucial town center in the center of the map and you didn't defend it at all. You were very lucky that your opponent didn't attack your villager. If he had attacked it, then the game would have ended a lot sooner because:

- He would have 3 town centers and you only 2
- This means he can reach a higher population limit than you
- This means he can have a larger army than you
- The one who has a larger army eventually wins the game

Next time, send at least two villagers to build the town center in the center of the map and defend them with your army.

17:20 - You have more than 1200 food/wood/gold at this point. You should have gone to the heroic age and take advantage of the military techs which are available in the heroic age to gain a big advantage against your opponent's classical age army.

20:30 - You attack his archers with your cheiroballistae and his cavalry with your turmae. You should have attacked his archers with your turmae (they are very strong against archers) and his cavalry with your cheiroballistae and you would have probably won the battle. Micromanagement wins battles.

24:20 - You build the market near your town center while you should have build it as far away from town center as you can and in a safe position. Once you've constructed the market you can establish a trade route between your market and your town center with caravans. Trade routes are crucial in long games because gold will eventually be unobtainable. The one player without gold will always lose the game.

25:40 - You did a suicide push with your army when you attacked his fortress. Your knew your opponent had a larger army and you knew he was going to flank your army with his. This is the third big battle you shouldn't have fought.

I also noticed that you stopped training murmillo's and replaced them with weak katapeltes. Your opponent's army consisted of 50/50 hippikons and archers. Katapeltes are only good against hippikons and are very vulnerable against archers while murmillos are good against hippikons AND are pretty resistant to archers. Sure, you can make SOME katapeltes to deal with his hippikons, but do not ever create only katapeltes because they suck against anything else. Murmillos are a better choice.

28:00 - At this point, your opponent has researched far more military techs than you, even though you had enough resources to research them throughout the entire game. This gave your opponent a big advantage.

31:00 - You lost the game at this point because you did a suicide push with your army again. You attacked one of his town centers in such a way that both of his guard towers could attack your army! You managed to destroy the town center, but you lost your entire army in the process. Half of your army consisted of archers, and let's be honest that archers aren't particularly good against buildings.

Oranos' turmae are one of the best units you can disrupt your opponent's economy with. Try to make about 10-15 turmae and attack and kill his villagers with them (your primary target is the villagers who gather gold), but do not risk losing any of your turmae! Your opponent will have to split his army to deal with the turmae which is when you can attack him with your main army. You can also make smaller groups, like three groups which consist of 5 turmae, and attack his villagers with them in different locations. If your opponent doesn't try to kill them, he will lose his villagers and weaken his economy. If he does try to kill them, you can push with your main army (murmillo / myth units / a few turmae) and destroy his base or kill the remainder of his army which is still in the base. In other words, keep the pressure on (if you keep heavy pressure on your opponent, he sometimes will just give up even though he has a score lead). Such tactic usually wins the game.
File Author
Thanks for taking the time to check my game :) I´ll take this advices the next time :D

[Edited on 05/07/13 @ 05:43 PM]

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