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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » Desert Brawl 2 *UPDATED 7/27/2014

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Desert Brawl 2 *UPDATED 7/27/2014

Author File Description
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
Updated as of 5/11/2014
-Compatible with EE

UPDATED as of 5/14/2014
-Fixed lightings for EE version

Updated as of 7/27/2014
-Fixed some bugs that could cause the game to stop working.
-Fixed lightings for EE again.

A single player hack ‘n slash sexiness- i mean... scenario by Zenophobia


We have defeated the tyrant of the desert. Now we have laid our eyes on another tyrant. This one so despicable that he has enslaved the entire land. He must be stopped at all costs.
It is time for another brawl...
It is time for Desert Brawl 2.

-=-=-=-What’s This?-=-=-=-

For those of you few remaining people here who have played the original Desert Brawl, be prepared for epic upgraded awesomeness^2. :)
For those of you who have never played the original Desert Brawl before, here’s a basic description: You are a soldier in a hostile battlefield. Your objective? To defeat the tyrant of this land. What’s special about this? You use hotkeys for everything! Arrow keys to move, space to attack, and Q,W, and E to use your character’s special abilities.
For those of you named ‘The AoM Expert’ whose AoM has a series of spontaneous combustions and technical breakdowns when playing a DB scenario, this scenario is not for you. XD


-As stated before, you use hotkeys for everything to control your unit. Arrow keys to move, space to attack, and Q,W, and E to use your character’s special abilities.

-Fight over plenty vaults in an epic battlefield. Plenty vaults bring in reinforcements for the side they are owned by. When you die, select an allied plenty vault to respawn from and then select the character you want to play as.

-Your goal is to defeat the evil tyrant living in his fortified city, but your first task is to capture all plenty vaults first.


-Where to start? There’s so much new exciting stuff to talk about. Prepare for massive walls of text!!

New hotkey system: The new hotkey system is WAAAY smoother than in the original Desert Brawl. You’ll see for yourself how awesome it is. :P

New characters: Unlike the original Desert Brawl, you are no longer just a lowly soldier on the battlefield named "Hypaspist" or "Gastraphetes." Instead, your are now a mighty champion with lots of cool abilities that can cut swaths of destruction through your enemies. Mwuahahahaha... >=D

Boss fights: In the original Desert Brawl, you leveled up to unlock new characters. Now? You must defeat epic bosses in multiple battles. Once you’ve defeated a boss, they become an allied CPU as well as a playable character!

There are multiple bosses, but they can only be defeated with you nearby. If you die or move too far away from them, they reset to full health, with the exception of the final boss.

New level ups: "Zeno, you said we no longer level up to unlock units. But what do level ups do now?"
It’s obvious, isn’t it? You can level up each individual character to unlock new passives and abilities! Each character has four levels to achieve (the first one is already unlocked though), and each one unlocks either a new passive or a new ability. (For those of you who haven’t played the original Desert Brawl, you earn exp through fighting and killing enemies)

New passives are shown in green while new abilities are shown in whatever the heck this color is.

New aiming mode: In the original Desert Brawl, your ranged characters had a sh**y aiming mode that couldn’t land on crap. Now, aiming is easier than ever. You no longer need to press ‘C’ to enter aiming mode, nor is aiming mode so slow. Just press the attack or ability button and a green line will appear. Your unit will then begin its attack animation. Rapidly press the arrow keys to modify the direction of the green line until your character shoots, and a bullet will fly in a straight line and damage the first unit it hits.

There’s also different types of ranged abilities with different aiming modes. For example, here’s the Huntress’s Arrow Volley which fires seven arrows in a cone instead of one.

New environments: We now have new environments! You’ll not only be fighting in a desert, but on a river, in a forest, and more!

Difficulty levels: There are still difficulty levels integrated, but the overall difficulty of this scenario is less "OMG! F***! F***! F***! F***!" and more of "mwuahahahahahahaha..." Of course, there are still those moments where you curse like a maniac and run for your life, but most of the time, you’re roflstomping on all your enemies. :)

EPIC LAG: That's right. This scenario features lag. XD. But don't worry. Most of it happens only during the final boss.

Tutorial: Please do it. It's helpful. XD


There’s only seven characters to play as this time, but it's okay. It’s quality over quantity, and they’re all extremely fun. You’ll definitely find one that fits your playstyle. Well, maybe not definitely. Probably?
Anyways, I lied. There’s more than seven playable characters, but the other ones are secret characters that can only be unlocked in certain ways. ;) Click the image to see detailed information about each character. If you don’t want spoilers, then don’t click and just go ahead and download!

-=-=-=-Special Thanks To...-=-=-=-

Special thanks to my playtesters, Orm0rni and Nickonhawk, for their feedback. One of them has been featured as a secret playable character. :)

Also, thank you to whoever downloads and plays this. I really appreciate your support in keeping AoMH alive. Don't forget to post a comment or review!

The music is Criminal Insanity, created by Jon Babb, also known as Bosa on Newgrounds.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
Playability: 4
The controls were quite straightforward to and this made it easy to develop a fluent use of them. As a result of not being able to use hot-keys I couldn't move exactly to where I wanted to although it was close enough. Another bug or limitation with them is that you can not move diagonally by holding down two of the arrow keys. The aiming system I thought was brilliant and actually required a little bit of skill to use. On a whole I thought the hot-keys were executed to quite a high standard.

To me the major drawback to the playability is how some bosses abilities would interrupt yours but the recharge would still occur despite the fact nothing had happened. Other times I found myself activating the ability by pressing the key then being knocked back and the special ability would fire in the wrong direction or when I was too far away for i to be effective.

Balance: 4
Overall I think the map has been balanced quite well I won with the final boss bowing down to my last plenty vault when it died, I felt that was perfect. It took me about an hour and twenty minutes to finish this map. So time wise I think it is reaching the limit of how long it can be without saving especially for someone on their first play through.

The different characters that you could play as did seem to have quite different abilities that worked well. As with the original Desert Brawl I found that a few of the characters were much better than others and I tended towards using the ranged characters. Another similarity I found this game shared with the original was that which ever side I was not on was losing ground, this did get rather frustrating at times. Part of this may have been because I felt that I needed to level up the different characters so that they would use their abilities and let the computer hold their own but to do that I needed to be weaker and lose ground.

Creativity: 5
This is a very creative map with all the special abilities. Some of the characters I never managed to unlock and this was a disappointment as the ones that I did used were very fun. Being able to play as a boss after you have beaten it is a nice feature and when that has been included in a good way. The most creative aspects of this map may be the visual effects produced by some of the special abilities.

Map Design: 4
The map was well designed with two sides that you need attack and for me defend as well later in the game. The map was the perfect size for me if it had been any smaller I think I could have easily lost.

The complaint I have with the map is that I felt it was zoomed in to much over your character. For most the the game this wasn't a problem but there were some ballistas that as a ranged character I found was killed in one hit by before I could see them and then as a more armoured character the defensive terrain stopped me from being able to attack them. In the final boss fight, that I must say has a vey good atmosphere I lost the boss and actually spent a few minutes trying to find it. Having a tiny allied titan follow the boss so that I can find it would be useful.

Eyecandy was also completed to quite a high standard, much more and there could have been lag issues in the final boss fight. The natural parts of the map seemed natural and on a whole it seemed quite realistic.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story was not outstanding but was still existent and it made sense out of what was going on. As the controls were so simple I don't think a tutorial cinematic was necessary although it was still made and completed to a high standard like the rest of the map. For those who have not played the original I would recommend they play the tutorial.

Additional Comments:
Desert Brawl 2 is a very good example of how well hot-keys can be used. The visual effects created are of a really high standard and are controlled well through hot-keys.

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Map Design4.0
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