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Norse Minor God Statues

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Version: Both
Minor God Statues Mod

I'm not particularly good at explaining things, especially in writing so I'll try and be brief.

For my first mod I wanted to try quite a small project, so this mod only affects Norse. I wanted to see how AoM:TT would play with a less linear upgrade system. This mod replaces the old temple with three new temples:

1. Temple of Odin
2. Temple of Loki
3. Temple of Thor

These temples allow the player to build 5 minor god statues, each unique to the temple, so a total of 15 minor god statues. There are a few different types of statue. Some will automatically unlock a myth unit upon creation. Others may grant access to a very useful technology or god power:

Temple of Odin

1. Freyja - Unlocks Valkyrie and Forest Fire.
2. Njord - Unlocks sea myth units an age earlier and unlocks a technology which makes sea myth units free, but you may only train one. Also unlocks Walking Woods.
3. Baldr - Unlocks a technology which reduces cost of technologies and unlocks Healing Spring.
4. Heimdall - Unlocks a technology which increases building hitpoints and reduces cost of watchtowers. Also unlocks Undermine.
5. Vali - Unlocks Mountain Giants.

Temple of Loki

1. Hoenir - Unlocks a technology which increases training speed of humun units (however it makes them weaker).
2. Hodur - Unlocks a technology which increases the population count of houses. Also unlocks the Nidhogg.
3. Fenrir - Unlocks Fenris Wolf Brood and Fimbulwinter.
4. Skadi - Unlokcs Frost Giants and Frost.
5. Surtr - Unlocks Fire Giants and Ragnarok.

Temple of Thor

1. Ymir - Unlocks a technology which improves dwarves.
2. Mimir - Unlocks a technology which converts favor cost of myth units to gold.
3. Kvasir - Unlocks a technology which increases LoS of buildings and unlocks Flaming Weapons.
4. Modi and Magni - Unlocks Battle Boars.
5. Forseti - Unlocks Trolls.

Minor god statues are also used to move up the ages instead of a cost of food and gold. It requires one statue to get to Age 2, 3 for Age 3 and 4 for Age 4.

Current Issues with the Mod

- Visual Bug on Major God choice screen (It may not be possible to fix this but I'll keep trying :p)
- Norse AI unable to reach Age 3 (I don't have a good enough understanding of the ai to fix this myself sadly)
-No unique models or icon art for minor god statues, so at times it can be hard to distinguish between them. (As soon as the mod is uploaded I will be working on the icon art)
- Fake Age 2,3,4 technologies pre-unlocked for all other civilizations. This means that, for example, an Egyptian player will be able to reach the Minor God Selection screen without having the required number of resources but they cannot actually select a god.
- The roll-over text for Fake Age 2,3,4 does not match up for Norse.

Both the last two problems could be fixed if I continued the mod into all other civilizations.

I've only tested the mod, so I'm pretty sure certain technologies may be unbalanced. Please feel free to give me feedback :D

I wanted to create an increment cost system but it was impossible to implement due to the way Nonestate Alivestate works. Instead the cost of statues increases as you go up the ages. Because of this, if the statues' costs increased too much between each age the best way to play the mod would just be sitting at Age 2 building all the required statues and then rushing to Age 4, which was not what I was aiming for. So because of this the number of statues required and their costs seem a bit too cheap towards end game. I'm not really sure if there is a way to fix this but I'm not going to forget that it's a problem!

I'm attempting to make an AoM compatible version as the mod doesn't actually use any Titan-exclusive features.

Also, I'll try and make a more easy to read diagram of the minor god statues and their technologies. It may take a while as I have a lot to do right now.
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WarheroAgiados I really like the idea. I suggest you keep working on it and improve it as well.
Lolabear nice idea, sounds fun. its in my to try pile when i find my aom disks :s

i wonder if theres a build limit for statues that maybe you somehow got rid of for the player but left for the ai, that way it can only make 1 (gets to age 2) then cant make any more or something, i dont know anything about ai so im just guessing lol :p

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