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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: 14
Version: AoM: The Titans
Rage of Poseidon I. is the first part to my proyect "Rage of poseidon", this fist part has:

14 battle scenarios
15 cinematics between each scenario
total scenarios 30

Later atlantis destruction, Poseidon sends the best warrior of his divine army,almiral Egios.

You must fight off him and his allies.

I don't speak perfect english, maybe some pharses
are bad, but surely you could understand the story.

Second part comming soon.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
This is really INCERDIBLE work. I've never played such an AMAZING AoM campaign before. Apart from a few small bugs this campaign can really match the AoM original campaign Fall of The Trident, not only in each individual scenario, but also in the number of total scenarios and the story line. It is really unfair that this campaign has never get a review just because it was uploaded in recent years. Anyone who loved AoM campaigns should definitely play with it.

Playability: 5
All scenarios have nice playability. There are scenarios and objectives of different kinds. It is really enjoyable and deserves a 5. The camera tracks are always very good which make players totally involved in the cinematic. One of the most impressive ones I can remember is the camera suddenly pulled away from Odyssey from the top when he comes up with the plan to build a dock in the cave.

However I still get some small problems. In scenario 4 after I send the sailors into the transport ship, there are two bunches of enemy troops created by the trigger every several minutes at the edge of the map but my AoM crashes when these enemy armies are forced to walk towards my gates by the trigger. The only thing I can do to avoid crash is to build a lot of walls to occupy the spaces where these army troops are created so that I can kill them as soon as possible once they appear. I am not sure whether this is just a problem of my own computer. In scenario 7 one can not build up an excavation in time. It can only increase about 200 hitpoints in 10 minutes even when all villagers are coming to save the hero. This might be a problem of AoM itself because I found this problem not only in this campaign sometimes an excavation really builds up much more slowly than it should be.

Also it seems that your music file is extracted in the directory .../Age of Mythology/sound which makes the music unable to stop after I choose "stop music" in the Player Options.

Balance: 5
The camapign is well balanced. I went through all the scenarios on hard difficulty. Although some scenarios might be a little difficult, I think it is not a bad thing. I don't like a campaign that is too easy. I would give a 5 here.

But I still want to make a comment on scenario 10 and 14. In scenario 10 one of the two enemies send all its units to attack my base immediately after the game begin I just have no time to build an army. What I can do is to only let the enemy troops follow my hero running around in the map away from my base until about half an hour later I have enough army troops that can fight against them. I checked the AI files in the editor. The reason might be the AI aomx05p3 is used for this enemy player which is so aggressive that in hard mode it will activates its army to attack you at the beginning. There ia another problem that sometimes happens. When Egios was reborn after I click on him the game says Egios dies again(actually he is not) and a second Egios comes out after a few minutes. If I click on this second Egios a third Egios will come out later. Scenario 14 is really challenging. It's impossible to defend your base against so many giants until the Battle Boar is done on hard difficulty. My base was destroyed when the 5th or the 6th giant attack comes. All my remaining units need to escape around the whole map to build walls or houses in the corner of the map so that I won't lose before Ajax comes back. Actually even after Ajax comes back he is easy to be killed by the giants all over the map before he can make it to the cave. But finally I did it, so I would still say this is one of the scenarios I like the best. This is really a feeling that even after all the buildings in the base are destroyed and all the units and heroes died, you can still slaughter your enemies to regain the victory at last. One can never have this kind of experience in the random map games without cheat. It is really a incredible victory.

Creativity: 5
RoP tells one what a creative story should look like. One cannot imagine what will happen to the heroes even in the next scenario. This is unlike most campaigns I have played before in which you know what will happen at the end even in the very beginning. In these campaigns heroes just win the battle one after another where you cannot see a creative story.

Map Design: 5
Map design is good in most scenarios. One can see a lot of eye candy. You make good use of different kinds of terrains. I really love your design for Itaca and Urd.

Story/Instructions: 5
Actually the story in your campaign really deserves more than five points. It is absolutely great. One part I like the best is the experiences of Arkantos and Egios in Egypt 15 yeas ago. It is really a good idea to use some scenarios to describe it and put them in different places while players are following the heroes' journey to defeat Poseidon, which makes me feel more like reading a story not just playing RTS games.

When Agamemnon's men disguise themselves as prisoners I didn't associate this with the strategy Agamemnon learned in the Trojan War in Fall of The Trident until Agamemnon reminds me of that. If one didn't play with Fall of The Trident he cannot quite understand why Agamemnon behaves differently with Ajax and Odyssey in this scenario and how he comes up this plan. Many scenarios are claimed to be the follow-up stories of Fall of The Trident, but I have never seen a campaign that can be related to the original campaign in such a detail.

Actually this is what a good story should look like, not just combine several battles together to make a campaign.

Additional Comments:
I was fully impressed by this campaign. But there is still a piece of advice. It seems that most of the scenarios is just Build and Destroy, it would be much better if you can try some scenarios of other types like Fixed Forces. I will also submit a review in part 2 here and I really hope you can finish PART 3 to give RoP a good end.
Map Design4.0
Ah, back again as some of you would know I reviewed "Rise of the Argives" another high quality campaign made by an international AOM'er.

Let's review this PROPERLY, rather than give an unbalanced crappy review everyone on AoMH does nowadays.

Playability: 5
Playability is RoP's greatest strong suit, every scenario plays fine, with no problems, or issues, making this a working campaign.

Balance: 4
The Balance in RoP is fine, nothing really to elaborate, would've rated 5 but since I was playing with AoM: Expanded Mod, but other than that it's a fine campaign to play casually.

Creativity: 3
Not really much to elaborate on the creative side, map design (elaborated below) is the best creative asset, and some of the triggers are decent enough, the objectives are a mixed bag. The rating of three is chosen for the fact that the creativity is almost the same as ES' campaigns.

Map Design: 4
Map design is the second best thing in the campaign, it's very similar to ES' scenario designs, very pleasing and well done.

Story/Instructions: 2
Ugh, the story is the worst part of this campaign, the story complety screws with the canon of normal mythologies and aom's canon.

Worst Parts (SPOILERS):
- An excuse to use Arkantos as a main character again
- Agamemnon's existence should've not have been used as he was killed by his daughter/her lover within the week he returned from troy, and he betrays Odysseus (who also should still be lost like in the Odysseus)
- Arkantos' wife being a princess (really wtf? I'd rather see her as a nobleman's daughter, or theocrat's niece, not a damn princess)
- The Main Antagonist (HINT HINT, SPOILERS) betrayed atlantis already and killed the princesses' brother, wtf?

The story of this is the most generic ever, and doesn't even keep in touch with classic mythos, the person who made this obviously believed the characters in this were 100% creations of ES.

It gets a 2 for objectives solely, since apart from the Google Translate English, they are decent enough

Additional Comments:
Not much else to say, the campaign also uses google translate Spanish to English because they couldn't have been bothered to work with an English speaking Latino.
Map Design5.0
Playability: 5
Wow! Great campaign. It is rare to find such a good campaign these days,and there are very few that I have enjoyed. Playability is great,not any highlighted bug or something,great stuff.Great campaign.I enjoyed it very much till the last level.

Balance: 4
The balance is good,I played on Easy and didn't lost any level from the first time,but there is one level or two that are a bit hard.Though it doesn't affect my rating a lot,because I like challenges,and this provide a great source of fun.

Creativity: 3
Like many said before,the random map type game made this rating go down (Begin nomad or with a town center, gather,build, advance,attack) in most of the levels.This was a bit of an obstacle but wasn't the a main one so this could be bypassed because of the others good event in each level.

Plus,i would like to add that making this story is great (original idea) and so and it is great to feel this in aom.It really explains the "10 years after the destruction of Atlantis".

Map Design: 5
Not many things to add here,this is your strong point.Great designer.

Story/Instructions: 3
Ok,now this point is your weakness.I know English is not your native language and how hard it is to translate stuff to English. This has not affected your rating.But the story needs a lot of concentration for understanding (perhaps of the language) Bof!Per example,the part in the norselands, I replayed the cinematic two times to understand why the vikings came and why we must be against them.

For the objectives,I like a lot that you gave a spotlight that why i give a 3 of rating.But the problem is that the hint do not give you a lot of clues (perhaps it's intended) but that doesn't help me if i tried the campaign for the first time on hard.

Additional Comments:
I would like to repeat the main points of the review of TheBronyKing11 appart from the usage of Arkantos it wasn't that bad,I liked it actually.

Beside,this good job,and I think I should download the second part very soon.

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