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AOM (Factory mod v.1.0)

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Version: AoM: The Titans
Mod Age of mytology - (Factory version 1.0) Created by Travesurasrojas

The mods are for the Age Of mytology and also for expansion The Titans

This mod contains the following changes

-Rotate buildings (Important to place fences and stone walls wherever you want)

Modifications by civilizations.


In the Middle Archaic in the barn, you can create pigs, cows, goats, chickens, horses (Unit added), Bulls and Bella (Dog Trick BARKBARKBARKBARKBARK)

5 gold pigs
7 gold cows
5 gold goats
Chickens 8 gold
Bulls 10 gold
7 gold horses
Bella 800 gold 500 food can only be called one

The horses are used for food and can become a scout.

- When did you stronger scout

In the Town Center can create a character called dwarf builder, you can build the following buildings:

Tent: We are 10 population and can create the scout and the military.
Shipyard: as a dock but stronger, you can create three more ships, pirate ship, boat reaper, ghost ship.
Migdol Fortress bandit: Appears in Heroic age,
Shrine: Da favors as the Egyptian monuments can only build up to 5.
Temple of the Gods: As a temple but more resistant, Eda appears on Heroic. You can save up to 20 relics, villagers can also pray and generates favors.
Statue of Pharaoh: Only current trim
Statue of leon: only this trim
Statue of Lord Mayor: Villagers can pray and generates favors can also be transformed into a pillar of lightning but is very expensive and the villagers can no longer pray, it sends rays.
Stone wall, iron fence, wood fence, prison walls: They're just for show.


In the classical age activates the new building called factory can be built by the villagers.

Fabrica: In this building you can create equally powerful units that mythical without favors, this is a building that can also be used by the computer when playing with several enemy civilizations.
It contains the following units.

Arcabusero Japanese: A soldier firing his weapon can attack, is a unit with a more powerful attack but very low resistance.

Dilophosaurus, Pasisefalosaurio: Two units of dinosaurs in the classical age, has the power of mythical units but does not need us to create them.



Tyrannosaurus and Tyrex: Two extremely powerful units but also too expensive, so they can be cured by feeding on any animal, including another dinosaur can only create two of each.

Amaterasu: A powerful demigod unit, is especially needed for 40 to summon, you can only summon one, but has the power of engaging in a battle of 1-1 against a powerful titan.

Robot Battle: A powerful robot, his armor protects him from the bullets that do not cause practically nothing, you can create up to 3 of them, all 5 alone could against a titan.

Heavy Machine Gun: A super-machine gun, heavy, very expensive, but very powerful.

Iron Giant: A powerful machine of destruction, has an armor that protects against projectiles making him almost indestructible, can only be created 3.


Robot titan ZP-X: An indestructible robot, has the power of a titan enfentarse and win, your money is worth what his power can only be built one, but this great machine can be reconstructed.

Robot titan ZP-K: When men ceased to believe in gods and forgot, achieved a perfect engineering even creating machines that could face them, or at least I believed men.
This is the most powerful machine created by man a Robot Titan ZP-K with the power to eliminate the Titans, has an impenetrable armor by projectiles. Suna armor is like the guardians of the gods.
Can this machine stopping power of Cronos?

Stone Giant: A giant full armies may face and to overcome this in the top of the most powerful mortal units.

Colossus of fire: the great unity colossal "Colossus" also undergoes a transformation in the colossus of fire.
A Towering Inferno stronger and powerful than the last.

The unit also dwarf can be created in the urban center, the villagers also can build the factory in the barn can create farm animals.
You can build the factory in all Egyptian gods.

The factory in Nordic can be built by the villagers, the unit also enabled dwarf animals are created in the drive farm ox cart.

All units are mod enabled, you create the farm animals in the guild, the factory is built by the villagers.

here's a video demonstrating the mod
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cacaboy esta buenisimo
PhotoHound You should really recognize the creators of all the mods that you've included that you did not create...otherwise it looks like you're taking credit for work that you did not do.
File Author
That's true, if it did, the problem is that I do not remember who the authors were.
I just bundle the mods, are not mine.
WarriorMario Robot Titan and the Iron Giant are from Crazydragon. But as far as I know you didn't get permission from the creators of all those mods so, this mod should be removed from the downloads.
But since the moderators aren't that active anymore it won't happen I guess.
File Author
Ok, thanks for the info. I will add the information to the authors for next mod!!
saintdiego22 hey... i only want to use the barn thing, to create animals from there.. how can i install it?just only animals?
mafia0088 hy i have made some serious changes in ur mod.....like i combined the titan project with ur mod and u can traine lazer bear from shine. shrines generates 1000(food,wood,gold,favor)per second. dwarf doesnot count population....train unlimited of them...ameretsu the son of sun is the most powerful unit....bandit migdol is unbreakable and can train arkantos god....arkantos can upgrade to uber arkantos(blessing of zeus power)...kastor can upgrade to titan GAIA.....and many more......
WollieWoltaz Travesurasrojas how did you managed to get the factory buildable by the villagers in random map games?
Did you scripted the AI by yourself?
TheBronyKing11 It's because the factory must use the AbstractBarracks file tag in the protox, that's how the ai can build it.

as for actually making it buildable, you need a Techtree line for the building, and the new units
WollieWoltaz Ok, yes it has indeed the tag AbstractBarracks in it.
But the weird thing is.. ONLY when the AI plays norse, the AI places the Factory on the field, but can't build it because when an Ulfsark or an Throwing Axeman walk towards it it gets destroyed automatically and immediately.
Do you know what's going on?
I checked the techtreex, but can't find the problem.

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