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Age Zombie v1.0

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# of Players: 4
Version: AoM: The Titans
Age Zombie is a map inspired by the Arma II mod DayZ, where players are stuck in a zombie-infested world and require food to survive, and loot to upgrade.

How to play:

At game start, your camera will be on your "old man". You will then have one minute to choose an character, by moving the old man close to the desired unit.

The AXEMAN is a counter-infantry unit, the prime zombie slayer with high hack armor.
The HOPLITE is tough all around, having high armor and damage, but lacks speed.
The HUSKARL is an elite warrior only truly effective when against archers due to high pierce armor.

The TOXOTES is a foot archer with high damage, very capable of kiting enemies (hit and run).
The SLINGER has mediocre starting damage, but has a huge attack bonus against archers and counter-infantry.
The PELTAST has the lower attack damage of all, but the highest speed and a decent bonus damage against archers.

Loot and Resourses:
There are three different resourses in Age Zombie:

Food: Is required for survival and decays at a fast rate. If a player has less than 20 food, his health and energy will stop regenerating.

Wood: Represents the player's energy and caps at 10. Energy is used to (R)un by pressing the "R" key. To stop running, press "R" again. While running, your energy will decay at a fast rate. The character will automattically stop running if the energy is low.

Gold: Used in shops to buy GPs or upgrades.

In order to collect resourses, the players must raze (pillage) gaia's buildings. Each building will give a equal amount of food and gold (different for each type of building). These buildings are located in the last human settlements on earth (which happens to be hostile...).
Prime targets for looting should be Markets, Migdol Strongholds (be careful!) and "Big Crates" (wall connectors). Farms, sentry towers and fences will award no loot.

To buy GPs, press 2 twice.
Doing so will take you to your GP buyer. To buy a GP, simply "attack" the unit whose name is the desired GP. The price will also be in the name.

To buy upgrades, press 3 twice.
You can buy upgrades the same way as GPs. The price for all upgrades are 100. Upgrades are visual: buying weapon upgrades will change your character's weapon colour (and shape in case you're an axeman) from black to yellow to bronze and finally silver. The mail upgrade changes your character's armor from cloth to leather to iron and finally gold. The shield upgrade will change your shield's size and shape (you'll start with no shield).

After you are done buying, press 1 twice. This will take you back to your character. Be careful not to die while shopping!

These are friendly-to-all (including zombies!) buildings scattered around the map. If being chased, you can garrison your units inside for safety.

Zombies will spawn randomly around the map. There is always a fixed number of zombies, and if you kill one, another spawns. The starting number of zombies is 80. By the night, the number of zombies increases by 20 stacking. So after three nights, the number of zombies will be 140.
The random spawning of zombies will change the gameplay each time the map is played. The random spawning may cause entire human sttlements to be overrun.

Who's the winner:
The last man standing wins.

Planned Updates:
- New characters to choose from (cavalry, maybe?)
- Eye-Candy
- Character balance
- Shop's price balance
- An intro cinematic

Made by LaikaBauss!
Version 0.1
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
LaBonez I would love to play this, but first can we see a screenshot(s) of the map?
TimedFuture Hello! I read this and thought it looked pretty cool but I'm wondering if you can play this single player... Just survive till you die sorta thing?
File Author
Yeah you can play singleplayer no problem.
DamianEnriquez do you play on gameranger? im making a new scenario with zombies too!

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