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Version: AoM: The Titans

Version 1.00 | 28/8/13
Link to showcase in the forums.

Yes, the multi-award winning egomaniac Yeebaagooon returns for one final story! Powered by a refined hotkey system, you will journey to the deep south of the world in search of new wealth to fuel the mighty Atlantean Empire. But as you gather round the campfire to hear a story from your guide, events you could never have expected lead to you on the run from a shapeshifting killer; racing through this unexplored jungle to reach the Masterball - which grants immortality to the owner.

This scenario takes place in cinematic mode and you decide your own fate - there are many different ways to reach your goal. You may even stumble across the secrets of six different types of magic that will assist you in your quest.

The story is of course enriched by fantastic music, special effects, acceptable eyecandy and never before seen puzzles.
Enter into the world of the Masterball to see if you can outwit the God of Trickery: Br'er.

Masterball also features:
  • Realistic fighting system - Unlike standard games, a sword through the chest is fatal.
  • New refined hotkey system. Gone are the days of pressing hotkeys only when told, pressing them in advance and associated misery.
  • Some hotkeys are randomised, so there's no point trying to memorise your way through the scenario!
  • Three designated points in the scenario where the weak players can save their progress.
  • A fantastic story with a surprise I've managed to keep out of this showcase and trailer. YOU'LL HAVE TO PLAY NOW.
  • The above mentioned surprise is so fun it doubled my blood pressure.
  • Many possibilities. You can replay the map and take a completely different journey (excluding start and middle).
  • Three endings!
  • The ability to use each of the six magic types on your enemies.

    Please visit the showcase for screenshots, videos and help if you're struggling!

    Special thanks to:
    Zhaka Mu/Nikonhawk - Glorious playtester
    Zenophobia - Help with icons (24 bit bmp!)
    Elrich - Approving this file
  • AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 4
    Hahaha I really wanted to continue the tradition of giving you all fives for your scenarios, but sadly, that can't happen because of several glitches. Honestly, the keys worked most of the time, but there were several glitches that caused me to start over. There was one where I pressed the code to kill roger but nothing happened. Another was when I opened the catacombs. It froze and I had to restart. Another time was in the second save point (right before the catacombs). I pressed 1, but couldn't return to playing. Despite all this, you did a magnificent job and there is very little to complain about the playability. :) One small nuisance was that I couldn't save whenever I wanted, and oftentimes had to redo several puzzles.

    Balance: 5
    Holy crap this game was so hard, it took me forever to complete just one playthrough XD. But of course, puzzle-type scenarios have to be hard, since players can restart an unlimited amount of times until they eventually get it right. I solved the egg lair by asking my sister to look everything up on her computer XD. I loved the difficulty, and was very thankful for your save points. And that boss fight: DAMN! So freaking hard. It killed me a couple times before I got used to the controls, and then killed me some more afterwards. It was especially frustrating at those times where he had just two hits left and I'd time out my spell or die. And then finally, when I reached his last hitpoint and I was channeling my spell, I was like: "BITCH! THIS IS THE END!" XD And of course, I failed the ending, which I'm not going to spoil, in my first playthrough, and had to fight Vereor ALL OVER again. T.T

    Creativity: 5
    Sometimes, I wonder if you've ever gotten less than a 5 in creativity in any of your reviews. This scenario had very unique gameplay combined with hilarity, cool puzzles, and just a whole bunch of awesomeness. I could write a whole essay on the creativity, seeing how many puzzles were in it. Sadly, there were some paths that I never tried or managed to beat, but those that I did experience were very fun. MONTY PYTHON FTW.

    Map Design: 5
    This scenario's eyecandy isn't on par with Oscar's or Kai's maps, but those should deserve 10s in map design anyways. There were some parts that could use improvement (like the bridge), but I really didn't want to give you a 4 here. XD There were also some very well-made areas, like the arena and the villages.

    Story/Instructions: 5
    The plot was simple yet it provided a great fueling factor for reasons behind the scenario. It also had plenty of room to develop, which you took advantage of very well. The instructions were well made and easy to understand.

    Additional Comments:
    Additional comments? It was an amazing experience, and it is sad to see such talent leave. Alas, all good things must come to an end. I wish you luck in your university days. This final masterpiece is truly a fantastic gift for all the community and EVERYONE SHOULD DOWNLOAD IT!
    Oh, and will you please drop by from time to time? XD
    Khan And Steak
    Map Design5.0
    Playability: 3
    It is a pity that I have to score this section so low when I thoroughly enjoyed the scenario (what I could play of it). The first and most blatant problem I hit was a victory condition bug. When I completed the maze in the catacombs nothing happened. I mean that I got to where the maze exit was... and then it just stuck there. My main guy (Sophos?) didn't move back like he would at a dead end, and nothing else happened; so after about 2 minutes I had to force exit the game. Luckily for me I saved the game at the second save point... right? Well it seems I am all out of luck because when I reload the save game nothing happens if I "press 1 to continue" and I can't do anything else. So a somewhat useless savefile there, I should note that the first save worked fine though.

    So that's a trigger bug, and not the only one either. Whilst at the first save point cross roads, I selected 2 and faced off verse an ulfsark. If I hit the correct button too early I would run straight past him and he would run straight past me (this may be a feature, I'm assuming it is). The real trigger bugs came in with the arena, especially in the speed test. The triggers for the speed test do not seem to accommodate the correct time it takes to press the correct key. As in, every time I killed someone it always took either 130ms or 300ms off my time. I'm not 100% sure what's going on there, it may be a limitation with AoM, but it still detracted from my experience.

    Furthermore I endured overall objective confusion most likely due to the fact that the cinematic cutscene's read to fast so half the time I didn't actually know what was happening (more on this in Story). I think in reality this section should probably be a 2.0, because I really had a terrible time in terms of bugs and the rest of it. But I really enjoyed the scenario and I would definitely play it again and recommend it despite the crappy first run through.

    Balance: 5
    I really thought that this section was spot on. There was only really one spot that I found to be off and that was at the arena. The precision arena was quite hard past 4 keys and I had to reload multiple times - giving up in the end and settling at 4. While I was sure I was hitting the right keys in time, the game obviously didn't think so (and it was probably right). Apart from that I can't really think of anything else; and to be honest I think that having hard parts in a game (especially optional ones) is a perk more than a balancing issue. Very well done.

    Creativity: 5
    I think this scenario was incredible. The trigger tricks, the in-depth story, the map design, cinematics, the sounds used as well as the custom icons. There is just too much to document here, but one thing is for sure: it just works. All the aspects of creativity are a sight on their own, but when put together in the way that you have put them together... makes it a wonder to be awed. I thoroughly enjoyed looking at all of the neat tricks and features that had been constructed, and I really liked the quests. Again there is too much to to properly section out, if you are reading this, download the scenario and find out for yourself - it's definitely worth it.

    Map Design: 5
    The map layout was well constructed I thought. It had the appropriate amount of density when needed and held back when it wasn't needed. There was very little, in my opinion, that you could have improved upon, if any at all. Obviously great lengths were gone to to ensure that the map looks as good as it does. Very nice.

    Story/Instructions: 3
    The story, what I could read of it, was great and very captivating. It is for this reason that I feel somewhat cheated that I did not get to read it all and thus know it in it's entirety. This was also true for the Quests and other dialogue; they just went too quickly for my poor eyes to read! Maybe being able to set the reader's pace at the start could be implemented? - as I know that there is many different paced readers out there.

    Additional Comments:
    A really good scenario, a real shame that I had such terrible luck(? here's hoping it was luck) when playing it through. Still a nice overall score I think :) You should be proud of the scenario that you have created! ~ Khan

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    Map Design5.0
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