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The Serpent and the Staff [Meltdown Expansion]

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Style: Mix
# of Scenarios: Secret
Version: AoM: The Titans

The Serpent and the Staff

Meltdown Expansion

For all those who liked my campaign, I've made this expansion. The Meltdown sets the scene for a bigger sequel, if there will ever be a sequel. All hail AoMHeaven! Please leave a comment!

Half greek-egyptian campaign with dozens of enemies to slay and secrets to discover, with epic and comic cinematics as well.

See Thread

~Update 13.10.13~
-Meltdown Expansion

~Update 09.05.13~
-Spotlights added
-Difficulty refined
-Fixed bugs
-Corrected typos
-Other things

Warning! This campaign features difficulty settings. Please take your time to select an adecvate difficulty, for it can't be changed during the campaign afterwards, unless you quit. Thank you.

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design4.0
I haven't reviewed a campaign before and haven't done it in a while so yea..


Part I: I found the first scenario enjoyable and there where no real big flaws the movies where good smooth and not clunky and easy to watch. I found the movies were to long for my taste but that's just me( mainly because I lost multiple times). Objectives were clear and concise never a "what do now" moment. Therefore I give you a overall 5 for this. Also no trigger bugs that I found. (5)

Part II: This was an interesting one as It was really easy and I didn't really enjoy playing it all that much mainly because it was just walk over and kill the buildings no strategy really needed. However the one flaw I found with this chapter was how easy it was I just let my catapult smack down the strongholds then sent my army in to finish the rest. But apart from that no trigger bugs, movie flaws or anything else, everything was smooth and enjoyable so im going to give you a (3)

Part III: My god possibly the hardest scenario I have ever played ( and I played it 6 times on EASY) So many frustrating moments, I honestly thought it was impossible. Apart from that I did enjoy trying out different ideas I played defensive, aggressive and yet that never worked, I would always get overrun or the temple would die. Now there were a few trigger bugs if you want to call them bugs. The first problem I found was sometimes I would randomly get +20 gold for killing a tent yet I never did anything. Also I found the temple would die randomly and would never give me enough time to win. I kept track of this and found it ended between 8 minutes to 12 minutes in, now I have to build and army, buildings and siege 2 town centres in that time which is near impossible. I recommend making it easier and making the temples die in a more average time span because often the siege wouldn't go through the town they would sit in the back and attack the buildings. Therefore I give you a (3.5)

Part IV: I enjoyed playing this as it was so chilled and rather easy and didn't require constant fear of impending doom of raids and what not. The only real issue I have is that what's the point in killing Atlantean's as I just stormed the Egyptians and won. I would recommend maybe making the siege harder and giving advantages for taking out Atlantean's as they just sit there and do nothing. The movies where clear, humorous and enjoyable to watch, only downfall is it was quite still some movement would be nice every now and again. The first time I played I ended up losing because as wabbah randomly decided to die from the tc ( my fault entirely, I was about to win to so sad :c) . Therefore I give you a (5)

So All in all I enjoyed playing some where to easy or hard but it was fun to play so for playability I give you a 4.1 or (4)

Balance: I'm about to have a field day XD

Part I: For part one I found it really hard when I first started I ended up playing on normal and winning. Now I played part I: 3 times and found that those god damn Cyclops at the start would screw me over every single time, sometimes I killed them and other times they used me for a hat. The only issue I had when I played it was when you had the cinematic for the invading army, sometimes the town would lose 3-4 hoplites then other times I would only have 4-5 people left. As annoying as that was I found it frustrating that I would get constantly raided and only have 5 units left. However, once I found the statue it was significantly easier as the manicore destroyed them all. So for balance I give you a (4)

Part II: This was all about what difficulty you had it one and which way you went, Again like I stated about since strongholds have 10 range by archers and my catapult would destroy them no problem with no damage dealt. I found even when I played it on hard It was still to easy as my units were to strong. Perhaps It would be more balanced if you added a bit more strategy to the mix for example the pharaoh being able to summon more units (using the transform trigger) if you have some favour or certain about of kills. other then that It was simply to easy for me and not really balanced all to well. I recommend removing the catapult or increasing the stronghold and adding extra features to make the map more enjoyable. Therefore I give you a (3)

Part III: You know where this is going, Part III was so god damn hard it wasn't funny. Ill be honest I ended up cheating and giving myself extra units at the start as it was just to hard (tried 6 times). I don't know why I found it so hard it might just be me but the raids happened to much and the barbarians were way to close as I checked the trigger if I happened to even look at them they would build a tower which was lame :c. I tried to tower abuse and archer abuse with walls but to no avail, the main problem was the temple dying way to fast for the defensive strategy to work as it seemed the only way to do it. I tried to use the little pond behind the 2nd temple but it was blocked (couldn't build a dock) Im unsure if there was some secret way to win or if I did something wrong im not entirely sure. Also the battle boar didn't help as the time I got there it was ether to late to use or my army was so weak I couldn't use it effectively. Therefore I have to give you a (2.5)

Part IV: I found this was to easy but it was an enjoyable easy, once I figured out when and where the enemy raided from it was to easy to win. As they raided from the side/ocean/side I just moved my army when ever I needed to. Also I trained units from my stronghold (once I upgraded) way to fast Im unsure if it was meant to be that way but it was so overpowered. The Atlantean's where weak and never raided enough to be even a problem as they raided like twice. I ended up just Bum rushing the town centre across the ocean. Only real issue I had was like the map said "be careful where you land" but there was no issue no matter where i landed you could have made each area have special effects extra units god powers involved to make it harder or different for each landing point. So for balance I give you a (4) as it was pretty easy but enjoyable none the less.

In conclusion you get a 3.3 Or 3.5 rounding up (change some things and the score will go up !)
Creativity: I really hope I don't go over the word limit XD (1000 already)


Part I: I found the first part funny, and different from the usual (mainly the intro training part) It was creative to break the 3rd wall and just have characters be strange or different. "picture a giant curser above your head" I actually laughed out loud for that. it was a nice to see a funny type scenario not completely consumed by humour and you pulled it off well. However it was the simple build-Train-Destroy Aom complex so it let you down. Therefore I give you a (4) few little things let you down as it was pretty straight forward once you hit the island but other then that Good job :3

Part II: The classic hack and slash Not very creative as We have seen it all before , this part would have been so much better if you added a twist or something different to make it not so straight forward.(see above) Other then that not anything amazing or new but still fun and good so I give you a (3.5)

Part III: I actually thought the siege was quite a interesting thing to have as rather then having a timer you have a random chance of getting between 8-12 minutes (even though I saw this as a flaw it was still and interesting feature) build-train-destroy but with the add ons with the temples it wasn't so "default AOM" So I feel you deserve a (4)

Part IV: I found the part IV very simple and I feel like you rushed it, however it could be so much better if you add on some extra raids and what not. But apart from that it was fun, simple, clean and easy going as for creativity it didn't really have anything "special" or different to set it apart from the norm. So on that, I give you a(3.5) Subject to change of corse.

All in All you get 3.75 Rounded up to (4) for the rating sake.

Map design/ Eyecandy :D

Don't be dishearten by what I judge to be eye candy as a (5) is prefect amazing looking buildings/mountains etc You get the idea.

Part I: As for map design its defiantly better then a random map, the island looks great But the temple was well just a temple overlapping and making it less flat would be a nice improvement other then that looks realistic and decent. Once you leave the island it gets alot better however, I feel the gaia trees just didn't suite the terrain at all In my opinion Oak trees would have been so much better. But apart from that it looks good, not flat and good terrain mixes. The area after the island is much better and has good use of embellishments. Therefore you get a (4)

Part II: This was very good use of terrain mixs and looked very nice. The only issue I had was the Norse tents which looked odd, you should have used Egyptian tents but that's my opinion and didn't have a real effect on your rating. The oasis looked great and the rainbow/rain was a nice touch no improvements needed. The outer cliffs looked alright but could have used a bit of work to make them blend in a bit more as I felt they kinda looked out of place or just was used as a wall. Therefore you get a (4)

Part III: Whats with you and gaia trees cant you use different ones haha, Other then that good use of embellishments and cliffs, slightly more realistic and less impending on game play. I wouldn't have used gaia creep in mountain areas as it looks unrealistic and a bit odd. The only other issue I had was the town/fort for pink as it didn't look very "forty" needed to be more scary more buildings( overlaps, building designs and more towers or statues) Or just more embellishments. Other then that all good for me so you get a (3.5)

Part IV: I really liked the water on this looks great and suits perfectly, the shipwreck was good and realistic as you added crates and whatnot and it didn't look out of place in the slightest. Now for the issues, there was to many fish clumped together and looked out of place but if that was for space issues its not all that important. The enemy towns where basic and clean, which is okay but not wow enticing. Again adding extra detail to towns and what not makes maps much more enjoyable to play. But if your impended because of conquest rules I understand this can be an issue. also the area around the statue of set was nice but you over did it with the weapons. So therefore you get a (4)

Therefore total of (4)

Story/Instructions: Seal team is to deep sir we lost contact 30 minutes ago !

been at it for 30 minutes+ you better appreciate the time I put into this ! Im going shorten this as its way to long.

For all parts I always knew what I was doing and never had a "what now " moment good job. Story was funny and easy to follow so good job. Characters were well defined and enjoyed playing the campaign so all in all you get a (5)
Map Design4.0
Playability: 5
(On Chapter 3 sometimes the temple is destroyed within 10 minutes, other times it takes much longer. I mean playing on the same difficulty and not preventing it at all.)

Balance: 4
(Well I'm not a pro, for me it was a little bit too hard to play even on moderate. Chapter 3 was insane. Way too hard. And chapter 4 way too easy. The others were impeccable even tho easy is moderate, moderate is hard, hard is titan and titan is unplayable.)

Creativity: 5
(A Wadjet as main character is really creative. Too bad his father didn't survive, it would have been interesting. Nice Krios-like villain. At some point the wadjet says he is visiting some old friends tho he didn't have the time to make friends. He acts like he has a past, but he doesn't have one. That part was funny. A fun story but not a very meaningful one. Still a 5 to compensate the hard work you put in it.)

Map Design: 4
(Not spectacular maps but realistic ones, nice side missions, nice hidden details.)

Story/Instructions: 5
(Pefect job here, nothing to add.)

Additional Comments:

I know it's 6 years later but I haven't play this game for years!!! Can't wait to play the other two parts.

[Edited on 08/14/19 @ 09:12 AM]

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Map Design4.0
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