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cool city

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Version: AoM
Well ,this is an unfinished escenario i made.
Is not something really great,is just an acropolis
but it takes a lot of time to created,so you can modify to your like or you can puted in some campaing.

P.D.:sorry if I talk bad inglish,im spanish
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Map Design2.0
Playability and Balance: 1
There is literally no playability in this map. No interaction whatsoever; you can select the granaries and storehouse to research technology, but that's already a game standard and not unique to the map, and you cannot select the Arkantos since he belongs to another player. Everything feels lifeless; no activity in any part of the map, no wildlife, almost no embellishments, nothing. The snowy hills contrast greatly with the rest of the map, and therefore should be either removed or edited to blend in better (like turning them into snow-capped mountains alongside a spring valley).

When played in the scenario list, the game shows I've won after a few seconds, since there are no enemies on the map and that the victory conditions is still set to the default setup which is conquest, so please disable it so I can take a further glance at the map without that white text blocking my view.

Creativity: 2
I'm not going to bash the concept of this map just because "It's been done to death", but it's really barebones for what it is, with the acropolis and the cityscape being the only redeeming factor, and even then it's mediocre; the cityscape merely consists of mashed up buildings that seems to stem out obviously in a vain attempt to appeal to the eye, and the acropolis only consists of Arkantos looking at the acropolis which is a mish-mash of wonders.

I've checked the triggers and see that the only things there are technology triggers to advance to the heroic age (presumably to make the buildings more modern and appealing, though not by much) and that more triggers should be implemented to spice up the map (I don't mean putting in thousands of triggers, but triggers that make the map more appealing, such as weather effects, day/night cycle, units moving to simulate activity, etc.)

Map Design: 2
While I have to give points for the cityscape and the acropolis, the resource points like the farmland and the forest mines are extremely basic and do not have a lot of appeal. Like I said before, the snow hills contrast with the rest of the map, and feels unnecessary unless you are making snow-capped mountains (and should be edited further to resemble that), but none of these flaws hold a candle to...

GrassA! Everywhere I see GrassA! The bane of every map designer; just having the base terrain cover 90% of the map is not a sign of a good map (with the exception of small, cinematic based maps or joke maps), so you should blend the map with more varied terrain (GrassA mixed up with GrassB or other terrain, like Gaia lush or dirt). The forest can use some work too, since a dense cluster of trees is so easy to do, and can be improved upon by reducing the number of trees, increasing the distance between trees, and putting embellishments and wildlife between them to give a more natural look, and perhaps lowering the elevation and putting in a few rocks to make the mines look more like mines and not just yellow rocks jutting out from the ground.

Story/Instructions: 1
So what's the backstory in all of this? Even eyecandy scenarios should have a little supporting text about what's going on in this map, like history, conflict, or just flavor text, but I find absolutely none in this game. I know English is not your first language, but even a little, broken English sentence in this map is better than nothing. You can use triggers to create pop-out text or objectives (to explain about the details of the map).

Additional Comments:
I apologize if I sounded harsh in this review, but you're doing good work so far. You said this map is unfinished, and boy it sure is, but there's a lot of room for improvement. Keep updating this map and I'll update this review too. If you need help with map designing, check the guides or download other highly-rated eyecandy maps, or contact a more senior designer, like Khan & Steak (which are two people in one user acoount, by the way).

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Map Design2.0
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