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Archaic World III [Gold and Forests fixed]

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Version: AoM: The Titans


This is probably my final version of Archaic World. I will only show and explain the differences between this and the new one. For more Screenshots you may want to check out the first version: http://aom.heavengames.com/downloads/showfile.php?fileid=10650


Shades and Skraelings faded away. So there are no more dangerous creeps on land. (Except for some wolves dangerous to villagers.) In Amelias Ponds otherwise there is always a Kraken guarding the three fish-spots there. (Screenshot above) - You may consider killing it with ranged units or heroes before takeing the fish, if you want to. But beware, these are small ponds so your enemy may take out your ships with just ranged landunits.

The next great change is a resizeing and rearrangeing of the forests. They are smaller now and don't create gigant walls across the map anymore. The map-setup may still be pretty defensive sometimes, but on original maps like marsh its the same so I'm okay with it.

Finally there is more gold spread around the map, because I was kind of afraid of goldstarving-tactics here. But you still start with only one tower-protected tiny mine holding 1500 gold and a warning message to find a new one before it runs out.


This is the greatest (and last) map-change. There are twelve different Sets of which two (or in rare cases three) will be enabled at the beginning of the game. This sets apply to every player, so everyone gets the same boni.

The twelve Sets are gatherd in four groups: The Lords, the Divine, the Economical and the Warriors. At the beginning two of the Groups are chosen and then you usually get one Set of each group. The exception is the Shieldmaiden, which has a 33% chance to become your third Set if you got the Warrior-Group. But let me explain:

I. The Lords
Here you will get the Patron or the Warlord.

The Patron is a protective Lord which gains you Stronger and Cheaper Walls, stronger Towers and Buildings aswell as a lot of HP to houses. Also you get more population, Stone Walls and Food Supply. Basicly this relic-effects are enabled for every player:
Eye of Horus, Buhen Flagstone, Trojan Gate Hinge, Tower of Sestus, Arrows of Alfar, Nose of the Sphinx, Blanket of Empress Zoe, Shingles of Steel, Ship of Fingernails and the technology Stone Wall.

The Warlord is a ravager which grants you stronger and cheaper siege, cheaper Smithery, Copper Shields and a gold stream. The relics are called: Scarab Pendant, Dwarfen Calipers, Anvil of Hephaestus, Ring of the Nibelung and the technology Copper Shields.

II. The Divine
Here you have the Augur increasing LOS and hero effects, and the Mystic enhancing Mystical Units.

The Augur strengths the attack of Heroes against Myth (Khopesh of Horus), makes Heroes faster (Boots of Kick Everything), increases the attack of infantry against Titans (Gaias Book of Knowledge) and increases LOS of units, scouts and buildings. (Pelt of Argus, Harters Folly, Head of Orpheus)

The Mystic will enhance Myth Units. They are trained faster (Pandoras Box), cheaper (Wedjat Eye), regenerate their special attack faster (Tail of Cerberus) and have a stronger armor (CatoblepasScales). Also their updates are cheaper (Wand of Gambantein), aswell as the Titans (Titans Treasure). Finally you also get a basic favor income (Ankh of Ra).

III. Economical
The economics are the Merchant, the Hunter and the farmer. All economics have the Sistrum of Bast which makes villagers cheaper.

Farmers and Hunters have the Staff of Dionysus giving them +20 on carrying food.

The Hunter has also faster villagers (Kithara of Apollo) with more HP (Pygmalions Statue).

The Farmer can farm faster (Black Lotus) and gather wood and gold faster aswell (Shard of Blue Crystal). Both to make farms faster, depending on your civ.. o.o

The Merchant has cheaper caravans (Oseberg Wagon) and gains gold faster. (Harmonias Necklace)

IV. Warriors
The warriors are the Shieldmaiden, the Berserker, the Guardian, the Archer and the Raider.

If you got the warrior-group there is a 33% chance that you get the Shieldmaiden as a third bonus-set. She has Heras Thundercloud Shaw which increases the ranged-armor on your units.

The Berserker and the Guardian will increase the Infantry-Hackarmor (Armor of Achilles) and the pumpout-Speed of Infantry (Canopic Jar of Imsety).

The Guardian and the Archer get more HP for Archers and Axethrowers (Girdle of Hippolyta).

The Berserker will finally get a stronger attack for basic-infantry. (Odins Spear)

The Guardian a stronger attack for basic-counterinfantry. (Eye of Ornlu)

The Archer gets Range and Vision to archers (Trios Bow), more damage for archers (Toothed Arrows) and cheaper archers, Trolls and Centaurs (Bow of Artemis).

The Raider gets more HP (Tusk of the Iron Boar) and Speed (Mithril Horseshoes) to cavalry.


This whole Set-System will be deactivated on large maps aswell as the starting forts (still replaced by towers in that case).

Fixed Version

There is more gold and the forests are way smaller now so there is more open land to move your units or build bases.


I'd like to read some comments here or watch some recorded games of you playing on this map. If you have any complaints, ideas or critic I might make a new (final) version of this map according to that.

Have fun.

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