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Downloads Home » Single Player Scenarios » [TUCoD-2013] The Mismatch *UPDATED 5/13/14

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[TUCoD-2013] The Mismatch *UPDATED 5/13/14

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Version: AoM: The Titans
UPDATED as of 3/31/14
-Reduced lag by decreasing the frequency of a sfx trigger.
-Added advice message at the beginning.
-Reduced the attack speed of final boss's final spell.
-Changed powerups to decrease reload time by a percentage instead of a flat amount.
-Fixed bug where numerals were disappearing at the end of the game.

UPDATED as of 3/10/14
-Fixed a cinematic bug
-Reduced the number of shots per volley for final boss
-Reduced health of final spell
-Fixed some triggers that were causing lag.
-Fixed escape key bug.

UPDATED as of 5/12/14
-Fixed some sound bugs

UPDATED as of 5/13/14
-Fixed lighting issues


A dragon named Feuer wakes up in his cave one day feeling hungry, as most dragons do. However, this time, Feuer doesn’t want just the daily sheep or cow.
He wants a princess.

Over at Castle Verzweif, a marriage is proceeding between Princess Arsch and Sir Normal, who recently saved the princess from a group of thugs. However, conflict and hilarity ensues as the goals of these three characters clash.

~-~-~What's This?~-~-~

Here it is, guys. Here’s the 1000+ sized map. And I’m proud to finally present to you all a showcase that doesn’t feature massive walls of text. XD

This is my submission for Nickonhawk’s scenario design competition. It’s a minigame-styled scenario separated into three missions and lots of cinematics, with gameplay inspired by the Panzer Dragoon series and HailToTheOboe’s Rocmaninov. :)


Arrowkeys to maneuver

Space to shoot fireballs

Collect powerups to increase your attack speed

Eat cows to regenerate lost health

Blow stuff up!

Save points have been provided in between missions :)

I made Titan mode especially hard, just to make Lewonas cry :p
(And it's laggy too, of course)

Your health bar is displayed as the image in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen


There are so many songs this time that this deserves a section all on its own!

Criminal Insaniy - Bosa
FelixBattle - Corona157
DOA - Hiroyuki Sawano
Death's Embrace - LEAF XCEED Music Division
Unbroken Dream - LEAF XCEED Music Division

Use of these sounds and songs are for noncommercial purposes only. All rights belong to their respective owners.

Special Thanks To...

Special thanks to my playtester, WarriorMario, for his feedback. Also thank you HTTO for inspiring me with the idea to make this, and thank you Nickonhawk for making the competition that has realized this scenario in the first place. :)
And of course, thank you to anyone who downloads this, for keeping AoMH alive. Don't forget to comment or review! (And vote :P)

AuthorReviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
Map Design5.0
Now, let's be fair! This is without question, the most good and strange scenario I've ever played. In my opinion, these are the results:

Playability: 4.99
You can "drive" the dragon quickly & good. The only little 'bad thing' is that you can't "drive" him more than about 90 degrees. But it's only my "bad point", you don't need to take it seriously.

Balance: 5
Good balance. Good map.

Creativity: 6
On creativity I'll give you even 6 rating if I can. I have never seen a map that can be played in this way. I think not even nottudu or reyk could have so much imagination (and they have modpacks & inspired RM maps).

Map Design: 5
Again, I'll give you 5 rating. The map looks as good as the creativity is.

Story/Instructions: 5
The story and instructions are okay.

Additional Comments:
I would like to add some notes. These notes have no effect against the scenario or author. He just done his job.

- The scenario will look strange if it is played on resolution >= 1300x700
- The scenario will run in lag if you don't have a good processor and enough RAM

After my "scan" the map has no bugs. Again, I thank to all the cooperators that helped on creating this scenario.
Have a nice day ;)

PS: Please excuse my "dusted" english.
Android GRRR
Map Design5.0
Zenophobia presents a highly innovative scenario that will leave you stunned as to what is possible with the AoM editor. And it's great fun to play, too!

Playability: 5
Using the arrow keys and the space bar, you're commanding the dragon Feuer from a first-person perspective, raining fire on nasty catapults (and other enemies) that try to shoot you out of the sky. It's simple yet amazing. Even though the entire scenario plays in Cinematic Mode, save points are provided.

Balance: 4.5
The scenario presents a balanced challenge but the final boss is too hard to kill. It takes minutes to take it down even on Easy. I did manage to do it eventually but it's too hard for beginners.

Creativity: 5
This scenario is extremely creative. It's very likely that even the basic gameplay (commanding a dragon in first-person mode) is something that you will have never seen before in AoM. The story and the music are hilarious and exciting. You could improve on the powerups - right now their effect is hardly noticeable and it does not give you any significant gameplay advantages.

Map Design: 5
Beautiful. Fits great with gameplay and story.

Story/Instructions: 4.5
The story is hilarious. You will enjoy this. Two minor comments: first, you should give Glanzlos some (humorous) reason to fight you. Second, you can improve on how gender is portrayed in this scenario. In most video games, women are little more than cardboard cut-outs to be mistreated in order to drive the storyline of the main male protagonist. This scenario is no exception (see also http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X6p5AZp7r_Q). It would have been easy to revert the classic "damsel" story, for instance, by having a heroine riding Feuer to get rid of her mister Arsch. Just an idea.
As for instructions, you should give the player a message at the beginning of the scenario to explain the basic mechanics (controls, cows, powerups). I'm sure you have that in your forum announcement but not in the actual scenario so I had to figure it out by myself.

Additional Comments:
Download this!

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Map Design5.0
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