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The Trial of Arkantos

Author File Description
Torollin **DIFFICULTY: HARD***
Out of vengeance, the God Hades setup a scheme with his local worshippers to convict Arkantos for a crime he didn't commit and is eagerly awaiting to execute him once his sentencing is finalized. Ajax and Odysseus have recently arrived and setup a camp near the town of Minos, Hades' corrupt town of judgement where Arkantos is being tried. You have only 20 minutes to train an army to destroy all of Hades followers, his 2 temples and the town center. You must train quickly and efficiently to complete this task.
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Map Design3.0
Playability: 4
Playability was fine.

Balance: 5
Balance is the best part of this scenario.I won just 40-50 seconds before the time limit.It shows that you must have playetested it a fair number of times.

Creativity: 3
Not the most creative scenario i played,basically a normal build and destroy,but it was ok.

Design: 3
A normal map with lack of eye candy stuff.At some parts the Troyan walls were poorly placed.

Story/Instructions: 3
It had an intro.But you could have explained better the situattion between Hades and Arkantos.

Additional Comments:
Overall it was an ok scenario.I think you've got the potential for better ones in the future.
Kumar Shah
Map Design2.0
The scenario : You have to build and army and destroy Hade's camp before arkantos is executed.

Playability: 2

Lets see. The scenario is ok, with a sinlge minded build up game, which in all ways in done in Random map play but with a timer. Your best bet is advancing the 4 ages (which can be done easily and quickly). As expected the camp has most myth units, so a mix of heroes, myth units and champ hoplites does a quick qork of them. But even after i destroyed the 2 temples, settlement and broke the gate (around 75 secoonds were left) I didnt win. So either this is a bug or lack of instructions to destroy everything there. There is a big map, but its of no use. Settlement are so far, that going to build a 2nd one would take whole lotta time. Improve some parts here, give a settlement nearby. Put in some sidequests (optional) doing which u can get hold of more units or something else.

Balance: 3
There is nothing told of difficuly levels in the scn so I beleive there are none. For a newbie it may prove very tough, for a high-inter to expert it proves easy. You build-up is never disturbed, so u have time to upgrade and then go in with one force to kill them all. The comp player I didnt see using any GP or in a way there was no AI present. Not much fun there, basically a 20 min build up and destroy.

Creativity: 2
Random map with a timer is not creative. The story is not creative, there are no complex trigger uses, the scenario must have very few triggers infact. I dont what much to say to improve here, maybe in order to find pegasus u ahve to do something or other.

Map Design: 2
I checked the map in editor, the nice parts of the map and ones u never visit. the map design is plain, there are some lightning clouds spread here and there but they dont have much effect. The cliffs/mountains get messed up at times, not much eye-candy compared to AoM's potential.

Story/Instructions: 2
I was confused between a 1 or 2 here, decided to go with the higher one. The story is explained in 2 basic dialouges. Arkantos has been captured by Hades and being executed, why?? why does he wait 20 mins for it?? Are u supposed to destroy everything in the camp, or only units, temples, settlements? A hint which tells u to use medusas? A nice intro is really needed here.

This scenario can be improved on many counts and the quthor should do that.

Additional Comments:

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Map Design2.5
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