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~ Vanguard ~

Author File Description
Khan And Steak
File Details
Version: AoM: The Titans
 photo screen4-3_zps2fe6e032.jpg

Version 2.27 is for TT users
Version 3.00 is for AoM:EE users

Fleeing from the battle that will soon be called the "War of the Damned", few men from unknown allegiance take shelter in the nearby Frostthorn Forest.

The shattered army of Frostborn retreats to the Dragon's Grasp, a single opening in the great mountain range dividing the North-West from the South-East. Sproutmere, the contending army consisting of mainly Druids and Plaguemages, was by no means geared for the war but somehow managed to secure the upper hand. Sproutmere suffered heavy casualties but slowly pursues the Frostborn army into Dragon's Grasp to ensure utter victory.

The War of the Damned was surprising for world's onlookers as Sproutmere was by no means the predicted winners. The Sproutmere were heavily outnumbered and were sure to lose to the Frostborn army had they not performed a wicked spell. Unknown to the Frostborn the Sproutmere mass-cursed the land before the battle took place skewing the advantage in their favour. This curse was absorbed largely by the Vanguard of the Frostborn army, temporarily phasing them out of the physical plane and forcing their phased forms to evacuate towards the Frostthorn Forest. The Sproutmere where unaware however that the curse had affected unknown numbers of their own Vanguard and chaos for both armies greeted the battle.

It was a time before the affected phased back into the middle of Frostthorn forest. Upon phasing back into the physical plane, all social knowledge, armour and weaponry did not follow and allegiance was impossible to distinguish. The battle was long finished however it did not matter to those in the Frostthorn Forest, for the Ice Mages of Frostborn had intervention in mind. The High-Commander of the Frostborn army, unaware of the Sproutmere's divine curse, was greatly angered at the Vangaurd for abandoning their posts. He commanded that the Ice Mages of Frostborn call upon their deity to imprison all of those that fled into the Frostthorn Forest to a test of ultimate combat to prove their need for existence. And to an extent beyond either armies' recognition this was granted.

The conglomeration of the two army's Vanguards are now trapped with each other in a divine test of rigour and merit. They must build up and reacquire weapons and armour to withstand the onslaught that is to come. Allegiances are unknown as is the length of this torture.

Vanguard is a complex map focusing around the protection and survival of yourself especially your Town Center. This simple task is hindered by hordes of enemies periodically rushing to destroy your existence. The longer you stand up against the hordes of enemies the harder it gets to withstand them. You will eventually be overrun and outmatched by the sheer force and technology that the horde possesses.

Athough Vanguard is played exactly like any Conquest styled map; it is not a Scenario - Vanguard is a Random Map Script which makes for a very different playstyle. This may seem completely questionable as Random Map Scripts are played as Supremacy by default, however let me elaborate. The last player in Vanguard is placed as and becomes the enemy player, normally an AI this player spawns enemies periodically and sends them into attack the Town Centers. The other players however cannot attack the enemy player's base or approach the spawning area of the enemies, this means you can only defend and not attack. Furthermore, being an RMS you can play with any amount of players, even having AIs as allies because they do actually work pretty well.

Survivalist Mode
Survivalist Mode employs a different set of victory conditions which sets up some backstabbing fun and can be utilized to great extent. This is pretty much Last Man Standing; the last player to have a Town Center still standing is declared the winner. This mode can be enabled by setting the map to Large before generation, however is useless if played Solo. Although this mode is meant to be used when multiple teams for the defenders have been set, it can be enabled even when the defenders are united. This can lead to some interesting results. Defending players may kite an enemy wave right up to the Town Center of a fellow defending player with a single decoy unit, once that unit dies the wave of enemies starts to attack the closest unit - which is the Town Center. Walling can also force enemy units to go other routes to attack players. If a player does die then their Town Center will up for expansion and defending players get the chance at a "second life" so to speak. Players do not have to concede to these rules however, and if playing with the AI or friends and a larger map is wanted then large may be selected and the added Victory Conditions can be ignored. Just make sure that you friends don't back stab you :p.

  • AI compatibility.

  • 8 different difficulties (Easy-Titan SOLO and Easy-Titan Multiplayer).

  • Start with a beefed up Kastor depending on difficulty

  • A 4 season probability (Summer, Autumn, Winter, Spring).

  • Survivalist Mode.

  • Epic Sound files utilized.

  • Random Defensive/Offensive map layout.

Version 2.27 changelog:
Enemy Player:
* (v2.27) The Nidhogg spawn location for each player is now randomized every generate.
* (v2.27) Removed the increase to the number of enemy units spawned in round 5.
* (v2.27) Revamped the technologies granted at the start of each round for the enemy player.

Trigger code:
* (v2.16) Added in extra human soldiers to round 5.
* (v2.16) Fixed up bugs in getUnitAllowed.
* (v2.16) Modified selectRandomUnusedUnitFromRound functionality.
* (v2.27) Removed setAllUnitAllowed, setUnitAllowed and getUnitAllowed.
* (v2.27) Changed selectRandomUnusedUnitFromRound to selectRandomUnitFromRound.
* (v2.27) Changed randWave to randomizeWave.
* (v2.27) Changed Cataphracts to Kastor. Changed number spawned from 2 to 1.
* (v2.27) Modified Kastor at all difficulties: He reflects the difficulty that he is in.
* (v3.00) All technologies are fixed to now work in AoM:EX. This breaks the game for AoM and AoT users.

Map code:
* (v2.16) Defensive Map chance reduced from 50% to 33% (Autumn still makes chance slightly higher).
* (v2.16) Defensive Map Trees now only avoid objects by 8 (up from 6).
* (v2.27) Changed the way that Relics are placed.
* (v2.27) Defensive Map chance reduced from 33% to 25% (Autumn still makes chance slightly higher).
* (v2.27) Autumn Random-Trees reduced from 55*Players to 40*Players.
AuthorComments & Reviews   ( All | Comments Only | Reviews Only )
TheBronyKing11 One Thing Khan And Steak is this compatible with AoM:TT?
Khan And Steak
File Author
It only works for AoM:TT, and AoM:EE ~ Khan
Nguyendead I still don't know how this map works :/
Khan And Steak
File Author
Put the files in the:
My Games\Age of Mythology\RM2 folder


SteamLibrary\SteamApps\common\Age of Mythology\rm2
folder for AoM:EE

Then just play the map in a random map like normal, make sure the last player is an AI. After a certain amount of time (depending on the difficulty) enemies will start attack you.

[Edited on 06/09/14 @ 02:19 PM]

D0nt_B4n_M3 PERFECT single player map, unplayable in multiplayer. All allies are shown to host as idle, and allies claim to have victorious message!

I would gladly rate this 5/5 and play it all the time, but aside from 30 minute 1v1 titan matches where I resign due to having unpenetrable defences, this absolutely needs to be fixed for multiplayer usage.
Khan And Steak
File Author
I'm assuming this is for EE? Anyway I've updated the file to work with AoM:EE since they changed a bunch of tech ID's. I've tested it and it works multiplayer with AoM:EE running version 3.0 - haven't re-tested TT version 2.27 so if that was the problem then it will still cause problems.

This file is also on the Steam Workshop if you'd rather prefer to download via that - the option is there ~ Milky

[Edited on 02/15/15 @ 11:41 PM]

TenMinute Rating: 1
I can't play with AOM: TT. I try to start the game in all configurations and every time the game finish in 5 seconds saying: 'You win'

[Edited on 01/08/17 @ 11:08 AM]

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